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Crystal Orb of Rainfall
Collected in Vol. 1
Chapter number 1
Manga series Pokémon Get da ze!
Previous Chapter Pokémon Get Match!!
Next Chapter Mischievous Kameil

(Japanese: 雨ふりの水晶玉 Crystal Orb of Rainfall) is the fourth chapter of the Pokémon Get da ze! manga.


Shū and Pikachu have been caught in a downpour. As Shū complains, Pikachu replies that there's no helping it considering the fact it's the rainy season. The rain suddenly then stops, leaving them in a sudden blazing drought. As the two of them start to feel the need for water, they come across a forest. Shū says that there has to be water there, however the lake there seems to have dried and all the Pokémon are dehydrating. It is at this point that Shū and Pikachu meet a girl named Ryūko, who requests Shū's assistance in finding a precious orb she lost. Shū replies that he can't waste time on an orb while the Pokémon are in this state, to which Ryūko replies that once the orb is found, rain shall come. Shū asks if this is true and immediately agrees to help, with him and Nidoran♂ searching while Pikachu and Caterpie do what they can to help the Pokémon with water in the meantime.

As Shū searches for the orb, he picks up a Voltorb and asks if it will do. But Ryūko goes on to explain that's it's a Blue Crystal Orb that belongs to her god. After a number of hours or searching, Ryūko collapses, also around this time Pikachu and Caterpie are no longer able to help the Pokémon stay hydrated. Shū knows that if things go on at this rate, terrible things will happen and decides to try digging for water using his bare hands. However, as he works his hands raw, no water is found. He then asks himself as to whether it was a futile task to try to save the Pokémon to begin with before he starts to cry, shedding a single tear. As the tear hits the ground, it forms into a Blue Crystal Orb which he presents to Ryūko. She thanks him for all his hard work and tells him that now the rain shall fall. Shū asks what exactly she plans to do as she apologizes for deceiving him and shows her true form, Dragonair. As the rain begins to fall, Dragonair explains that her power to bring rain lies within the orb on her neck, and that without it she was powerless to do anything, however now she is able to bring the rain once more thanks to Shū's kind heart and his desire to save the Pokémon. And despite the fact that earlier that day both Shū and Pikachu were cursing the rain that came upon them, right now it is a blessing.

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