Gengar ex (EX FireRed & LeafGreen 108)

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Gengar ex
ゲンガーex Gangar ex
Illus. Mitsuhiro Arita
Evolution stage
Stage 2 Pokémon
Evolves from Haunter
Card name Gengar ex
Type Psychic
HP 150
Psychic Darkness
Fighting Colorless
retreat cost
English expansion EX FireRed & LeafGreen
Rarity Rare Holo ex
English card no. 108/112
Japanese expansion Flight of Legends
Japanese rarity Rare Holo ex
Japanese card no. 048/082
For more information on this Pokémon's species, see Gengar.

Gengar ex (Japanese: ゲンガーex Gangar ex) is a Psychic-type Stage 2 Pokémon-ex card. It is part of the EX FireRed & LeafGreen expansion.

Card text

When Pokémon-ex has been Knocked Out, your opponent takes 2 Prize cards.
PsychicColorless Poltergeist
Look at your opponent's hand. This attack does 40 damage plus 10 more damage for each Trainer card in your opponent's hand.
PsychicPsychicColorless Prize Count
If you have more Prize cards left than your opponent, this attack does 60 damage plus 40 more damage.



Poltergeist is a move later introduced in the Generation VIII Pokémon games that Gengar can learn. Prize Count is an attack that first appeared on Absol from EX Dragon.

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