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A map of all Friend Areas

Friend Areas are places where players can store recruited wild Pokémon in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team. They are located in a smaller area around Pokémon Square than dungeons are.

There are just enough Friend Areas to have space for one of every 386 Pokémon from the first three generations, along with all forms of Unown.

Some Friend Areas can be earned by completing certain missions, while others must be bought in Pokémon Square from Wigglytuff. There are also some special ones that are obtained by recruiting a specific Pokémon, usually a legendary Pokémon. When the game starts, the player and their partner will have access to two Friend Areas, those being the ones said Pokémon fit into. The first time the player talks to Wigglytuff, Magnemite buys the Power Plant area for the player so it can join the rescue team.

List of Friend Areas

Plains: Beau PlainsSky Blue PlainsSacred FieldSafari
Wild PlainsRavaged FieldMagnetic QuarryThunder Meadow
Ponds: Turtleshell PondTadpole Pond
Forests: Mushroom ForestHealing ForestTransform Forest
Secretive ForestJungleMist-Rise Forest
Flyaway ForestOvergrown ForestEnergetic Forest
Volcanoes: Scorched PlainsCraterVolcanic Pit
Relics: Ancient RelicAged Chamber ANAged Chamber O?
Desert: Furnace Desert
Lakes: Waterfall LakeMystic Lake
River: Rub-a-Dub River
Mountains: Mt. DeepgreenMt. CleftMt. Moonview
Mt. DisciplineDarkness RidgeRainbow Peak
Swamps: Peanut SwampPoison Swamp
Caves: Echo CaveDragon CaveBoulder CaveCryptic Cave
Urban: Decrepit LabPower Plant
Beaches: Shallow BeachIce Floe Beach
Glacier: Frigid Cavern
Isles: Legendary IslandSouthern IslandFinal IslandEnclosed Island
Seas: Treasure SeaDeep-Sea FloorSeafloor Cave
Bountiful SeaSerene SeaDeep-Sea Current
Sky: Stratos Lookout

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