Genesect Army

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Genesect Army
ゲノセクト一軍 Genesect Army
Genesect Army.png
Genesect Army
Debuts in BW119
Gender Genderless
Ability Unknown
Current location Unova
Genesect Genesect Genesect Genesect Genesect
Members One Shiny and Four normal coloured

The Genesect Army (Japanese:ゲノセクト一軍 Genesect Army) is a team composed by five Genesect; four normal coloured and one Shiny, who leads them.


Shiny Genesect; the leader of the army
A normal coloured Genesect; part of the army

They first appeared in a flashback of N in BW119, where they appeared to have attacked and destroyed N's house.

With their appearance in BW119 the set up their role in the anime.

They will also have a main role in the M16.

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