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Festival Plaza フェスサークル
Festival Circle
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Sun Moon Festival Plaza artwork.png
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Location: Unknown
Region: Alola
Generations: VII

Location of Festival Plaza in Alola.
Pokémon world locations

Festival Plaza (Japanese: フェスサークル Festival Circle) is a location in Pokémon Sun and Moon that collects most of its communication features, such as connecting to the Pokémon Global Link and battling or trading with other players, into one place. It is owned by Sophocles and has similarities to features from the Entralink (missions) and Join Avenue (shops) in Generation V.

Festival Plaza can be visited by selecting it from the menu, but it is not present when the game is first started. It is unlocked when Lillie introduces the player to their first Pokémon Center on Route 1. If the Festival Plaza icon has a green "!", this means there are people in Festival Plaza with requests for the player.

When the player first visits Festival Plaza, Sophocles greets them and recruits them to make other visitors feel welcome at Festival Plaza. Satisfied visitors will reward the player with Festival Coins (abbreviated as FC), which can be used at any of the seven shops that ring Festival Plaza. As the player earns more Festival Coins from visitors, their Festival Plaza Rank will go up, which will unlock certain features and allow the player to replace old facilities with new ones. The player can also participate in missions to earn Festival Coins.

A purple button at the bottom edge of the lower screen allows the player to set options specific to Festival Plaza and communications. These include accepting battles, trades, or missions and communicating with friends, VIPs, or guests. It also includes customizable messages (selectable from set phrases) to be used in other players' Festival Plazas for greeting, parting, and more.

Steps are not counted in Festival Plaza, so Pokémon Eggs will never hatch and repels will never wear off there.

Communication features

The bottom screen while in Festival Plaza shows two large buttons: Battle and Trade. Battle leads to the options Link Battle, Visit the Battle Spot, and Download Rules, while Trade leads to Link Trade, GTS, and Wonder Trade.

If the player connects to the Internet, the game will grab a list of other players to be new guests in the player's Festival Plaza. The oldest guests previously in the player's Festival Plaza will be replaced with the newer guests; any VIPs the player has registered will remain as VIPs regardless. The player can register a guest as a VIP by finding them outdoors in Festival Plaza or by paging them indoors courtesy of the woman in the back-left of the castle, and then speaking to them. The guest and VIP lists each have a maximum of 50 people.

The computer just inside the castle also allows the player to view Battle Videos and perform Game Sync.


The player's Festival Plaza Rank goes up as they earn Festival Coins from visitors or missions. The amount of Festival Coins required for each Rank depends on the total amount the player has earned, not what the player currently has; that is, Festival Coins the player spends will not delay the point when the player will gain their next Rank.

When the player gains a new Festival Plaza Rank, Sophocles will visit the castle to present the player with a reward. Usually he will offer a new, random facility, with the "level" of the facility, as seen by the number of stars (★), gradually increasing with higher Ranks. If the player gains two Ranks that would each offer a new facility, the player will only be offered one.

Sophocles will introduce other new features instead of offering facilities at certain Ranks:

  • At Rank 4, missions become available
  • At Rank 8, visitors are able to introduce the player to a facility that can be placed in the Plaza for a fee
  • At Rank 10, the player can order fashion items from visitors
  • At Rank 20, the name of the Plaza can be changed
  • At Rank 30, after the player becomes the Champion, premium services become available
  • At Rank 40, after the player becomes the Champion, the song playing may be changed
  • At Rank 50, the design of the castle can be changed
  • At Rank 60 and 70, another castle theme becomes available
  • At Rank 100, "I reached Festival Plaza Rank 100!" message becomes available
Rank FC to next rank FC total for next
1 6 6
2 +10 16
3 +15 31
4 +30 61
5 +40 101
6 +50 151
7 +60 211
8 +70 281
9 +80 361
10 +90 451
11-20 +100 551 - 1.451
21-30 +120 1.571 - 2.651
31-40 +150 2.801 - 4.151
41-50 +180 4.331 - 5.951
51-60 +210 6.161 - 8.051
61-70 +240 8.291 - 10.451
71-100 +270 10.721 - 18.551
101+ +300

If the player declines to host one of the facilities that Sophocles offers, he will present the player with a gift tied to the facility's level.

Level Gifts
Festival Ticket Festival Ticket
★★ Pearl Pearl
★★★ Nugget Nugget
★★★★ Big Pearl Big Pearl
★★★★★ Big Nugget Big Nugget

In addition to the above, some unannounced changes also occur at certain Ranks. Certain visitor requests may only appear once the player reaches a certain Rank. Starting at Rank 11, the number of visitors in Festival Plaza who can have requests for the player to fulfill grows from five to six.


