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File:Ivysaur Smash Ball.jpg
Ivysaur about to attack a Smash Ball.

A Final Smash (Japanese: 最後の切りふだ Final Trump) is the most powerful move available to playable characters in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Each has their own personal Final Smash, which is activated by obtaining a Smash Ball. Due to the nature of the Final Smash, Smash Balls are a unique item in that they must be attacked several times to obtain them and then they can still be stolen by attacking the player who possesses it.

Volt Tackle

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File:Pikachu FinalSmash.jpg
Pikachu after getting a Smash Ball.

Volt Tackle (Japanese: ボルテッカー Volteccer) is Pikachu's Final Smash. Pikachu's eyes and outline glow red. A ball of blue energy then surronds Pikachu. Pikachu can then fly through the air, hitting and heavily damaging its opponents. The player may also press the standard attack button to increase the mass of the energy ball, making the attack do more damage, yet be harder to control. The move is similar to Sonic's Final Smash but has the distinction of being able to go through solid platforms.

Triple Finish

File:PokemonTrainer FinalSmash.jpg
Pokémon Trainer sending out all of his Pokémon for Triple Finish.

Triple Finish (Japanese: さんみいったい Trinity) is Pokémon Trainer's Final Smash. Whichever of the three Pokémon is sent out at the time will be able to attack and break the Smash Ball. As soon as this has been done, and the Final Smash has been activated using the Special attack button, Pokémon Trainer will send out the other two Pokémon, and the three will group together to perform their moves. As the move is readying to be fired, a Generation IV-styled text box will appear at the bottom of the screen stating "Take that! Triple Finish!" At this time, Charizard uses Fire Blast, Squirtle uses Hydro Pump, and Ivysaur uses SolarBeam.

When the move connects, the text box will change to state "It's super effective!", a reference to dialog displayed in the main series games.

Aura Storm

File:Lucario FinalSmash.jpg
Lucario about to use Aura Storm.

Aura Storm (Japanese: はどうのあらし Wave Storm) is Lucario's Final Smash. It jumps up into the air and uses aura to unleash a powerful beam attack. The beam can be controlled by tilting the Control Stick. It can also slightly damage characters if it comes in contact with them while jumping up

Puff Up

Jigglypuff about to use Puff Up.

Puff Up (Japanese: おおきくなる Grow) is Jigglypuff's Final Smash. First, Jigglypuff's eyes glow yellow. It then inflates itself until it fills the stage and then deflates. Anyone touching Jigglypuff when it reaches its maximum size will be sent flying.

A glitch has been discovered that allows Jigglypuff to remain this size on certain stages, though Jigglypuff will be sent offscreen for a KO if it moves around too much.


  • Pikachu's final smash, volt tackle, is the only final that is actualy used in the series. The others were made up specificaly for the game, though tripple finish is made up of three already used attacks.

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