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Logo at the beginning of the segment

Get Inspired! Let's Solve a Poké Riddle!! (Japanese: ひらめきゲット!Let's ポケなぞ!! Get Inspired! Let's Solve a Poké Riddle!!) is a segment in the anime's Pokémon Journeys: The Series beginning in JN003, replacing the Poké Problem segment of Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon. From JN003 to JN015, the question is presented at the very beginning of the episode, before the cold opening, and again with the answer at the very end, after the post-credits commercial break. Beginning in JN016, the question is instead presented before the post-credits commercial break. The riddles are also posted weekly on the official Japanese anime Twitter account.

The riddles are created by University of Tokyo student Ryōgo Matsumaru, while the segment is presented by him as Riddle Trainer Matsumaru and the Duck Pokémon Psyduck. It is narrated by Sayaka Senbongi.

Like with its predecessor, the segment is omitted when episodes have promotions, are part of one-hour specials, or include movie promotions specials. However, the episode will have its Poké Problem included when the episodes subsequently air off-network in delay, or in reruns on Kids Station, and VOD services such as Prime Video and Hulu.

List of Today's Poké Riddle segments

Episode Question Answer Explanation
JN003 Poké Riddle question JN003.png Shigi Kai Bana Sei Hafu
Try to sort them in order!
Poké Riddle answer JN003.png Venusaur
Sorting the plant drawings in order of growth gives セイカイハフシギバナ Seikai wa Fushigibana (The answer is Venusaur).
JN004 Poké Riddle question JN004.png Read the characters in the location of the Poké Balls from the left.
Following the instructions will lead to the solution!
Poké Riddle answer JN004.png Scorbunny
The characters above corresponding to the Poké Balls below from left-to-right give ヒバニー Hibanny (Scorbunny).
JN005 Poké Riddle question JN005.png Well, Three → Rhydon
Bottle, Basket → ?

It will lead to the unknown Pokémon!
Poké Riddle answer JN005.png Snorlax
Arranging the characters of びん bin (bottle) and かご kago (basket) to match the colors of the arrow gives カビゴン Kabigon (Snorlax).
JN006 Poké Riddle question JN006.png Illumise, Kabuto, Pinsir = Eevee
Slowbro, Pidgey, Abomasnow = ?

It will lead to the unknown Pokémon!
Poké Riddle answer JN006.png Chansey
Every third character as marked by Scorbunny's hops gives ラッキー Lucky (Chansey).
JN007 Poké Riddle question JN007.png Ta Fu Ba - Ri Do Ya - Ra Ri Do N O -
What Pokémon is inside the Poké Ball?
Poké Riddle answer JN007.png Mr. Mime
Mr. Mime
The characters inside the triangle formed by the drawings of a もん mon (gate), スター sutā (star), and ボール bōru (ball), which spell モンスターボール Monster Ball (Poké Ball), give バリヤード Barrierd (Mr. Mime).
JN008 Poké Riddle question JN008.png Person, Moon = Honedge
Person, Shadow = Charmander
Person, Nail = ?
First: Piplup; Second: Turtwig; Third: Chimchar

It will lead to the unknown Pokémon!
Poké Riddle answer JN008.png Piplup
The characters of ひと hito (person) and つめ tsume (nail) spell 1つ目 hitotsume (first), which is ポッチャマ Pochama (Piplup).
JN009 Poké Riddle question JN009.png It will lead to the unknown Pokémon! Poké Riddle answer JN009.png Ho-Oh
Matching the colored shapes on the top to the shapes on the bottom spells HOUOU, which is ホウオウ Houou (Ho-Oh).
JN010 Poké Riddle question JN010.png Machamp - _ = ?
It will lead to the unknown Pokémon!
Poké Riddle answer JN010.png Dragonite
Removing the black portions from the character in the square of the same color in カイリキー Kairiky (Machamp) gives カイリュー Kairyu (Dragonite).
JN011 Poké Riddle question JN011.png It will lead to the unknown Pokémon! Poké Riddle answer JN011.png Magnemite
Putting the scattered shapes together to match the lower shape gives コイル Coil (Magnemite).
JN012 Poké Riddle question JN012.png Hi Ba N Gi Nya Ba Ra N Do Ga - Su Ro
Read the katakana that can't be crunched!
Poké Riddle answer JN012.png Gyarados
Reading the katakana in the gaps between the upper and lower teeth when put together gives ギャラドス Gyarados.
JN013 Poké Riddle question JN013.png Ku I Ka De Ha
Re Za Shi A N
Se Shi E I Mi
Ri Bi - Do Ru

