George Charino

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George Charino

George Charino (Japanese: ジョージ・チャランピノ George Charanpino) is a recurring character who first appeared in Bright Lights, Big Changes!. He is a producer who works on the television series Alolan Detective Laki (Japanese: アローラ探偵ラキ Alola Detective Laki).


In Bright Lights, Big Changes!, George was working on an episode of Alolan Detective Laki when the nearby Rotom noticed an error that needed to be fixed. George was impressed with Rotom's knowledge of the program and offered him a role on the show, which Rotom accepted. In the end, Rotom went back to Ash, but this made George realize that the show needed a change of format. This resulted in Chatot becoming Laki's new partner alongside Smeargle.

In SM113, George met up with Rotom, who had been watching Sophocles take part in the Alola Pokémon Quiz. He gave Ash and his classmates a tour of the studio when he was approached by Rinka and Kenichi‎‎, who informed him that three stars for another show had become unavailable at the last minute. Hearing this, he hired Lillie, Mallow, and Lana to star in an episode (Japanese: サンサン三人はアローラドリンキュン The Sparkling Trio is Alola DrinKyun). After Koi-chan, famous for its playing the sweet protagonist in (Japanese: 小さなコイキングのメロディ Melody of the Small Koiking), evolved into a rampaging Gyarados, Charino cast it as the villain Gyarados Devil into the next The Sparkling Trio is Alola DrinKyun episode as well.


George Charino is a charming individual with a particularly infectious flair of enthusiasm. He spots talent quickly and is able to guide his new actors to achieve incredible results. George prefers to allow his actors' own takes on a scene deliver the plot, though will point out when expression is lacking.

George has a calm presence, and his advice is often sought after when a difficult decision appears during production. He believes that moments of trouble are actually a great opportunity to create something new, and he proved this when he cast Lillie, Mallow, Lana, and later Koi-chan who evolved into a Gyarados for the next installment of The Sparkling Trio is Alola DrinKyun in SM113.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 宮本淳 Jun Miyamoto
Italian Federico Zanandrea


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