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ゲンゾウ Genzō
[[File:Master Gene.png|{{{size}}}]]
Club Master Gene
Gender Male
Region GB Islands
Trainer class Club Master
Generation I
Games Template:Card GB, Template:Card GB 2
Leader of Rock Club
Badge Fighting Medal

Gene (Japanese: ゲンゾウ Genzō) is the Club Master of the Rock Club (Japanese: ストーンクラブ Stone Club). He plays using the Rock Crusher Deck (Japanese: がんせきおとしデッキ Rock Tumble Deck) and gives away the Rock Medal to challengers who defeat him. In Template:Card GB 2, he uses the いわのうえにも3ねんデッキ Even 3 Years on a Rock Deck.

He admires Template:Type2 Pokémon for being hard and strong. He believes that they won't crumble under pressure. He calls weaklings "softies".

The Rock Club appears to be filled with sand and stone statues.

In Pokémon Card GB

TCG1 Gene.png

He gives out two Mystery booster packs and a Rock Medal if the player defeats him.

Rock Crusher Deck


"I am Gene, the Master of the Rock Club! Rock is good...Isn't rock good, ???...? Rock is hard and strong! Doesn't crumble under pressure! After you duel me, you'll know I'm right! Come! Show me what you're made of! Our duel will be played with 6 prizes! You won't get the Rock Medal unless you defeat me!"

"Wonderful... Your persistence - persistence that can even break rock - has led you to defeat me! You are worthy of receiving this Rock Medal! And take this booster pack, too. ...And another booster pack: Mystery."

"I look forward to the day we duel again!"

In Pokémon Card GB2

At the start of the game, Gene was approached by GR-1 when the player arrives. Then the player is forced to have a battle with him in order to get the Kabuto Coin. He is available for battles anytime and gives out ??? booster packs when defeating him.

3 Years on a Rock Deck


Japanese Romaji English French German Spanish
ゲンゾウ Genzou Gene Jean Olaf Rocco


  • Gene's deck in GB2, いわのうえにも3ねんデッキ Even 3 Years on a Rock Deck, is a reference to a Japanese proverb; even a rock could be warmed if one sat on it for three years. The proverb is meant to teach the value of perseverance.
  • He looks Identical to Professor Oak. It is unknown if they have any relation to each other. The The fact that the the TCG games may not take place in the same world as the main series makes the issue even more confusing.
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