Find the Ditto impostors!

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Find the Ditto impostors! (Japanese: 本物は どっち? メタモン パニック!! Which one is real? Metamon panic!!) was a limited-time event in Pokémon Masters EX to celebrate April Fools' Day 2022. It ran from April 1 to 2, 2022 and was focused on Ditto.

During this event, all the normal Trainers visiting the player's Pokémon Center were replaced with special conversations between various Trainers and their Ditto lookalikes. Four duos could appear at a time, randomly selected out of a pool of fourteen. These duos could include Trainers that the player had not yet recruited or scouted. Additionally, the event conversation at Trista's counter was replaced by a non-transformed Ditto that stretched and jumped when spoken to.

The event did not feature any battles or story areas outside of a brief introduction, and players could not receive items from talking to Trainers in the Pokémon Center for the duration of the event. However, they could receive a present of 1,000 Gems by logging in during the event period.


When the player enters the Pokémon Center, they find a frustrated Looker and Blue facing two Reds. Looker says that a catastrophe has occurred - Lear's Hoopa thought it would be funny to transport a bunch of wild Ditto to Pasio and have them transform into Trainers, so now the whole island is in chaos as Trainers meet their doubles. Of the two Reds they're facing, one of them is the real one and one of them is a Ditto. Normally, it'd be easy to tell a Ditto apart from a real human, since Ditto can't speak human language. However, since Red doesn't like talking, Looker thinks it's impossible to determine which one is the real Red. However, Blue brags that he can tell easily which is the real Red. He points out the one he thinks is real, and that Red smiles while the other Red turns into a Ditto. Shocked, Looker asks Blue how he was able to tell them apart, and Blue says that the fake one wasn't giving off any of Red's usual "battle me right here, right now" vibes. Looker then asks the player for their help in finding the rest of the Ditto impostors, so the player spends the rest of the day talking to Trainers and their Ditto lookalikes.


Masters Find the Ditto impostors banner.png
Event banner
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Event notification image


  • Intro
Name Text
(Pokémon Center; Looker and Blue face two Reds)
Looker <player>! It's a catastrophe!
Hoopa thought it'd be real funny to transport a bunch of Ditto to Pasio and have 'em transform into Trainers!
(Pan around the Center; two Flints glare at each other, two Whitneys wave at each other, two Lears stare at each other in shock, and two Janines mirror each other's poses)
Looker As you can see, it's thrown the whole island into chaos...
There's a prime example–not one but TWO living legends standing right before our eyes!
Ditto can't speak our language, so you'd think it'd be easy to tell them apart, but Red's not much of a talker, either...
(The two Reds look at each other while grabbing the brims of their caps)
Looker Argh! Which one is the real Red?!
Blue Heh. Isn't it obvious? I think you might be losing your touch, Mr. International Police investigator!
Looker Wha–?!
Blue The real Red is...
(Pan to one of the Reds)
Blue this guy!
(Red grins and tips his cap, while the other transforms into a Ditto)
Looker H-how did you know?!
Blue Pffft... It was easy.
The fake wasn't giving off any of Red's usual "battle me right here, right now" vibes!
That was plenty enough evidence for me.
Looker I see... You've battled each other countless times as rivals! That's how you were able to suss him out so quickly!
Which means...
<player>! I think I know how to solve this mess, but I'm going to need your help!
I'm counting on you!

  • Pokémon Center (random conversations)
Name Text
(When speaking to the two Reds)
(The Reds strike a battle-ready pose and then grab the brims of their caps)
(When speaking to the two Flints)
Flint Bring it on, impostor! We'll see which one of us burns out first!
My burning heart will never lose!
(The other Flint leans back and sweats nervously)
(When speaking to the two Whitneys)
Whitney Whoa! It's that incredibly pretty girl from Goldenrod City, Whitney!
Hey! Can I get your autograph?
Wait a second! I'm Whitney!
(When speaking to the two Lizas)
(The two Lizas spin around and then pose on one foot; one Liza drops out of her pose)
Liza Hmm...
It just isn't the same without Tate...
(When speaking to the two Janines)
Janine I see... You've got some impressive transformation technique there!
Say, why don't you come with me to Fuchsia Gym?
(The other Janine looks upset and sweats nervously)
(When speaking to the two Lears)
Lear Hoopa's gone and done it again. Another prank?!
Only one of us can become king, and that one is ME!
Hoopaaaaa! Where are you?! I'm not going to get mad at you, I swear! Just come here right now!
(When speaking to the two Barrys)
Barry What just happened?! There's another me!
If that's how it's gonna be, let's have a battle to decide which one of us is the real Barry!
(When speaking to the two Emmets)
Emmet I am Emmet. You are also Emmet...
(When speaking to the two Masked Royals)
The Masked Royal Whoa, another me! Hey, you! Why don't you join me in a Battle Royal?
Wait, I have an idea! Could you follow me around dressed like that for a bit?
We gotta keep the dream going for all those kids out there!
(When speaking to the two Mays)
May Whoa! There's another me?
I wonder if this is how Tate and Liza always feel.
(When speaking to the two Valeries)
Valerie Here with you, Ditto, it's as if I am looking in a mirror...
I'd like to become a Pokémon, but are you saying you want to become a human?
(When speaking to the two Ghetsises)
Ghetsis My word, what do we have here? There are two of me!
This Ditto looks like it will come in handy...
(When speaking to the two Lysandres)
Lysandre You've transformed into me, Ditto?
*chuckle* Are you trying to tell me to take a good look at what I am now?
(When speaking to the two Marnies)
Marnie Hm... This isn't really working.
If you're gonna help me practice smiling, you have to do a better job at it than me!
(The other Marnie looks away apologetically)

In other languages

Language Title
Japan Flag.png Japanese 本物は どっち? メタモン パニック!!
Mandarin Chinese 誰才是本尊? 百變怪騷動!!
France Flag.png French Des Métamorph parmi nous !
Germany Flag.png German Finde Ditto-Doppelgänger!
Italy Flag.png Italian Scopri i Ditto impostori!
South Korea Flag.png Korean 진짜는 어느 쪽? 메타몽 패닉!!
Spain Flag.png Spanish ¿Ditto de incógnitto?

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