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java=Tōru Nara |
java=Tōru Nara |
'''Flint''' (Japanese: '''オーバ''' ''Ōba'') is a {{pkmn|Master}} {{type|Fire}} {{pkmn|Trainer}} and member of the [[Sinnoh]] [[Elite Four]].
'''Flint''' (Japanese: '''オーバ''' ''Ōba'') is a {{pkmn|Master}} {{type|Fire}} {{pkmn|Trainer}} and member of the [[Pokémon League (Sinnoh)|SinnohElite Four]].
==In the games==
==In the games==

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オーバ Ōba
Diamond Pearl Flint.png
Art from Diamond and Pearl
Age 20+*
Gender Male
Eye color Gray
Hair color Red
Hometown Sunyshore City*
Region Sinnoh
Relatives Buck (younger brother), unnamed grandfather
Trainer class Elite Four
Generation IV
Games Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum
Elite Four of Pokémon League (Sinnoh)
Specializes in Fire types
Anime debut Flint Sparks the Fire!
English voice actor Tom Wayland
Japanese voice actor Tōru Nara

Flint (Japanese: オーバ Ōba) is a Master Fire-type Trainer and member of the SinnohElite Four.

In the games

In Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, Flint is the third member of the Sinnoh Elite Four. He is friends with Volkner, the Gym Leader of Sunyshore City. Flint's younger brother is Buck, and their grandfather runs the Battleground.

Flint first encounters the player in Sunyshore City, informing him about the recent blackouts and Volkner's disillusionment as a Gym Leader. He asks the player to bring back the excitement of Pokémon battles to Volkner before seemingly returning to the Pokémon League.

In Pokémon Platinum, Flint and Volkner challenge the player and their rival to a Double Battle upon their arrival to the new Battle Frontier.


Pokémon Diamond and Pearl

Pokémon Platinum

Pokémon League battles

Tag Battle with Volkner


Pokémon Diamond and Pearl

  • Before battle
"Yo Trainer! You had me counting the days on my fingers waiting for you to come. I heard from Volkner what you did in Sunyshore. You managed to light a fire in that guy's heart again. How could you not expect me to look forward to seeing you in battle?
  • After sending out last Pokémon
"I can feel your determination. Your will is overpowering me!"
  • When last Pokémon is at critical health
"This situation... This is heating up! I'm blazing now!"
  • When defeated
"...! I wasn't expecting this! I wasn't looking down on you... But I didn't think for one second that I'd lose! This is fantastic! You and your Pokémon are inspiring!"
  • After battle
"...Whew... Burnt right down to cinders..."
".....................Keep going..."

Pokémon Platinum

Pokémon League

  • Before battle (initial fight)
"Yo Trainer! You had me counting the days on my fingers waiting for you to come. I heard from Volkner what you did in Sunyshore. You managed to light a fire in that guy's heart again. How could you not expect me to look forward to seeing you in battle? You're facing a Fire-type Pokémon user with me. Let Flint see how hot your spirit burns!"
  • Before battle (rematch)
"I was waiting for you, challenger! Flint, the master of the Fire-type, is up next! Battles are clashes of the burning spirit of Pokémon. Battles aren't about appearances or what's weak or strong. It all comes down to whether the combatants can burn hot or not."
  • After sending out last Pokémon
"I can feel your determination. Your will is overpowering me!"
  • When last Pokémon is at critical health
"This situation... This is heating up! I'm blazing now!"
  • When defeated
"...! I don't believe it! I lost! I didn't take you for granted. Bud I'd never even considered it! I'm blown away by this! You and your Pokémon are hot stuff!"
  • After battle
"...Whew... Burnt right down to cinders..."
".........Keep going...I know your spirit burns hot. Your whole team does."

Battle Frontier Entrance Hall

"Yo, Trainer! It's been too long, amigo! Now I don't know what your pal speedy there's been spouting... But we're not doing this out of spite or anything bad natured like that. The Battle Frontier behind us is where the best Trainers gather. We're being kind enough to let you see if you're up to the challenge! You really ought to be grateful!"
  • Before battle
"This situation just cooks! The drama and tension sizzles! Flint, the fiery master of fire Pokémon, is going to put you to the test! Let Flint see how hot your spirit burns!"
  • When defeated
  • After battle
"... ... ... ..."


