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| 50% chance of restoring user or ally's used {{Berries}}
| 50% chance of restoring user or ally's used {{Berries}}
|[[File:G-Max Replenish.png|200px]]
|[[File:G-Max Replenish 2.png|200px]]
| {{m|G-Max Malodor}}
| {{m|G-Max Malodor}}

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A G-Max Move (Japanese: キョダイマックスわざ Kyodaimax Move) is a special type of move introduced in Generation VIII. G-Max Moves are special Max Moves that are exclusive to Gigantamax Pokémon.


For Gigantamax Pokémon, damaging moves of a certain type become its exclusive G-Max Move instead of the normal corresponding Max Move. Each species of Gigantamax Pokémon has its own unique G-Max Move, and vice versa. Like Max Moves, the damage category and base power of G-Max Moves are taken from that of the compatible base move, and cannot be fully protected against by protection moves (such as Detect and King's Shield), except by the Max Move Max Guard. G-Max Moves use the same power as their Max Move counterparts, and thus the only difference between a G-Max Move and a Max Move of the same type is its secondary effect.

See more: Max Move→Power

List of G-Max Moves

Max Move Gigantamax Pokémon Type Additional effect Image
G-Max Wildfire Charizard Fire Inflicts damage for four turns on non-Fire-type opponents
G-Max Befuddle Butterfree Bug Inflicts poison, paralysis, or sleep on all opponents G-Max Befuddle VIII 2.png
G-Max Volt Crash Pikachu Electric Paralyzes all opponents
G-Max Gold Rush Meowth Normal Scatters coins on the ground that are picked up afterwards and confuses all opponents G-Max Gold Rush VIII 2.png
G-Max Chi Strike Machamp Fighting Pumps up the user and its allies, raising the chance of critical hits
G-Max Terror Gengar Ghost Prevents the opponent from escaping or being recalled
G-Max Foam Burst Kingler Water Lowers the Speed of all opponents by two stages
G-Max Resonance Lapras Ice Lowers damage from both Physical and Special moves for five turns
G-Max Cuddle Eevee Normal Opponents of the opposite gender of the user become infatuated
G-Max Replenish Snorlax Normal 50% chance of restoring user or ally's used Berries G-Max Replenish 2.png
G-Max Malodor Garbodor Poison Poisons all opponents
G-Max Meltdown Melmetal Steel Makes opponents incapable of using the same move twice in a row
G-Max Wind Rage Corviknight Flying Removes the effects of moves like Reflect, Light Screen, Spikes, and Electric Terrain from the opponents' side of the field SwSh Prerelease G-Max Wind Rage.png
G-Max Gravitas Orbeetle Psychic Intensifies gravity for five turns
G-Max Stonesurge Drednaw Water Creates Stealth Rock on the opponents' side of the field SwSh Prerelease G-Max Stonesurge.png
G-Max Volcalith Coalossal Rock Inflicts damage to opponents for four to five turns
G-Max Tartness Flapple Grass Lowers the evasiveness of all opponents by one stage
G-Max Sweetness Appletun Grass Heals the user and its allies of their status conditions
G-Max Sandblast Sandaconda Ground Traps the target in Sand Tomb for four to five turns
G-Max Stun Shock Toxtricity Electric Inflicts poison or paralysis on all opponents
G-Max Centiferno Centiskorch Fire Traps the target in Fire Spin for four to five turns G-Max Centiferno VIII 2.png
G-Max Smite Hatterene Fairy Inflicts confusion on all opponents
G-Max Snooze Grimmsnarl Dark 50% chance of making the target drowsy, causing it to fall asleep at the end of the next turn
G-Max Finale Alcremie Fairy Heals the user and its allies by 1/6 their maximum HP SwSh Prerelease G-Max Finale.png
G-Max Steelsurge Copperajah Steel Scatters sharp spikes around the field
G-Max Depletion Duraludon Dragon Reduces 2 PP from the last move the target used

In the anime

G-Max Moves were introduced in SS012. In SS013, Leon further explained how Gigantamax Pokémon have their own signature G-Max Moves, as opposed to just regular Max Moves.

List of G-Max Moves used in the anime

Pokémon G-Max Move Image Debut
Charizard Leon's Charizard G-Max Wildfire Leon Charizard G-Max Wildfire.png
Leon Charizard G-Max Wildfire effect.png
Drednaw Drednaw G-Max Stonesurge Gigantamax Drednaw G-Max Stonesurge 1.png
Gigantamax Drednaw G-Max Stonesurge 2.png
Pikachu Ash's Pikachu G-Max Volt Crash Ash Pikachu G-Max Volt Crash 1.png
Ash Pikachu G-Max Volt Crash 2.png

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 超極巨招式 Chīu Gihkgeuih Jīusīk
Mandarin 超極巨招式 / 超极巨招式 Chāo Jíjù Zhāoshì
France Flag.png French Capacité Gigamax
Germany Flag.png German Gigadynamax-Attacke
Italy Flag.png Italian Mossa Gigamax
South Korea Flag.png Korean 거다이맥스기술 Geodai Max Gisul
Russia Flag.png Russian Приём G-Макс Priyom G-Maks
Spain Flag.png Spanish Movimiento Gigamax

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