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| Japanese
| Japanese
| フロード ''Fraud''
| フロード ''Fraud''
| Possibly from 不老 ''furō'', perennial youth.
| Possibly from 不老 ''furō'' (perennial youth) and ロード (lord). Also from the English word ''fraud''.

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フロード Fraud
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Unknown

Fraud (Japanese: フロード) is a character in the Pokémon RéBURST manga. He is a member of the Great Gavel Organization and is its boss.


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Fraud is a young man that is shrouded in mystery. He seems to be incredibly powerful as his first opponent in Burst Heart Survival was seen as a nervous wreck after being defeated by him. He seems to enjoy battling against opponents that he deems will entertain him and gets bored when his expectations aren't met.

It is later revealed that Fraud is in fact the boss of Great Gavel who made himself younger using Great Gavel's technological advancements.


Fraud first appears as one of the many contestants of the Burst Warrior tournament, Burst Heart Survival. By using his Burst, Fraud passes the preliminary first round known as "Suddenly Bottomless Survival" and makes it to the second round along with the other fifteen remaining contestants.

The scar on Fraud's arm

In the next round, "Box Escape Survival", Fraud is paired up against Afron in the B Box. When neither can find out how to escape, they decide to just fight each other in order to be freed from the box. Eventually, Fraud wins, allowing him to pass onto the third round and eliminating Afron from the tournament.

In the third round, "Add-up-to-ten Survival", Fraud is given the medal labeled 3, marking him as the seventh to leave their box from the previous round. After some wandering through the forest, he comes across Carola alone and eating. Soon, the two begin their battle and Carola is confident that her Emboar Burst can defeat his Bisharp Burst.

Suddenly, Fraud removes the jacket he had been wearing up to this point, revealing his true face. After commenting on his handsomeness, Carola notices the scar on his left arm and recognizes it belonging to someone she knew before. Fraud then smiles devilishly and begins his attack.

Fraud defeats Carola and takes her medal, bringing his total up to 11 points and leaves the scene once he hears someone else coming. Later, he is seen being allowed to go to the next round after arriving in the spot where the other winners are.

During the break period between the third and fourth rounds, Fraud is seen emerging from the shower while being waited on by a butler. He tells the butler that he had fun in the last round and intends to take down Hariru as he did with Carola because all those who bare their fangs against Great Gavel must have them cut.

In the fourth round, "Seesaw Balloon Survival", Fraud is paired up against Hariru. Wanting revenge for what happened to Carola, Hariru attacks Fraud relentlessly only to find out that he is using special movements to take low amounts of damage from the hits. As they battle, Fraud easily knocks down all of Hariru's attacks and throws him back.

Eventually, an injured Carola makes it to the stage and reveals the secret to Fraud's true identity that she found out before. Carola reveals that Fraud is, in fact, the boss of Great Gavel. Hariru, shocked that Fraud isn't a middle aged man like he remembers, is told by Fraud that using the technology of Great Gavel, he managed to reverse his aging. After delivering one more powerful blow to Hariru, Fraud reveals to him that the person who had killed Hariru's father and destroyed his village was actually him and not Arcades like he was led to believe.


On hand

Fraud's Bisharp
Bisharp is Fraud's only known Pokémon. Fraud uses Bisharp to Burst, allowing him to use the abilities that Bisharp possesses.
Debut RB21


As a user of Burst, Fraud can use the abilities of the Pokémon he combines with, his Bisharp.

Known techniques


Language Name Origin
Japanese フロード Fraud Possibly from 不老 furō (perennial youth) and ロード (lord). Also from the English word fraud.

Boss: Fraud
Three Generals: AmuGankuRovy
Seven Warriors: HilgreitzHariru*Carola*ZengaiKigyan*Lukov*Toga*
Notable Members: Yaza
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