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Pokémon Get Match!!
Collected in Vol. 1
Chapter number 1
Location Kanto
Manga series Pokémon Get da ze!
Previous Chapter Fierce Foe - Venusaur!
Next Chapter Crystal Orb of Rainfall

(Japanese: ポケモンゲット勝負だ!! Pokémon Get Match!!) is the third chapter of the Pokémon Get da ze! manga.


Pikachu has just finished weakening a Venomoth for Shū, however Shū's aim with his Poké Balls is so atrocious that he is unable to catch it. Eventually, before he can catch it another Poké Ball on a string swoops in and captures it. Shū is furious and demands to know who the person who caught the Venomoth is. He introduces himself as Tomio, and tells Shū that is he couldn't even catch the Venomoth, he should give up as a Trainer as he releases said Venomoth back into the wild. Shū asks him why he went and released it all of a sudden and Tomio explains that this is a Practice Zone for catching Pokémon. Shū pauses for a moment before starting up again asking Tomio who the hell does he think he is telling a Trainer who has a Pokédex which is (one day going to be) completed. However Tomio replies that with such a poor attempt at getting that Venomoth, he really should just quit. Pikachu agrees that Shū's performance was pretty pathetic, and so Shū challenges Tomio to a Pokémon Get Match. Whoever gets the most Pokémon by sundown wins. Tomio agrees to the match on the condition that if he wins, Shū must dispose of his Pokédex. And in return, if he loses, he'll allow Shū to have his custom ball.

As sundown eventually approaches, Shū has caught 19 Pokémon. One more will make it an even 20. It is that this point that he finds a wild Nidoran♂. He plans to catch it before realizing that its leg is injured, so instead he treats it and lets it free.

And so, the outcome of the match is determined. Shū has caught 19 Pokémon, and Tomio has caught 20. As Shū is about to reluctantly dispose of the Pokédex, Nidoran♂ returns, evening the score! And not only that, but several of its relatives have appeared too! Shū thus wins the match, however he refuses to accept Tomio's Poké Ball as he prefers to do things his own way. And so, as they say their farewells to Tomio, Nidoran♂ joins Shū and Pikachu on their journey.

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