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hometown=Unknown |
hometown=Unknown |
region=[[Sinnoh]] |
region=[[Sinnoh]] |
relatives=Unknown |
relatives=Buck |
trainer=yes |
trainer=yes |
trainerclass=[[Elite Four|Elite Trainer]] |
trainerclass=[[Elite Four|Elite Trainer]] |

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オーバ Ōba
Art from D/P
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Sinnoh
Relatives Buck
Trainer class Elite Trainer
Generation IV
Games Diamond, Pearl
Elite Four of Indigo Plateau

Flint (Japanese: オーバ Ōba) is a master Fire-type trainer.

In the games

In Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, Flint is the third member of the Sinnoh Elite Four. He is friends with Volkner, the Gym Leader of Sunyshore City.

Flint first encounters the player in Sunyshore City, informing him about the recent blackouts and Volkner's disillusionment as a Gym Leader. He asks the player to bring back the excitement of Pokémon battles to Volkner before seemingly returning to the Pokémon League.


His team consists of the following Pokémon: Template:Team


Before battle:
"You had me counting the days on my fingers waiting for you to come. I heard from Volkner what you did in Sunyshore. You managed to light a fire in that guy's heart again. How could you not expect me to look forward to seeing you in battle?

During battle:
"I can feel your determination. Your will is overpowering me!

"This situation... This is heating up! I'm blazing now!

When defeated:
"...! I wasn't expecting this! I wasn't looking down on you... But I didn't think for one second that I'd lose! This is fantastic! You and your Pokémon are inspiring!"

After battle:
"...Whew... Burnt right down to cinders..."

Last words:
".....................Keep going..."


  • Flint has a slight resemblence to the McDonald's mascot, Ronald McDonald due to the red afro, yellow shirt and slightly pale face. Because of this, he has been a butt of many jokes among Pokémon fans.
  • Although he specializes in fire-types, only two of the five Pokémon he uses are actually fire-type.


Language Name Origin
Japanese オーバ Ōba From 大葉, a name for the perilla.
English Flint Means "stream" or "river". Chosen because fires are started with flints.
French Adrien From ardent, burning.
German Ignaz From latin ignis, fire.
Italian Vulcano Literally means volcano.
Spanish Fausto Similar to fuego, fire. May also be related to Hephaestus, the Greek god of fire and metallurgy.

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