"Hey, you! You used my prize money to buy this furniture, didn't you? So, I've got a right to lounge here, am I right?"
"Hey, listen, you! If that Volkner tries to sell you on Electric-type Pokémon, ignore him! You have to go with Fire-type Pokémon. It's the way of the future!"
  • To Volkner
"It's this place. You know how drab the League is? Don't you think the place should be more, you know, festive? With more decorations, awards, and things like that?"


Spr DP Flint.png Spr Pt Flint.png Flint OD.png VSFlint.png
Sprite from
Diamond and Pearl
Sprite from
Overworld sprite from
Generation IV
VS sprite from

In the anime

Flint in the anime

Flint was mentioned in An Elite Meet and Greet! by Lucian and in A Trainer and Child Reunion! by Officer Jenny.

Flint appeared for the first time in person in Flint Sparks the Fire!. It was revealed in the episode that he had met up with Volkner when they were younger and had become rivals and eventually good friends. After becoming 20 years of age, he left and eventually became a member of the Elite Four. At the same time, Volkner became the Sunyshore Gym Leader.

Young Flint and his Chimchar

However he constantly came back to Sunyshore City to convince Volkner to start battling again. After the latter refused Ash's challenge for a Gym battle, he battled Ash in Volkner's place and beat Ash's Pikachu, Infernape, and Buizel with his Infernape easily.

He appeared again in The Fleeing Tower of Sunyshore!.

He reappeared in The Eighth Wonder of the Sinnoh World! where he watched Volkner battle Ash. He also appeared in Four Roads Diverged in a Pokémon Port! where he battled Jasmine and won. It was also revealed in the episode that he was challenging Cynthia for the title of Sinnoh League Champion.

Flint appeared in Memories are Made of Bliss! where Ash and his friends watched him battling Cynthia on TV. As mentioned by the emcee, Flint's Infernape managed to defeat two of Cynthia's Pokémon. However, Infernape lost to Garchomp and Flint lost the match.


Flint uses this Pokémon in the anime:

Flint's Infernape
Chimchar → Monferno → Infernape
Main article: Flint's Infernape

Flint's Infernape first appeared in Flint Sparks the Fire! where it was used in Flint's battle against Ash.

Debut Flint Sparks the Fire!
Voice actors
Japanese Katsuyuki Konishi
English Bill Rogers

Flint also has at least five more Pokémon, which he used during his battle against Cynthia.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 奈良徹 Tōru Nara
English Tom Wayland
German Patrick Roche
Brazilian Portuguese Márcio Marconatto
Spanish Latin America Arturo Castañeda
Spain Luis Reina

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

Flint in Pokémon Adventures

Flint first appears when Volkner invites him to help him investigate a giant hole that appeared in the Sendoff Spring. Later, the two are seen in the Fight Area with their Pokémon. They are later seen investigating the hole at the Sendoff Spring when they receive a call from Buck. He tells Buck about the object that he is looking for at Stark Mountain, the Magma Stone, but the reception is lost and they get cut off.

Later, Flint and Volkner witness Platinum and her friends traveling to the Distortion World. Volkner teases Flint about caring that his younger brother has been injured, though Flint denies it and intends to defeat the person that beat Buck. Later, they arrive at the Sendoff Spring, and enter the Distortion World through the Turnback Cave.

Upon arriving, they are attacked by Giratina and are chased throughout the Distortion World by it. Despite a powerful combination attack they used, Giratina proves too powerful for them and defeats the two with a DragonBreath. They manage to get up soon after, only for Giratina to leave to fight the other legendary Pokémon in the area.

After Charon is defeated, Giratina tries one last time to attack Platinum, only for Flint and Volkner to attack it from behind and defeat it. Satisfied, the two hi-five each other in a prideful boast of their strength.


Flint's Magmortar
Magmortar is the only known Pokémon in Flint's possession. It was seen with Flint in the Fight Area along with Volkner and his Electivire. Later, it fought Giratina at the Distortion World only to be defeated. Later, it fought Giratina again, this time actually managing to defeat it.

Magmortar's only known move is Lava Plume, and its Ability is Flame Body.

Debut Leaping Past Lopunny
Flint in Diamond and Pearl Adventure!

In the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure! manga

Flint appears in Hareta's Heart's Desire as he found out about the tournament and wanted to compete in it. Rapidash was the first Pokémon sent out. It was up against Hareta's Empoleon. Despite the type-disadvantage, Rapidash was able to defeat Empoleon with a Sunny Day/SolarBeam combo. He recalls Rapidash and sends out Drifblim while Hareta sends out Regigigas and Misdreavus.

