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==In the anime==
==In the anime==
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[[File:Cilan fishing rod.png|thumb|right|250px|Cilan holding a fishing rod]]
[[File:Cilan fishing rod.png|thumb|right|250px|Cilan holding a fishing rod]]
[[File:Super Rod anime.png|thumb|left|250px|Iris holding a Super Rod]]
Numerous episodes of the {{pkmn|anime}} have featured the group fishing.
Numerous episodes of the {{pkmn|anime}} have featured the group fishing.

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Fishing is a recreation that is commonly seen in the Pokémon world.

In the games

Fishing is one way to catch Pokémon in the water. In fact, some Pokémon can only be caught by using a fishing rod. There are three fishing rods that are given out throughout the course of each game, and each one is given out by a Fishing Brother. The exception is in Generation V, where only the Super Rod is available, and it is obtained from Looker or Cedric Juniper.


Catching Pokémon

Generation I and Generation II

In Generation I and II, fishing is simply a matter of standing next to water and using the rod. Sometimes, it will hook a Pokémon, and start a battle. Other times, it will catch nothing. There is a random chance of either happening, so if the rod catches nothing, players can feel free to cast it out again.

Generation III

Starting with Generation III, fishing became more complicated, as the player would have to pay attention and confirm as soon as the rod hooked a Pokémon, or else it would get away. In Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, this required a series of confirmations to reel in better Pokémon. Generation III also introduced the ability for Pokémon Trainers to fish off the back of a surfing Pokémon, which may be required to catch Feebas. This also made fishing on Route 4 possible.

Generation IV

Fishing in PokéPark: Fishing Rally DS

In Generation IV, the player would use the rod, and an exclamation mark-like sign would pop up above the player, noting that they should push the A button to start the battle with the Pokémon they've encountered. As with Generation III, the Pokémon will go away if the player takes too long.

Generation V

In Generation V, fishing mechanics are mostly unchanged from Generation IV. However, by fishing in rippling water, different Pokémon can be caught, generally being rare Pokémon or the evolved forms of the Pokémon normally found. As such, this allows certain Pokémon such as Milotic and Poliwrath to be caught in the wild, while normally they would not. Furthermore, the Old and Good Rods are no longer available, making the player have a single rod to fish Pokémon with.

PokéPark: Fishing Rally DS

Main article: PokéPark: Fishing Rally DS

PokéPark: Fishing Rally DS is a game focused on fishing for Pokémon. Points are earned for the size, rarity, and species of the caught Pokémon. Up to five Pokémon can be stored at once, and high scores could be seen at Pokémon Centers, while the game was still available for download.

In the anime

Cilan holding a fishing rod
Iris holding a Super Rod

Numerous episodes of the anime have featured the group fishing.

At the Safari Zone, a fishing rod is distributed with the Safari Balls.

Rather than using bait, lures with Pokémon designs are used. In Whiscash and Ash, a fisherman believed that the secret to catching the Whiscash he was looking for, was finding the right lure. Misty has a collection of lures, including a special lure based on herself that she believes is the best. She sent it to Ash as a gift in The Unbeatable Lightness of Seeing. Ash used this lure in Buizel Your Way Out of This to try to catch a powerful Buizel.

In Facing Fear with Eyes Wide Open!, Cilan used his fishing skills to catch a Stunfisk that was preventing Ash and Oshawott from retrieving plants at the bottom of a lake to cure their poisoned Pokémon. Like others before him, Cilan uses a fishing lure based on himself. In A Fishing Connoisseur in a Fishy Competition!, Cilan showed his fishing skills again when he caught a Basculin in Team Rocket's fake fishing competition.

A Super Rod made its debut in the anime in Climbing the Tower of Success! as the item Iris had to find for a scavenger hunt.


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