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Full Art Zekrom

Full Art cards are an artwork variant of cards in the Pokémon Trading Card Game. They were first introduced in the Black & White expansion.

Starting with the Black & White Series, expansions contain Full Art reprints of certain legendary Pokémon from the set. On average, English booster boxes will contain 2 Full Art cards, meaning about 1 card per 18 packs. In Japan, the cards are Secret cards: cards with a number above the set number. The English numbering system places them at the end of the set.

Starting with Next Destinies, all Full Art cards found in expansions are reprints of Pokémon-EX from the same set. The English releases of Full Art Pokémon-EX feature a special embossed etching treatment.

Cards with Full Art prints

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Pokémon Type Card English Expansion English Card No. Japanese Expansion Japanese Card No.
Reshiram Fire Reshiram Black & White 113/114 Black Collection 055/053
Zekrom Lightning Zekrom Black & White 114/114 White Collection 055/053
Thundurus Lightning Thundurus Emerging Powers 97/98 White Collection 054/053
Tornadus Colorless Tornadus Emerging Powers 98/98 Black Collection 054/053
Virizion Grass Virizion Noble Victories 97/101 Red Collection 067/066
Victini Fire Victini Noble Victories 98/101 Red Collection 068/066
Terrakion Fighting Terrakion Noble Victories 99/101 Red Collection 069/066
Cobalion Metal Cobalion Noble Victories 100/101 Red Collection 070/066
N Su N Noble Victories 101/101 Red Collection 071/066
Shaymin Grass Shaymin-EX Next Destinies 94/99 Psycho Drive 053/052
Reshiram Fire Reshiram-EX Next Destinies 95/99 BW-P Promotional cards 158/BW-P
Kyurem Water Kyurem-EX Next Destinies 96/99 Hail Blizzard 053/052
Zekrom Lightning Zekrom-EX Next Destinies 97/99 BW-P Promotional cards 159/BW-P
Mewtwo Psychic Mewtwo-EX Next Destinies 98/99 Psycho Drive 055/052
Regigigas Colorless Regigigas-EX Next Destinies 99/99 Hail Blizzard 055/052
Landorus Fighting Landorus BW Black Star Promos BW43 BW-P Promotional cards 112/BW-P
Entei Fire Entei-EX Dark Explorers 103/108 Dark Rush 070/069
Kyogre Water Kyogre-EX Dark Explorers 104/108 Psycho Drive 054/052
Raikou Lightning Raikou-EX Dark Explorers 105/108 Dark Rush 071/069
Groudon Fighting Groudon-EX Dark Explorers 106/108 Hail Blizzard 054/052
Darkrai Darkness Darkrai-EX Dark Explorers 107/108 Dark Rush 072/069
Tornadus Colorless Tornadus-EX Dark Explorers 108/108 Dark Rush 073/069
Ho-Oh Fire Ho-Oh-EX Dragons Exalted 119/124 Dragon Blade 051/050
Mew Psychic Mew-EX Dragons Exalted 120/124 Dragon Blast 051/050
Terrakion Fighting Terrakion-EX Dragons Exalted 121/124 Dragon Blast 052/050
Registeel Metal Registeel-EX Dragons Exalted 122/124 Dragon Blade 052/050
Rayquaza Dragon Rayquaza-EX Dragons Exalted 123/124 Dragon Blade 053/050
Giratina Dragon Giratina-EX Dragons Exalted 124/124 Dragon Blast 053/050
Celebi Grass Celebi-EX Boundaries Crossed 141/149 Cold Flare 060/059
Keldeo Water Keldeo-EX Boundaries Crossed 142/149 Cold Flare 061/059
Cresselia Psychic Cresselia-EX Boundaries Crossed 143/149 Freeze Bolt 060/059
Landorus Fighting Landorus-EX Boundaries Crossed 144/149 Freeze Bolt 061/059
Kyurem Dragon Black Kyurem-EX Boundaries Crossed 145/149 Freeze Bolt 062/059
Kyurem Dragon White Kyurem-EX Boundaries Crossed 146/149 Cold Flare 062/059
Bianca Su Bianca Boundaries Crossed 147/149 Cold Flare 063/059
Cheren Su Cheren Boundaries Crossed 148/149 Freeze Bolt 063/059
Skyla Su Skyla Boundaries Crossed 149/149 Plasma Gale 076/070
Victini Fire Victini-EX Plasma Storm 131/135 Plasma Gale 071/070
Articuno Water Articuno-EX Plasma Storm 132/135 Plasma Gale 072/070
Cobalion Metal Cobalion-EX Plasma Storm 133/135 Plasma Gale 073/070
Lugia Colorless Lugia-EX Plasma Storm 134/135 Plasma Gale 074/070
Colress Su Colress Plasma Storm 135/135 Plasma Gale 075/070
Giratina Psychic Giratina Team Plasma Battle Gift Set 002/016
Darkrai Darkness Darkrai Team Plasma Battle Gift Set 005/016
Heatran Fire Heatran-EX Spiral Force 052/051
Deoxys Psychic Deoxys-EX Spiral Force 053/051
Latios Dragon Latios-EX Spiral Force 054/051
Ghetsis Su Ghetsis Spiral Force 055/051
Thundurus Lightning Thundurus-EX Thunder Knuckle 052/051
Latias Dragon Latias-EX Thunder Knuckle 053/051
Tornadus Colorless Tornadus-EX Thunder Knuckle 054/051
Professor Juniper Su Professor Juniper Thunder Knuckle 055/051
Emolga Lightning Emolga Shiny Collection 023/020
Meloetta Psychic Meloetta-EX Shiny Collection 025/020

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