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(In the anime)
(In the anime)
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A [[Dragon Gem]] appeared in ''[[BW019|A Connoisseur's Revenge!]]'', where it was offered to {{an|Iris}} and her {{TP|Iris|Axew}} by a [[Poké Mart]] clerk.
A [[Dragon Gem]] appeared in ''[[BW019|A Connoisseur's Revenge!]]'', where it was offered to {{an|Iris}} and her {{TP|Iris|Axew}} by a [[Poké Mart]] clerk.
A [[Fire Gem]] appeared in ''[[BW069|Climbing the Tower of Success!]]'' as an item looked for during the [[Wishing Bell Festival]] scavenger hunt.
A [[Fire Gem]] appeared in ''[[BW069|Climbing the Tower of Success!]]'' as one of the search items for the [[Wishing Bell Festival]] scavenger hunt.

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If you were looking for the items in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, see trade items.

Gems (Japanese: ジュエル Jewel) are one-use type-enhancing items introduced in Generation V. There are 18 types of gems, corresponding to each of the 18 types. A gem is consumed when the Pokémon holding it uses a damaging attack that matches the gem's type, and the attack's power is boosted by 30% (50% prior to Generation VI). The gem will not be consumed if the attack misses or fails. Bide, Focus Punch, and damaging moves with a charging turn consume the gem immediately before dealing damage.

If the type of a move is changed with Normalize, Pixilate, Refrigerate, Aerilate, Ion Deluge or Electrify, the gem must match the type of the move after it has been modified. Moves that call other moves will only consume a gem if the called move is of the appropriate type for the gem. Hidden Power and Weather Ball can consume gems, but only if the type of the gem matches the type of damage that will be dealt. Judgment and Techno Blast can consume Normal Gems, but will be Normal-type for that execution even if the Pokémon is given a Plate or Drive by Symbiosis upon consuming the gem. If a Pokémon consumes a gem for an attack and is immediately given another of the same gem by Symbiosis, that gem will not be consumed for that attack; if a Pokémon consumes a Power Herb using a damaging move and is immediately given a gem of the appropriate type, that gem will be consumed for that attack. Fixed-damage moves (such as Dragon Rage, Counter and Endeavor) will consume gems but will not have their damage modified. Present consumes a gem even if it heals the target, but the amount healed is unaffected. Fling will fail if the user is holding a gem. Struggle, Grass Pledge, Water Pledge, and Fire Pledge will never consume a gem.

In Generation VI, a Fairy Gem was created to correspond with the new Fairy type; in spite of this, the Normal Gem is the only gem obtainable in Generation VI and Generation VII games.

List of gems


This is artwork of the gems as seen on the Pokémon Global Link.

Dream Fire Gem Sprite.png Dream Water Gem Sprite.png Dream Electric Gem Sprite.png Dream Grass Gem Sprite.png Dream Ice Gem Sprite.png Dream Fighting Gem Sprite.png
Fire Gem Water Gem Electric Gem Grass Gem Ice Gem Fighting Gem
Dream Poison Gem Sprite.png Dream Ground Gem Sprite.png Dream Flying Gem Sprite.png Dream Psychic Gem Sprite.png Dream Bug Gem Sprite.png Dream Rock Gem Sprite.png
Poison Gem Ground Gem Flying Gem Psychic Gem Bug Gem Rock Gem
Dream Ghost Gem Sprite.png Dream Dragon Gem Sprite.png Dream Dark Gem Sprite.png Dream Steel Gem Sprite.png Dream Normal Gem Sprite.png Dream Fairy Gem Sprite.png
Ghost Gem Dragon Gem Dark Gem Steel Gem Normal Gem Fairy Gem

In the anime

A Dragon Gem appeared in A Connoisseur's Revenge!, where it was offered to Iris and her Axew by a Poké Mart clerk.

A Fire Gem appeared in Climbing the Tower of Success! as one of the search items for the Wishing Bell Festival scavenger hunt.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 寶石 Bóusehk
Mandarin 寶石 Bǎoshí *
珠寶 Zhūbǎo *
Finland Flag.png Finnish Jalokivi*
France Flag.png French Joyau
Germany Flag.png German Juwel
Italy Flag.png Italian Bijou
South Korea Flag.png Korean 주얼 Jewel
Poland Flag.png Polish Klejnot
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Gema
Spain Flag.png Spanish Gema

Type-enhancing items
Bag Silk Scarf Sprite.png
Bag Meadow Plate Sprite.png
Bag Sea Incense Sprite.png
Bag Griseous Orb Sprite.png
Bag Fire Gem Sprite.png
Bag Soul Dew Sprite.png
Soul Dew

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