Flower Garden Deck (TCG)

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The Flower Garden Deck is a Theme Deck from Pokémon Card GB for the Game Boy Color. It is one of Decks available from the Auto Deck Machine only after the player obtains the grass medal. It predominantly focuses on Grass type Pokémon.


Quantity Card Name Type Level Rarity
3x Bulbasaur Grass 13 Common
2x Ivysaur Grass 20 Uncommon
2x Venusaur Grass 67 RareH
3x Oddish Grass 9 Common
2x Gloom Grass 22 Uncommon
2x Vileplume Grass 35 RareH
2x Bellsprout Grass 11 Common
1x Weepinbell Grass 28 Uncommon
1x Victreebel Grass 42 RareH
2x Tangela Grass 12 Common
1x Tangela Grass 8 Common
2x Lickitung Colorless 26 Uncommon
2x Pokémon Trader T - Rare
3x Pokémon Breeder T - Rare
1x Energy Search T - Common
2x Switch T - Common
2x Potion T - Common
1x Full Heal T - Uncommon
24x Grass Energy E - -
2x Double Colorless Energy E - -


  • The only person who plays with this deck is Kristin, a club member from the Grass Club.
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