However, Hareta had no choice but to use Misdreavus as he was disallowed to use two Pokémon at once. Drifblim was able to defeat Misdreavus with Payback but due to it using Skill Swap beforehand, both Pokémon were out. Hareta than uses his Regigigas and Flint calls out Rapidash once again. Regigigas was able to defeat Rapidash with Mega Punch. Flint has one more Pokémon but resigns before even using it, giving Hareta the win.

Later, in Gathering of the Legendary Pokémon, he along with the Gym Leaders and Sinnoh Elite Four head to the Galactic HQ to take on the remaining Team Galactic grunts.


Flint's Rapidash
Rapidash was the first Pokémon used in the battle against Hareta. It went up against his Empoleon where it was able to knock it out despite the type-disadvantage.

Rapidash's known moves are Agility, Sunny Day and Solar Beam.

Debut Hareta's Heart's Desire
Flint's Drifblim
Drifblim was used to finish of Hareta's Misdreavus seeing that Hareta could not use both Misdreavus and Regigigas at the same time as it was against the rules to do so. However, after Drifblim went for an attack, it was stopped by Misdreavus's Skill Swap which resulted in both side's Pokémon being knocked out as Misdreavus used Drifblim's Ability Aftermath from the effect of Skill Swap.

Drifblim's only known move is Payback, and its Ability is Aftermath.

Debut Hareta's Heart's Desire
After both Drifblim and Rapidash got knocked out, Flint mentions that he has a Steelix, but does not want to send it out for the match as he knows that it wouldn't stand a chance against Hareta's Regigigas.

None of Steelix's moves are known.

Debut Hareta's Heart's Desire

In the TCG

This listing is of cards mentioning or featuring Flint or his Pokémon in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Flint's Pokémon
Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a silver background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Infernape Pokémon 4 Fire Rising Rivals Uncommon 43/111 Infernape Half Deck   003/018
Rapidash Pokémon 4 Fire Rising Rivals Uncommon 47/111 Infernape Half Deck    
Flareon Pokémon 4 Fire Rising Rivals Uncommon 60/111 Infernape Half Deck    
Houndoom Pokémon 4 Darkness Rising Rivals Common 65/111 Infernape Half Deck   010/018
Infernape Pokémon 4 LV.X Fire Rising Rivals Rare Holo LV.X 108/111 Infernape Half Deck   004/018
Other related cards
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Flint's Willpower Su Rising Rivals Uncommon 91/111 Infernape Half Deck   016/018


  • Although he specializes in Fire types, in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl only two of the five Pokémon he uses are actually Fire-type, with only eight Fire-type moves between them and only four of these are actual attacking moves. Each of Flint's Pokémon knows at least one Fire-type move. In Pokémon Platinum, his entire team consists of his specialty type.
    • With only two Pokémon of his type theme in Diamond and Pearl, he has the lowest number of Pokémon on his team that are of his specialty of all of the Elite Four members.
  • Flint's Magmortar is the only Pokémon of a member of the Elite Four to use Seals in Pokémon Platinum. Incidentally, it is used in the Double Battle with Volkner, who uses his Electivire, the only Pokémon of a Gym Leader to have Seals.
  • When talking to Volkner in the Villa, he reveals that the reason that Flint uses the Fire type is because of his name.
  • Flint is the only member of the Elite Four that has a starter Pokémon.
  • Flint is the only member of the Sinnoh Elite Four that doesn't have a Pokémon in any of his teams that knows Stone Edge.
  • In Black 2 and White 2, Shauntal mentions Flint in one of her pre-battle quotes from her novels. She writes that his hairstyle "would be great with Head Charge." He is commanding a Pokémon, possibly his Flareon, to use Overheat.
  • Flint is the first Elite Four member to use the Fire-type.


Language Name Origin
Japanese オーバ Ōba From 大葉, a name for the perilla. Similar to Overheat (オーバーヒート).
English Flint A kind of stone used to set fires.
French Adrien From ardent, burning.
German Ignaz From Latin ignis, fire.
Italian Vulcano Literally means volcano.
Spanish Fausto Similar to fuego, fire. May also be related to Hephaestus, the Greek god of fire and metallurgy.
Korean 대엽 Daeyeop From 大葉 Ōba. Literally "big leaf".
Chinese (Mandarin) 大葉 Dà Yè From 大葉 Ōba. Also means "big leaf".

Sinnoh League
Elite Four
Elite Four
Elite Four
Elite Four

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