Use Flamethrower!
Poké Riddle answer JN013.png Charizard
The remaining characters after melting the characters in ice give セイカイハリザードン Seikai wa Lizardon (The answer is Charizard).
JN014 Poké Riddle question JN014.png Gold, Silver, Blue, Green, Red
Read the differently colored ones from the right!
Poké Riddle answer JN014.png Golurk
The characters colored differently from the meaning of the word from right-to-left give ゴルーグ Goloog (Golurk).
JN015 Poké Riddle question JN015.png The Pokémon hidden third from the right and first from the top is the answer
It will lead to the answer Pokémon!
Poké Riddle answer JN015.png Cubone
The characters in the square third from the right and first from the top give カラカラ Karakara (Cubone).
JN016 Poké Riddle question JN016.png Greninja
Read the odd characters from the left!

It will lead to the Pokémon hidden in the question!
Poké Riddle answer JN016.png Gengar
The characters without shadows from left-to-right give ゲンガー Gengar.
JN017 Poké Riddle question JN017.png Gorebyss, Klefki, Kricketune
What Pokémon does the soccer ball represent?
Poké Riddle answer JN017.png Raboot
The characters that the soccer ball goes through when the Pokémon's names are put in the dashed boxes give ラビフット Rabbifuto (Raboot).
JN018 Poké Riddle question JN018.png Tsareena, Melmetal, Mankey, Vanilluxe, Emboar, Kabuto, Litleo, Aerodactyl
Read what is ahead of the arrow
Poké Riddle answer JN018.png Electrode
The characters ahead of the arrow initially read ジメンニオトシテ jimen ni otoshite (drop on the ground); when the floating characters are dropped on the ground, the characters now ahead of the arrow give マルマイン Marumine (Electrode).
JN019 Poké Riddle question JN019.png Octillery, RhydonCarkol
Metang, Cottonee → ?

It will lead to the unknown Pokémon!
Poké Riddle answer JN019.png Ditto
The characters within the names of the Pokémon depicted above without the two characters on the same side as his closed eye give メタモン Metamon (Ditto).
JN020 Poké Riddle question JN020.png M A K S

Read in the order of 🟥
Poké Riddle answer JN020.png Farfetch'd
The red square can be interpreted both as an arrow and the letter G; the characters following the direction of the arrow spell KAMONEGI, which is カモネギ Kamonegi (Farfetch'd).
JN021 Poké Riddle question JN021.png Nu Ru O Go
Ru O Ri Ta Chi
Ka - Ri Ma

Connect the Eggs in order!
Poké Riddle answer JN021.png Riolu
The characters ahead of the arrow formed by connecting with lines the Eggs in the order of タ ta, マ ma, ゴ go, タ ta, and チ chi, which spell タマゴタチ Tamago-tachi (Eggs), give リオル Riolu.
JN022 Poké Riddle question JN022.png Pu Ki Ta Ya I → Pikachu
Zu Gi Ji Gi Mi → ?

It will lead to the unknown Pokémon!
Poké Riddle answer JN022.png Zigzagoon
Depending on whether the arrow goes above or below the character, it should be read as the kana before or after it in gojūon order, which gives ジグザグマ Jiguzaguma (Zigzagoon).

Other riddle segments

Two riddles were shown during the Let's Go with Marie Iitoyo! The World of the "Pocket Monsters" Anime! ~Anipoké Complete Commentary Special~, which aired the week before JN001. An additional riddle was posted to Twitter on November 26, 2019, two days after the airing of JN002.

Question Answer Explanation
Poké Riddle question SP 1.png Sa Shi Su Se So
Which Pokémon is next to Ash?
Poké Riddle answer SP 1.png Pikachu
Pikachu is next to サ sa and シ shi.
Poké Riddle question SP 2.png The solution is the Pokémon between Rowlet and Meowth. Poké Riddle answer SP 2.png Pikachu
The characters between Rowlet and Meowth diagonally give コクーン Cocoon (Kakuna).
Poké Riddle question JN002.png Poké Ball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball = Klink
Poké Ball, Poké Ball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball = Klang
Ultra Ball, Poké Ball, Great Ball = ?
Poké Riddle answer JN002.png Lugia
The Poké Ball corresponds to ギ gi, the Great Ball to ア a, and the Ultra Ball to ル ru. The three Poké Balls correspond to ルギア Lugia.


  • The Froakie costume worn by Matsumaru is a pun on his name and Froakie's Japanese name, ケロマツ Keromatsu.

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