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Fizzy Bubbles is a fan-made, text-based Pokémon RPG that began on Bulbagarden forums in the days of Red and Blue with only Water Pokémon and a single Fizzy Zone, hence the name Fizzy Bubbles. More zones were added over the next few years, but the game was shut down when BMG's site went down. It was revived on October 22nd, 2002 on UPN before expanding to the forums, and later back to the Bulbagarden forums. Although training Pokémon is a part of the game, it is not the focus. The main part of the game happens in a number of different zones, where players can have various adventures. The adventure is determined by an updater (a ZA or ZO) who create obstacles that the player must find a way around. The player's job is to make decisions as to where to go, and the general mission.

There are a number of shops available for the player to use. These include a daycare, where up to two Pokémon can gain a level per week for free, and an arcade, where players can play Flash games for prizes. In addition to be used for raising levels of Pokémon, Rare Candies are used as currency in the zone. One free Rare Candy is given to each player in the Pokémart on Monday. However, this is not the only way to obtain them.


The roleplaying zones in which members can adventure in are spread over the respective forums of UPNetwork, and Bulbagarden. Registered members are only allowed to enter three zones at once, except on special occasions such as in-zone campaigns. Zones are usually capped if an updater is unable to take any more updatees.

Current Zones
Active Zones
The Cloud Garden
Evolution Zone
The Arcane Realm
Free For All Zone
Inactive Zones
The Haunted Mansion
Raptor Island
The Twilight Realm
Volcanic Mountain
Active Zones
Whale Island
Phantom Isle
The Arcane Realm
The Lost Cities of Talas
The Lost City of Alpha
Inactive Zones
The Cloud Garden
The Glacier Islands
Laguna Peninsula
Miasma Heights
Active Zones
Arcane Realm
Inactive Zones
Sapphire Island
The Cloud Garden

Trainer Battles

Exclusive to UPN, Trainer Battles allow two Trainers to battle against each over with their Pokémon for prizes and bragging rights. Unlike entering a zone, members will pre-arrange a battle with another Trainer. Trainer battles work in a similar style to zones; however a Referee takes the role of Updater and will keep a constant check on the Pokémon's health and energy making sure no rules are broken.

To prevent one Pokémon having an unfair advantage over the other, Pokémon are split into tiers depending on their current level. Trainers then take turns ordering attacks, with the referee updating the outcome. The first Pokémon to lose all its health or energy is knocked out, and the winner’s Pokémon receives two levels. The Trainer will also receive a battle trophy for his or her win depending on the battle's tier.

Trainer Battle Tiers
Tier Level Trophy
Beginner Lv.25 or below File:Beginnertoken.gif
Intermediate Lv.26 to Lv.50 File:Intermediatetoken.gif
Advanced Lv.51 to Lv.75 File:Advancetoken.gif
Expert Lv.76 or above File:Experttoken.gif

Contest Halls

Contests in Fizzy Bubbles work very similarly to those found in the games. Trainers play against each over and have to show off their Pokémon to advance through the contest. How an appeal goes is dependant on the contest's Coordinator, who will update the outcome of each round similarly to an Updater. There are a total of Five Contest Halls: Beauty, Cool, Cute, Smart and Tough, which are each run by their own Coordinator. The contests are further split into four ranks: Normal, Super, Hyper and Master.

Each contest hall has a different format, with some sticking firmly to the game mechanics and others based on the anime format. The winning Pokémon will earn a Ribbon of that contest type and rank. The Trainer will then be able to challenge the next rank up, given the Pokémon meets all the requirements for the next rank. Normal Rank contests are held the most often, with Master Rank contests held the least often.


Upon joining Fizzy Bubbles, shops allow the player to collect Rare Candies and purchase a wide range of items to improve their team. Most shops offer services to the player's Pokémon, such as raising their Level, Contest Stats or Happiness. It is worth noting that a Pokémon used in a shop cannot be used in any other shops or zones until it has completed its shop stay. Shops usually open once on a weekly basis, with the majority of shops opening on a Monday. Although Serebii and Bulbagarden both feature the same available shops, UPN offers a range of exclusive shops not found on either of those boards.

List of shops
Shop Description
Pokémart Buy various things such as Potions and Poké Balls. Gives everyone one free Rare Candy every Monday
Daycare Members drop Pokémon off on a Monday and one week later the Pokémon gains one free level
The Egg House Members can pick up an egg, then one week after picking it up, the Egg will hatch into one of many Pokémon
Shop-of-all-Trades Shards, Shoal Items, Apricorns and Ash can be traded for Evolution Stones, Shell Bells, Poké Balls, or Flutes
Cable Club This is where people can barter and trade for Pokémon and other items
Beauty Salon Members drop Pokémon off on a Monday and one week later the Pokémon gains Happiness
Training Center Members drop Pokémon off to learn a HM Move on a Monday and pick it up the following Monday
The Move Tutor Members can pay to teach their Pokémon various Egg Moves and Move Tutor Moves
FB Bank All a member's candy transactions are posted in the Bank
The Coin Exchange All a member's coin transactions are posted in the Coin Exchange
Coins for Prizes Allows members to buy prizes with their coins
The Berry Shop Allows members to buy Berries. Gives everyone a free Berry every week
Pokétreats Shop Members can create Pokéblocks and Poffins out of Berries
The Pokéspa Members drop Pokémon off for three days in order to raise their Contest Stats
Lanette's PC Like in the games, Lanette's PC is a storage system for any Pokémon or Items

Shops exclusive to UPN
Shop Description
Adoption Center Unwanted Pokémon are dropped off here by members. Members can also pay to adopt a Pokémon
Real Estate Agency Members can purchase a Secret Base within a list of various locations with their coins
The Base Shop Members can purchase various furnature and accessories for their base with their coins
The Post Office Allows members to purchase Mail which can be sent to another member's secret base
Jirachi's Casino Members are able to gamble away their coins on various games such as a Pokémon Roulette or Slot Machines
The Arcade Members submit their high scores by playing flash games to win prizes. Prizes are given out weekly.
Pokémon Boutique Members can change their Pokémon's appearance with recolors, clothing and other accessories
Breeding Center During the month of October each year the Breeding Center allows members to Pokémon breed their Pokémon

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