Get Fired Up, Spiky-eared Pichu!

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もえよ ギザみみピチュー!
DP ED 04
Artist しょこたん
Pikachu Records
Catalog no.

Get Fired Up, Notched-ear Pichu! (Japanese: もえよ ギザみみピチュー! Moeyo Gizamimi Pichu!) is the fourth ending song of the Diamond & Pearl series. It debuted in DP122, replacing Surely Tomorrow‎.

Ending animation: DP ED 4


   * Notched-ear Pichu appears in black, and does some moves before being revealed.
   * Notched-ear Pichu does some "kung-fu" moves with some pokemon 

when the Pikachu-colored Pichu appears.

   * The two Pichu climbs up a tree, but Notched-ear Pichu got 

stopped by a branch and falls.

   * Notched-ear Pichu does a Grepa berry-eating contest, and 

Notched-ear Pichu's love for Grepa berries helped her won.

   *Notched-ear Pichu appears at a cliff, trying to find everyone and cries.
   *Dawn's Buneary fixes Notched-ear Pichu's left ear 

into a normal Pichu's, as they spin on flowers around and Notched-ear Pichu's ear went back into shape.






  • This is the first ending theme produced and aired in an HDTV format.



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Get Fired up, Notched-ear Pichu!

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