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Confronting the "Streetkicker"!
Collected in Vol. 1
Chapter number 7
Manga series Pokémon Get da ze!
Previous Chapter Challenge at Tamamushi University!
Next Chapter The Kamonegi Swordsman's Challenge!

(Japanese: "辻げり"たいじだ! Confronting the "Streetkicker"!) is the seventh chapter of the Pokémon Get da ze! manga.


As night begins to fall, Shū and Pikachu are nearing a town when suddenly Pikachu tells Shū to look out as a foot goes straight for his head.

Later as Shū recovers, he and Pikachu hear from the townspeople that at night someone known as the "Streetkicker" goes around attacking people. The Streetkicker's identity is unknown, however it's said that its shape isn't human. Shū decides that he and Pikachu should investigate into this. The next day Shū goes out seeking the Streetkicker and confirms its identity as a Hitmonlee. He challenges Hitmonlee to a duel with the condition that if he wins, Hitmonlee will stop kicking people in the street. During the match Shū double teams Hitmonlee with Pikachu and Wartortle, eventually causing it to tangle itself in its own legs. With a Water Gun and Thunderbolt combo, Hitmonlee is defeated. Shū tells Hitmonlee that he can recognize that the two of them are the same, both want to become stronger, however there's things you can't achieve alone. And so he asks Hitmonlee to join him, and Hitmonlee accepts. Of course, training a Hitmonlee isn't as easy as it looks...

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