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A full battle (Japanese: フルバトル full battle), also known as a six-on-six battle, is a Pokémon battle in which both Trainers use a full party of six Pokémon. The first Trainer to completely knock out all of the opposing Trainer's Pokémon wins the battle.

These battles are rare, both in the anime and the games. Typically, Trainers will use fewer than the full six, usually one to three.

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In the anime

Most Trainers declare a specific number of Pokémon to be used in a battle. This number is very rarely the full six. The most notable Trainer to do so is Drake, the Head Leader in the Orange League. Battles in the final rounds of each region's League Conference are usually full battles as well.

List of full battles

Original series

Episodes Trainer Pokémon Result
Ash 025007128131001006 Win
Drake DittoOnixGengarVenusaurElectabuzz149 Loss

Episodes Trainer Pokémon Result
Ash 128214089153143006 Win
Gary NidoqueenMagmar009059ScizorGolem Loss

Episodes Trainer Pokémon Result
Ash 025158143164153006 Loss
Harrison Kecleon215HypnoSteelixHoundoom257 Win

Advanced Generation series

Episodes Trainer Pokémon Result
Ash 324025362341277253 Win
Katie VenomothGolduckDugtrioMisdreavusScizorWalrein Loss

Episodes Trainer Pokémon Result
Ash 341025324253277362 Win
Morrison GirafarigGrowlitheSwampertSteelixGligar375 Loss

Episodes Trainer Pokémon Result
Ash 362324341277253025 Loss
Tyson SceptileShiftryHariyamaDonphanMetagross052 Win

Diamond & Pearl series

Episodes Trainer Pokémon Result
DP040 Paul 390Weavile198389000MS.png000MS.png Forfeit
Cynthia 445000MS.png000MS.png000MS.png000MS.png000MS.png Win

Episodes Trainer Pokémon Result
DP128 Paul 126Hariyama125NidokingLairon217 Loss
Brandon 377379378000MS.png000MS.png000MS.png Win

Episodes Trainer Pokémon Result
Ash 418472398388025391 Loss
Paul 389Weavile125430467217 Win

Episodes Trainer Pokémon Result
Ash 025392398418389472 Win
Paul AggronGastrodon452NinjaskFroslass466 Loss

Episodes Trainer Pokémon Result
DP189 Ash 214324443254277025 Loss
Tobias DarkraiLatios000MS.png000MS.png000MS.png000MS.png Win

Episodes Trainer Pokémon Result
DP189 Tobias Darkrai000MS.png000MS.png000MS.png000MS.png000MS.png Win
Unnamed Trainer Magmortar000MS.png000MS.png000MS.png000MS.png000MS.png Loss

In the games

Unlike the anime, the games allow two Trainers to use different numbers of Pokémon. While the player can have six Pokémon in the party at a time, many NPCs faced will not. Generally only rivals, Gym Leaders*, members of the Elite Four* and Champions have a full team. Some breeders also maintain a full team but it is much weaker than other Trainers in their area. Most main series games have at least one Fisherman with a party of six Magikarp. Also, in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, Bug Catcher Lyle has a team of six Wurmple, though it was changed to four in Pokémon Emerald.


  • The Diamond & Pearl series is the only series in which a full battle takes place outside of the Pokémon League.

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