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Reason: Soft Drink Parlor levels 2-3? Exact values for EV/friendship effects. Costs for all facility levels for introduction by visitors.

There are seven types of facilities the player can host in Festival Plaza: lottery shops, bouncy houses, haunted houses, food stalls, goody shops, fortune-teller tents, and dye houses. There are multiple different varieties of each type of shop as well, generally offering slight differences in their services, and each of those varieties comes in up to five different "levels" indicated by a number of stars (★). Every shop is run by a different, random person; two shops with the exact same name may even be run by different people.

Facilities can generally be patronized once a day. For goody shops, food stalls, and bouncy houses, this means that each item or service they offer can only be purchased once a day.

At first, Festival Plaza is populated by seven facilities (with the seventh being added by Sophocles after the introductory Rank is completed). These initial facilities come in pairs, such as two food stalls, two lottery shops, and two fortune-teller tents, with an extra facility of another type in the last spot. As the player earns Festival Coins and Ranks, Sophocles will offer new facilities as rewards. These facilities can replace any of the seven existing facilities. Starting at Rank 8, the player can ask visitors if they know any good facilities, and they will respond with their favorite facility, which they will introduce to the player for a fee. In order to place a facility introduced by a visitor, the player must save the game. Facilities hosted by introduction will greet the player the same way the person who introduced the facility does and comment that they are highly recommended by the person.

Inside the castle in the center of Festival Plaza, the player can talk to the man in the back-right to remodel Festival Plaza. This allows the player to swap the positions of shops. The facility that appears first (rightmost from the castle entrance) is classified as the player's favorite and thus will be recommended to other players if they ask about any good facilities.

Lottery shops

At lottery shops, the player can draw a lottery ticket to win a random prize. Drawing a lottery ticket is free. It is also possible for the player to randomly earn a bonus drawing, resulting in two prizes. The outcome at lottery shops is affected by the shop's rank (★ to ★★★★★) and may be affected by fortune tellers' fortunes.

Prizes numbered 3 through 10 are the same across all lottery shops, while the number 1 and 2 prizes are different based on shop name.

Prize No. Prize
No. 1 Master Ball Master Ball (Big Dreams)
Big Nugget Big Nugget (Gold Rush)
Gold Bottle Cap Gold Bottle Cap (Treasure Hunt)
No. 2 Rare Candy Rare Candy (Big Dreams)
Nugget Nugget (Gold Rush)
Bottle Cap Bottle Cap (Treasure Hunt)
No. 3 PP Max PP Max
No. 4 PP Up PP Up
No. 5 Max Revive Max Revive
No. 6 Max Elixir Max Elixir
No. 7 Max Ether Max Ether
No. 8 Ultra Ball Ultra Ball
No. 9 Full Heal Full Heal
No. 10 Berry Juice Berry Juice

Bouncy houses

At bouncy houses, the player can let a Pokémon play to train, increasing its EVs. Bouncy houses may offer multiple courses, but each course can only be played once a day. Courses 6★ and 7★ are only available after the player has become the Champion.

Course Stat
Course A HP
Course B Attack
Course C Defense
Course D Special Attack
Course E Special Defense
Course F Speed
Prices and EVs
Rank Price EVs
1★ 5 FC 4
2★ 10 FC 8
3★ 15 FC 16
4★ 30 FC 32
5★ 50 FC 64
6★ 100 FC 128
7★ 200 FC 252

Thump-Bump Park
Level Courses
Course B 1★, 6★
Course D 1★, 6★
★★M Course B 1★-2★, 6★
Course D 1★-2★, 6★
★★★M Course B 1★-3★, 6★
Course D 1★-3★, 6★
★★★★M Course B 1★-4★, 6★
Course D 1★-4★, 6★
★★★★★M Course B 1★-7★
Course D 1★-7★
Clink-Clunk Land
Level Courses
Course C 1★, 6★
Course E 1★, 6★
★★S Course C 1★-2★, 6★
Course E 1★-2★, 6★
★★★S Course C 1★-3★, 6★
Course E 1★-3★, 6★
★★★★S Course C 1★-4★, 6★
Course E 1★-4★, 6★
★★★★★S Course C 1★-7★
Course E 1★-7★
Stomp-Stomp House
Level Courses
Course A 1★, 6★
Course F 1★, 6★
★★S Course A 1★-2★, 6★
Course F 1★-2★, 6★
★★★M Course A 1★-3★, 6★
Course F 1★-3★, 6★
★★★★S Course A 1★-4★, 6★
Course F 1★-4★, 6★
★★★★★M Course A 1★-7★
Course F 1★-7★

Haunted houses

At haunted houses, the player may pay an admission fee of 10 FC to send their Pokémon through the house. Somewhere in the house, the Pokémon will pick up a random item which it will give to the player once it emerges. The Pokémon may pick up more than one item. The outcome at haunted houses may be affected by the house's rank (★ to ★★★★★) or fortune tellers' fortunes.

