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title_ja=タマムシ大学にちょうせん! |
title_ja=タマムシ大学にちょうせん! |
title_ro=Challenge at Tamamushi University! |
title_ro=Challenge at Tamamushi University! |
image=GDZ06.jpg |
image=GDZ06.png |
number=6 |
number=6 |
manga_series=Pokémon Get da ze! |
manga_series=Pokémon Get da ze! |

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Challenge at Tamamushi University!
Collected in Vol. 1
Chapter number 6
Location Celadon City
Manga series Pokémon Get da ze!
Previous Chapter Mischievous Kameil
Next Chapter Confronting the "Streetkicker"!

(Japanese: タマムシ大学にちょうせん! Challenge at Tamamushi University!) is the sixth chapter of the Pokémon Get da ze! manga.


Shū and Pikachu have arrived at Celadon University. Shū plans to explore the campus, however first he must correctly answer a question asked by the gatekeeper. "What is the name of this gate?" Shū notes that there is an image of a Charizard on the gate and wonders if it might be the "Charizard Gate", however he instead settles on "Red Gate". However he is told that this is incorrect and is told to look closer at the Charizard's face, he determines that it is in fact the "Dit-gate" and is permitted entrance. As he explores the campus, he is asked different questions by members of different research departments.

Eventually he arrives at the campus hospital where a Machamp in the middle of treatment has gone berserk and has gone on a rampage. Pikachu tries to stop it with a Thunderbolt to no avail. As Machamp continues its rampage it smashes a fish tank containing a Magikarp which Shū leaps in to protect. As Machamp pounds on Shū, one of the researchers tells him to abandon the Magikarp and come to safety. However Shū refuses, because while Magikarp may be useless, he can't abandon a Pokémon in danger. Magikarp then suddenly unleashes a Dragon Rage attack, sending Machamp flying. After Magikarp is placed in a new tank, the researchers explain that this Magikarp is a rare specimen that could supposedly use the Dragon Rage attack, however since it hadn't displayed any power previously they were close to giving up on ever getting proof. But thanks to Shū it became motivated to show its true power. As thanks, Shū is presented with a special school badge representing a Magikarp and Gyarados. The researchers explain that it symbolizes how no matter who you are anything can be accomplished with great effort and that they're sure that Shū shall grow to become a fine Trainer.

Major events


  • Various Celadon University staff
  • Imakuni?

Pokémon debuts




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