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* Magnimite (Ty) only appeared briefly while fighting Team Magma in front of Rusturf Tunnel
* Magnimite (Ty) only appeared briefly while fighting Team Magma in front of Rusturf Tunnel
=In the TCG=
==In the TCG==
Gabby and Ty appear on the TV Reporter card in the [[EX Dragon]] expansion of the TCG.
Gabby and Ty appear on the TV Reporter card in the [[EX Dragon]] expansion of the TCG.

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Art of Gabby and Ty from the TCG

Gabby and Ty (Japanese: マリとダイ Mari and Dai, French: journalistes Ines & Guy, German: interviewer Pia & Udo, Italian: reporter Tea & Teo, Spanish: periodistas Gabi & Teo) are a pair of co-workers who can be found making interviews all over Hoenn. Gabby is an interviewer and Ty is her trusty cameraman.

Gabby's name means "God is my strength," but was likely chosen because to "gab" is to talk. Ty's name means "house," but was most likely chosen because it is similar to "TV."

In the Games

Gabby and Ty appear in various places around Hoenn in Pokémon Ruby, Pokémon Sapphire, and Pokémon Emerald, on Route 120, Route 118 or Route 111. They will battle the main character of the game, then give a short inteview asking for a word. The results of the battle will later be broadcast on televisions across the region.


This listing is for Gabby and Ty's Pokémon in the video games in which they have appeared.

First Battle - Ruby/Sapphire

First Battle - Emerald

  • Level 17 Magnemite
  • Level 17 Whismur

Second Battle

  • Level 17 Magnemite
  • Level 17 Loudred

Third Battle

Fourth Battle

  • Level 33 Magneton
  • Level 33 Loudred

Fifth Battle

  • Level 36 Magneton
  • Level 36 Loudred

Sixth Battle

  • Level 39 Magneton
  • Level 39 Exploud

In the Pokémon Special Manga

Gabby and Ty are also featured as fairly important supporting characters in the Pokémon Special manga. They worked at a TV station run by Archie, unknown to most of the public as the leader of Team Aqua.

At first, they met Sapphire when she had to fetch Mr. Stone's Castform from being stuck in a fountain. Gabby offered to interview Sapphire, but the girl said she didn't like TV and refused. The whole thing was a plot by Team Aqua to kidnap the president of Devon Corporation. Mr. Stone was injured in the attack, and Castform was left with Gabby and Ty. They discovered that the criminals were really after the Devon Goods needed by Captain Stern.

Despite their insistence that Mr. Stone had been attacked by men dressed like pirates, Archie ran the story that he was actually injured by wild Pokémon.

Gabby and Ty tracked down Captain Stern and explained the situation to him. Norman happened to be there as well, looking for his son, Ruby, who had saved Captain Stern from Team Magma members. Norman discovered where Ruby had last been, and Gabby and Ty decided to follow him.

They tracked Norman and Ruby to the Weather Institute on Route 119. The area was experiencing heavy rainfall. Norman and and Ruby were engaged in a rough and dangerous battle on the slippery staircases of the Weather Institute. Gabby pleaded with Castform to do something, so the little Pokémon used Sunny Day to clear up the weather. Although it stopped the battle, Ruby and Norman nearly plummeted to their deaths, but were saved at the last moment by Ruby's Running Shoes.

Ruby and Norman resolved their conflict and the duo drove the young Pokémon Coordinator to the Normal Rank Contest House in Verdanturf Town, as Norman was called back to his gym by Winona. Castform had been lonely ever since Mr. Stone had been hurt, so Gabby decided to give it to Ruby.

Gabby, Ruby and Ty all saw a mysterious Absol near Rusturf Tunnel before Ruby ended up in another conflict with Team Magma. Gabby and Ty then drove Ruby to the other Contest House in Fallarbor Town and discovered that Mt. Chimney had recently gone dead. While Ruby was taking part in the contests, they went to Professor Cozmo's laboratory to investigate the events. To their shock, they discovered for some reason, their TV station refused to report this big news to the public.

Gabby called her boss to ask why this news story wasn't being covered, but Archie said he didn't want to cause the public to panic. Confused, the two interviewers parted ways with Ruby to investigate the Hoenn crisis further.

Gabby and Ty returned to their Hoenn TV headquarters in Lilycove City; there they witnessed Archie and Maxie battling each other. Gabby finally realized that Archie was the head of Team Aqua and had been airing exaggerated news of Team Magma's deeds while refusing to address Team Aqua's actions.

Later, Absol took them to Sootopolis.


  • Castform (Given to Ruby)
  • Magnimite (Ty) only appeared briefly while fighting Team Magma in front of Rusturf Tunnel

In the TCG

Gabby and Ty appear on the TV Reporter card in the EX Dragon expansion of the TCG.


Gabby and Ty made a cameo appearance in Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl, in Jubilife TV's TV station. Their Pokémon are a level 16 Marill and a level 16 Wooper. However, the translators of the English version of Diamond and Pearl incorrectly dubbed them Roxy and Oli.

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