The items below are ordered in descending order of rarity.

Ghosts' Den Trick Room Confuse Ray
Sacred Ash Sacred Ash
Bottle Cap Bottle Cap
PP Up PP Up Max Revive Max Revive Max Elixir Max Elixir
Heart Scale Heart Scale
Patterned Bean Indigo.png Patterned Bean
Festival Ticket Festival Ticket
HP Up HP Up Iron Iron Calcium Calcium
Protein Protein Carbos Carbos Zinc Zinc
Full Heal Full Heal Hyper Potion Hyper Potion Ultra Ball Ultra Ball
Hard Stone Hard Stone

Food stalls

At food stalls, the player can buy meals for their Pokémon. Each stall has a limited availability of meals, but some may have multiple of the same meal available. A meal can only be fed to a Pokémon that will feel its effect. A Pokémon that would evolve upon level-up will not do so after eating a meal from Rare Kitchen or Battle Table.

Rare Kitchen
Level Meal Cost Effect
★+ Rare Breakfast 4 FC +1 level if ≤Lv. 29
★+ Rare Dinner 100 FC +7 level if ≤Lv. 79
★★+ Rare Lunch 10 FC +1 level if ≤Lv. 39
★★★+ Rare Brunch 20 FC +1 level if ≤Lv. 49
★★★★+ Rare Dessert 30 FC +1 level if ≤Lv. 59
★★★★★S Rare Appetizer 40 FC +1 level if ≤Lv. 69
★★★★★S Rare Buffet 300 FC +9 level if ≤Lv. 89
Battle Table
Level Meal Cost Effect
★+ HP Lunch 20 FC HP EVs +10
★+ Attack Lunch 20 FC Attack EVs +10
★+ Defense Lunch 20 FC Defense EVs +10
★+ Sp. Atk Lunch 20 FC Sp. Atk EVs +10
★+ Sp. Def Lunch 20 FC Sp. Def EVs +10
★+ Speed Lunch 20 FC Speed EVs +10
★+ Level-Up Lunch 3 100 FC +3 level if ≤Lv. 69
★★★★★S Level-Up Lunch 5 200 FC +5 level if ≤Lv. 79
Friendship Café
Level Meal Cost Effect
★+ Friendship Drink 2 FC Friendship +"a little"
★+ Friendship Lunch 10 FC Friendship +"more"
★+ Friendship Combo 20 FC Friendship +"much more"
★+ Sweets Set D 30 FC Friendship, -Special Attack EVs
★+ Secret Meal D 200 FC Friendship, Special Attack EVs reduced to 0
★★+M Sweets Set E 30 FC Friendship, -Special Defense EVs
★★+M Sweets Set F 30 FC Friendship, -Speed EVs
★★★+M Sweets Set A 30 FC Friendship, -HP EVs
★★★+M Secret Meal E 200 FC Friendship, Special Defense EVs reduced to 0
★★★★+M Sweets Set B 30 FC Friendship, -Attack EVs
★★★★★M Sweets Set C 30 FC Friendship, -Defense EVs
★★★★★M Secret Meal F 200 FC Friendship, Speed EVs reduced to 0
Friendship Parlor
Level Meal Cost Effect
★+ Friendship Drink 2 FC Friendship +"a little"
★+ Friendship Lunch 10 FC Friendship +"more"
★+ Friendship Combo 20 FC Friendship +"much more"
★+ Sweets Set A 30 FC Friendship +"much more", HP EVs -"a lot"
★★+S Sweets Set B 30 FC Friendship +"much more", Attack EVs -"a lot"
★★+S Sweets Set C 30 FC Friendship +"much more", Defense EVs -"a lot"
★★★+S Sweets Set D 30 FC Friendship, -Special Attack EVs
★★★+S Secret Meal B 200 FC Friendship, Attack EVs reduced to 0
★★★★+S Sweets Set E 30 FC Friendship, -Special Defense EVs
★★★★★S Sweets Set F 30 FC Friendship, -Speed EVs
★★★★★S Secret Meal C 200 FC Friendship, Defense EVs reduced to 0

Goody shops

At goody shops, the player may purchase items. Each shop has a limited daily stock, but some may have multiple of the same item in their inventory.

