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Gag Battles
Collected in Vol. 2
Chapter number 18
Location A forest
Manga series Pokémon Get da ze!
Previous Chapter Plague on the Bellsprout!
Next Chapter Proud of the Typhoon: The Adventurous Weedle

Gag Battles* is the eighteenth chapter of the Pokémon Get da ze! manga.


Shū and Pikachu are traveling in a forest when they come across a Meowth playing a shamisen, a Japanese stringed instrument. After its performance is finished, a boy appears, introducing himself as Masatoshi, Meowth's Trainer. He demands money from Shū for enjoying Meowth's performance. When Shū refuses to pay up, Masatoshi starts physically attacking Shū.

As the boys fight, Masatoshi starts carrying on dramatically, accusing Shū of being elitist because he favours Pikachu. He further asserts that many Trainers favour Pikachu and nobody wants to understand him or his Meowth. At this point, he reveals that he has a device known as a "Cat Cap" which he can use to communicate with his Meowth, just like Shū can communicate with Pikachu using the In-Com. Now wearing the Cat Cap, Masatoshi commands Meowth to attack against Pikachu with Pay Day, scattering Shū's coins all over the place. Masatoshi and Shū run around grabbing all the coins. Upset, Shū commands Pikachu to retaliate, but Masatoshi himself jumps in the way, taking the hit for Meowth.

Meowth and Pikachu continue to battle while Masatoshi continues to brag and gloat to Shū that his Meowth is so great and that his Pikachu is a weak Pokémon. Shū shouts that his Pikachu is not a weak Pokémon and commands it to use Thunderbolt against Masatoshi and Meowth. Masatoshi accepts defeat, and much to Shū's disdain, promises to make it up to him by teaching him some of his favourite practical jokes.

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