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Gardenia is the first gym leader in the pokemon games to own a starter pokemon.

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ナタネ Natane
"Master of Vivid Plant Pokémon"
Art from Diamond/Pearl
Age 20 (est. by Pokeani)
Gender Female
Hometown Eterna City
Region Sinnoh
Trainer class Gym Leader
Generation IV
Games Diamond, Pearl
Leader of Eterna Gym
Badge Forest Badge
Anime debut The Grass-type is Always Greener!
English voice actor Unknown
Japanese voice actor Unknown

Gardenia (Japanese: ナタネ Natane) is the Gym Leader of Eterna City's Gym, known officially as the Eterna Gym. She hands out the Forest Badge to trainers who defeat her. She specializes in Grass-type Pokémon.

In the anime

File:Natane anime.jpg
Gardenia in the anime.

Gardenia first appeared in The Grass-type is Always Greener.

Gardenia had a short battle with Ash, revealing to him that the Eterna City Gym Leader specialised in Grass Pokémon but not that it is her. She sent out Cherubi first, though it did hardly anything. She then sent out her own Turtwig, which defeated both Ash's Turtwig and Staravia.

Gardenia has an obsession with Grass Pokémon to the extent that she did not appear to be taking Team Rocket seriously due to her fascination with James's Carnivine and Cacnea. But she seems to get over this problem in DP036, when she battled the Team Rocket without any hesitation by sending her Turtwig out. She also reveals her rank as a Gym Leader in this episode.

Gardenia had a Gym Battle with Ash in DP037. She sent out her Cherubi, Turtwig, and Roserade. Ash's Turtwig went up against Cherubi first, but it was returned. Ash's Staravia defeated Cherubi. After Staravia was defeated by Gardenia's Turtwig, Ash sent his out. It resulted in Ash's Turtwig's victory. Roserade beat Ash's Turtwig with its Weather Ball, but later was defeated by Ash's Aipom's Swift and Focus Punch. Gardenia made use of the sunny weather to her advantage, such as increasing Cherubi's speed and allowing Roserade to launch fiery Weather Ball attacks. Despite this situation, Ash succeeded in defeating Gardenia and earning a Forest Badge.

Her Japanese voice actress is 本多知恵子 Chieko Honda.


In the games

Gardenia uses Grass-type Pokémon in her battles. For defeating her, trainers receive the Forest Badge, TM86 Grass Knot, and the ability to use Cut outside of battle. Gardenia likes to explore Eterna Forest. Unlike most Gym Leaders, challengers are required to beat all of her students to challenge her.

She appears in front of the Old Chateau, to warn the player of the mysterious stories of hauntings surrounding it. She hints at herself being afraid of ghosts.




At the entrance of Gym's maze, when player enters
"At my Gym, no one gets to battle with the Gym Leader - me - until they've beaten all the other Trainers. I'll be waiting out in the back. Good luck, challenger!"

Before battle
"You kept me waiting! I'm Eterna's Gym Leader, Gardenia, the Grass-type master! When I first saw you, I was convinced you'd find your way to me. My hunch was right on the money. You have a winning aura about you. So, anyway, this will be fun. Let's have our battle."

After sending out last Pokémon
"It's not the end yet."

During battle
"Are you saying something? You think you have me cornered?"

When defeated
"Amazing! You're very good, aren't you?"

After being defeated
"I might've said it before, but you're really tough! Wasn't it hard for you to raise your Pokémon to be so good? I guess that's a measure of how much you love your Pokémon. In recognition of that, I proudly grant you this!"

In front of the Old Chateau (After National Dex)
"Hiya! Were you intrigued by the rumors going around, too? You know, people've been talking about the ghost Pokémon of the Old Chateau. I've been hearing rumors about sinister shadows, too. I should check it out myself, but going in there is... ...Well, you know, being that I'm a Gym Leader, I'm always busy. So, since I'm so busy, I can't go in. It's not because I'm s-scared! S-so, good luck with your investigation!"

In the Pokémon Special Manga

Gardenia meets the trio (Diamond, Pearl, Berlitz) for the first time at Old Chateau. She sent out a Roserade against Berlitz's Prinplup.


This listing is of Gardenia's Pokémon in the Pokémon Special manga.

  • Cherubi
  • Roserade


Gardenia is the first gym leader in the pokemon games to own a starter pokemon.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ナタネ (Natane) Means Rapeseed.
English Gardenia Taken from the flower Gardenia. It contains the word garden.
French Flo From flore, flora.
German Silvana From silva, latin for forest.
Italian Gardenia From the flower gardenia.
Spanish Gardenia From the flower gardenia.

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