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title_ja=カモネギ剣士, いざ勝負! |
title_ja=カモネギ剣士, いざ勝負! |
title_ro=The Kamonegi Swordsman's Challenge! |
title_ro=The Kamonegi Swordsman's Challenge! |
image=GDZ08.jpg |
image=GDZ08.png |
number=8 |
number=8 |
manga_series=Pokémon Get da ze! |
manga_series=Pokémon Get da ze! |

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カモネギ剣士, いざ勝負!
The Kamonegi Swordsman's Challenge!
Collected in Vol. 1
Chapter number 8
Manga series Pokémon Get da ze!
Previous Chapter Confronting the "Streetkicker"!
Next Chapter Get Nyoromo!! The Grand Plan

(Japanese: カモネギ剣士, いざ勝負! The Kamonegi Swordsman's Challenge!) is the eighth chapter of the Pokémon Get da ze! manga.


The chapter opens with Shū throwing a Poké Ball at a Farfetch'd sitting on a tree stump, however before the Ball makes contact it is split in two. A young man named Ryōma steps up and explains that the Farfetch'd belongs to him. Shū takes a moment to ask why exactly the Poké Ball was split and Ryōma explains that his Farfetch'd is a master swordsman who can cut anything. Shū is astounded and comments that he didn't even see it move, to which Ryōma replies that no foolish amateur with such a weak looking Pokémon could follow Farfetch'd's movements. Both Shū and Pikachu are offended and challenge Ryōma and Farfetch'd to a duel.

As the battle begins at Ryōma's dojo, Farfetch'd makes the first strike so fast that neither Shū or Pikachu see what just happened. In the blink of an eye, Pikachu is covered in doodles of a monocle, mustache, monobrow and a henohenomeheji and Shū's belt has been taken, leaving him with his pants down. Ryōma laughs at the situation as he declares that playtime is over as Farfetch'd goes on a serious offensive. As Pikachu is beaten about with Farfetch'd's leek, Shū gets an idea. After briefly regrouping the plan is put into action, as Farfetch'd strikes again Pikachu blocks with his tail. Shū says that this is what he calls the "Thunder Sword" as Pikachu defeats Farfetch'd with an electric attack. Ryōma humbly accepts defeat, and just as Shū prepares to start bragging, Ryōma offers back the belt he took earlier as Shū still doesn't have his pants on.

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