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アスナ Asuna
""One with a fiery passion that burns!""
Art from R/S/E
Gender Female
Eye color Red
Hair color Red
Hometown Lavaridge Town
Region Hoenn
Relatives Mr. Moore (grandfather)
Trainer class Gym Leader
Generation III
Games Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald
Leader of Lavaridge Gym
Badge Heat Badge
Anime debut Poetry Commotion!
English voice actor Lisa Ortiz
Japanese voice actor Rio Natsuki

Flannery (Japanese: アスナ Asuna) is the Gym Leader of Lavaridge Town's hot springs Gym, known officially as the Lavaridge Gym. She specializes in Template:Type2 Pokémon and gives out the Heat Badge to Trainers who defeat her.

In the games

Flannery's title is "One with a fiery passion that burns!" Her passion for Pokémon burns stronger and hotter than a volcano.

She is admired for her beauty and strength. She's only been Gym Leader for a short time, and she tries to act intimidating but can't quite get it right. After she loses to the main character, she realized that she was trying too hard to be someone that she wasn't and had to run things her own way.

Her grandfather was once a member of the Hoenn Elite Four. She has apparently battled with Norman sometime in the past.

In addition to the Heat Badge, Flannery gives out TM50 (Overheat), in Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.


This listing is of Flannery's Pokémon in the games in which she has appeared.

Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire

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Pokémon Emerald

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First Rematch

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Second Rematch

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Third Rematch

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Fourth Rematch

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"Welcome... No, wait. Puny Trainer, how good to see you've made it there! I have been entrusted with the... No, wait. I am Flannery, and I'm the Gym Leader here! Uh... Dare not underestimate me, though I have been Leader only a short time! With skills inherited from my grandfather, I shall, uh...demonstrate the hot moves we have honed on this land!"

"Oh... I guess I was trying too hard... I... I've only recently become a Gym Leader. I tried too hard to be someone I'm not. I have to do things my natural way. If I don't, my Pokémon will be confused. Thanks for teaching me that. For that, you deserve this."

"Your power reminds me of someone... Oh! I know! You battle like Norman, the Gym Leader of Petalburg."

At first rematch and on (Pokémon Emerald):
"Losing a battle isn't going to deflate me. I love Pokémon. I love to battle. And... I love this Gym! Let's exchange superhot moves in another battle!"

"Whew! On the verge of eruption!"

"I lost the match, but I'm completely satisfied. It's not often I get to enjoy a battle this heated. Let's have another one like this sometime!"

Trainer's Eyes

Strategy - Battle aggressively.

Trainer's Pokémon - Burn with passion!

Self-Introduction - Wash away daily fatigue in hot springs completely!

In the anime

Flannery in the anime

Flannery made her debut appearance in Poetry Commotion! where she was training with her Slugma. She revealed that she was the new Lavaridge Town Gym Leader after her grandfather, Mr. Moore retired to become a poet. As such she was shown to be inexperienced and relatively incapable, traits which caused her to forget to clean up the gym since the last challenger's match. In an effort to remove the wait needed for his next gym battle, Ash volunteers himself and his friends for cleaning duty.

While cleaning, the group are helped by Jessie and James of Team Rocket who are disguised as construction workers as well as the former gym leader, Flannery's grandfather, who is disguised as a judge. Flannery's grandfather saved the day when Team Rocket attempt to steal Flannery's Torkoal. In the resulting battle, one of her Slugma evolved into a Magcargo.

In Going, Going, Yawn, Ash had his gym battle where he used his Corphish, Pikachu, and Treecko. Ash won the battle and the Heat Badge.


This listing is of Flannery's known Pokémon in the anime:

Debut [[]]
Debut [[]]
Debut [[]]

Voice actors

  • Japanese
    • 夏樹リオ Rio Natsuki
  • Spanish
    • Isacha Mengíbar (Spain)

In the Pokémon Special manga

File:Wattson and Flannery.png
Flannery and her Magcargo (left) with Wattson and his Electrike (right)

In the Pokémon Special, Flannery tried to protect Mt. Chimney from having its flames doused by Team Aqua. However, even with the help of Sapphire, she was unable to prevent the water-worshiping team from causing the volcano to become dormant.

During the battle, she was also assisted by Tabitha of Team Magma. The two seemed to be attracted to each other. Later, when all the Hoenn Gym Leaders chose sides, Flannery aligned herself with Team Magma. The destruction later caused by Kyogre and Groudon changed her mind.

Flannery is also apparently close friends with Winona.




  • Flannery's grandfather is named Mr. Moore. Due to that her last name may or may not be Moore.


Language Name Origin
Japanese アスナ (Asuna) Possible from 砂 suna, "sand," in reference to her gym, which is full of sand pits. Another possibility maybe アスナロ(翌檜, asunaro), Thujopsis dolabrata. Also an

anagram of sauna.

English Flannery From the word flame.
French Adriane Possible derivation from "ardent" (burning).
German Flavia Possible derivation from "Flamme" (flame).
Italian Fiammetta Literally means "little flame" (root fiamma).
Spanish Candela Literally means "heat" or "flame".
Korean 민지 (Minji)
Chinese 亞莎/亚莎 (Yàshā) From 亜沙, a possible spelling of Asuna.


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