FireRed & LeafGreen chapter (Adventures)

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FireRed & LeafGreen is the fifth chapter of the Pokémon Special manga, consisting of five volumes.

Much like its game counterpart, this chapter returns to the characters of Red, Green, and Blue, protagonists of the original Red, Green & Blue chapter of Pokémon Special. Red and Green are forced to explore the Sevii Islands to look for Professor Oak who was kidnapped by a Deoxys. Meanwhile, Blue has finally located her parents, however, just as she is about to meet them, they are swallowed up by a mysterious black hole. Red, Green, and Blue must locate the missing relatives with the help of a former foe, Lorelei, and Mewtwo while defeating Team Rocket again at the same time. Back in Kanto, Silver is seeking his parents as well, with the help of Yellow.



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