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Enter Shū & Pikachu!
Collected in Vol. 1
Chapter number 1
Manga series Pokémon Get da ze!
Previous Chapter N/A
Next Chapter Fierce Foe - Fushigibana!

(Japanese: シュウ&ピカチュウ登場! Enter Shū & Pikachu!) is the first chapter of the Pokémon Get da ze! manga.


In this world, humans and Pokémon live together in harmony. This is the Pokémon World. Meet Shū, a boy who has gone on a journey in order to complete a Pokédex. Shū also happens to possess a headset device known as the In-Com, which when activated allows him to speak to Pikachu. This has allowed them to become particularly close friends.

"Hey, Shū." "What is it Pikachu~?" "You're always talking big, but you never achieve anything." "H-Hey, shut up!"

As you can see, they always get along great.

As for our story, Shū has come across a wild Caterpie. Checking his Pokédex, it mentions that it evolves into Metapod and its natural predator is Pidgey. Shū notes that he hasn't caught a Pidgey due to not having the bait to lure it out and decides that now would be a good time to catch Caterpie. However, after calling Pikachu into battle, Pikachu decides to take a nap instead. Shū complains, but Pikachu replies that he always has to do everything and tells Shū to do something himself for once. And so, Shū decides to prove that he can catch Caterpie by himself.

Plan A: Throw Rocks. As Shū throws the rock in an attempt to weaken the Caterpie, Caterpie instead manages to knock is back in Shū's face. Result: Failure.

Plan B: Use a Net. Shū chases Caterpie with a net, instead he gets tangled in String Shot. Result: Failure.

Plan C: Bait. Shū covers himself in delicious leaves to attract Caterpie so he can catch it up close. He is sent flying with a Tackle. Result: Failure.

Plan D: Caterpie Transformation. Shū "transforms" into a Caterpie by putting on a suit while it isn't looking so he can sneak in close. Caterpie doesn't suspect a thing as Shū throws his Poké Ball. Result: Success!

However before Shū can celebrate, a flock of Pidgey arrive to try to eat the delicious giant Caterpie, which happens to be him in his costume. He calls out for Pikachu to save him, and waking up from his nap, Pikachu leaps into action and gets rid of the Pidgey with a Thunderbolt. Shū is glad to be saved, until he notices he's still in mid-air. After falling to the ground, he complains to Pikachu about letting him fall from that height and an argument ensues. However, his Pokédex now has the data filled on Caterpie.

Major events

  • Shū catches a Caterpie without Pikachu's help.
  • Pikachu saves Shū from a flock of Pidgey.


Pokémon debuts




In other languages

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