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Battle in the Fog
Collected in Vol. 2
Chapter number 16
Location A cave
Manga series Pokémon Get da ze!
Previous Chapter Special Chapter - Get Pikachu!
Next Chapter Plague on the Bellsprout!

Battle in the Fog* is the sixteenth chapter of the Pokémon Get da ze! manga.


The chapter begins with Shū and Pikachu battling a group of Zubat in a cave. After Shū manages to capture one, he hears a mysterious voice calling out to him by name from deep within the cave. It turns out to be somebody riding a Dragonite. Shū approaches the mysterious person, who continues to taunt him. He reveals his name to be Ken, and Shū challenges him to a battle.

Ken sends out a Koffing and commands it to use SmokeScreen, completely blocking Shū's view. As Shū is trying to plan his next move, the ground starts rumbling. At the same time, something unseen starts flying around and hitting Shū and Pikachu. Ken reveals that behind the smokescreen, he has Shū surrounded by Pokémon - Pidgeotto from above, Cubone on the sides, and Dugtrio underground. Realizing that he needs to get rid of the fog created by Koffing's SmokeScreen before he will be able to fight back, Shū sends out his newly caught Zubat. Since Zubat can use echolocation to navigate even in the dark, it is able to pinpoint the location of Koffing. Now knowing where to strike, Shū commands Pikachu to use Thunder, defeating Koffing.

The fog disappears, and Shū is nowhere to be found. He appears on top of Ponyta, who has jumped high above Ken's head. Shū commands Pikachu to use Thunderbolt, defeating the rest of Ken's Pokémon. As a prize for winning, Ken gives Shū a signed guitar, which he considers extremely valuable. As Ken walks away, Shū comments to Pikachu that the guitar is completely useless to him.

Major events

  • Shū captures a Zubat.
  • Shū meets Ken and challenges him to a battle.


Pokémon debuts




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