Ball Shop
Level Inventory Cost Contains
★+ Ball Set A 12 FC Poké Ball Poké Ball ×12
★+ Ball Set D 24 FC Dive Ball Dive Ball ×12
★★+ Ball Set B 24 FC Great Ball Great Ball ×12
★★+M Ball Set F 24 FC Repeat Ball Repeat Ball ×12
★★+M Ball Set G 24 FC Timer Ball Timer Ball ×12
★★★M Ball Set C 48 FC Ultra Ball Ultra Ball ×12
★★★M Ball Set H 24 FC Dusk Ball Dusk Ball ×12
★★★M Ball Set I 24 FC Heal Ball Heal Ball ×12
★★★M Ball Set J 24 FC Quick Ball Quick Ball ×12
★★★M Ball Set K 24 FC Premier Ball Premier Ball ×12
General Store
Level Inventory Cost Contains
★+ Honey Set 10 FC Honey Honey ×4
★+ Johto Set 10 FC Rage Candy Bar Rage Candy Bar ×4
★+ Value Product 10 FC Big Pearl Big Pearl

Ball Set A 12 FC Poké Ball Poké Ball ×12

Water Set 12 FC Fresh Water Fresh Water ×12
★★+ Hoenn Set 10 FC Lava Cookie Lava Cookie ×4
★★★+ Ball Set B 24 FC Great Ball Great Ball ×12
★★★+ Sinnoh Set 10 FC Old Gateau Old Gateau ×4
Soda Set 18 FC Soda Pop Soda Pop ×12
★★★★+ Unova Set 10 FC Casteliacone Casteliacone ×4
★★★★★M Ball Set C 48 FC Ultra Ball Ultra Ball ×12
★★★★★M Kalos Set 10 FC Shalour Sable Shalour Sable ×4
★★★★★M Lemonade Set 24 FC Lemonade Lemonade ×12
★★★★★M Unusual Product 200 FC PP Up PP Up
Battle Store
Level Inventory Cost Contains
★+ Battle Set D 10 FC X Attack X Attack ×4
★+ Battle Set E 10 FC X Defense X Defense ×4
★+ Battle Set H 10 FC X Speed X Speed ×4
★+ Honey Set 10 FC Honey Honey ×4
★+ Repel Set 24 FC Max Repel Max Repel ×12
★+ Toy Set 10 FC Poké Toy Poké Toy ×4
★★+M Battle Set F 10 FC X Sp. Atk X Sp. Atk ×4
★★+M Battle Set G 10 FC X Sp. Def X Sp. Def ×4
★★★M Battle Set A 10 FC Guard Spec. Guard Spec. ×4
★★★M Battle Set B 10 FC Dire Hit Dire Hit ×4
★★★M Battle Set C 10 FC X Accuracy X Accuracy ×4
Level Inventory Cost Contains
★+ Full Heal Set 16 FC Full Heal Full Heal ×4
★+ Medicine Set 16 FC Hyper Potion Hyper Potion ×4
★+ Unusual Med B 50 FC Ether Ether
★★★S Attack Set 60 FC Protein Protein ×4
★★★S Defense Set 60 FC Iron Iron ×4
★★★S HP Set 60 FC HP Up HP Up ×4
★★★S Revive Set 25 FC Revive Revive ×4
★★★S Sp. Atk Set 60 FC X Sp. Atk X Sp. Atk ×4
★★★S Sp. Def Set 60 FC X Sp. Def X Sp. Def ×4
★★★S Speed Set 60 FC X Speed X Speed ×4
★★★S Unusual Med A 100 FC Max Revive Max Revive
Soft Drink Parlor
Level Inventory Cost Contains
Milk Set 30 FC Moomoo Milk Moomoo Milk ×12
★+ Water Set 12 FC Fresh Water Fresh Water ×12
★+ Soda Set 18 FC Soda Pop Soda Pop ×12
★+ Lemonade Set 24 FC Lemonade Lemonade ×12
★★ Milk Set 30 FC Moomoo Milk Moomoo Milk x24
★★★  ?  ?  ?

Fortune-teller tents

At a fortune-teller tent, the fortune teller can suggest a place where the player may have "luck". This may be described as "decent", "good", or "pretty good" luck. If the fortune teller says the player will have luck at a lottery shop or haunted house, then if they visit the suggested location, they may receive a better outcome than they would have before hearing it. For example, if the player may have luck in a lottery shop, the prize may turn out better or the player may get a bonus drawing.

The fortune teller will also give the player a phrase to "bring you luck". This phrase will be added to the player's repertoire of phrases they can use to customize their messages in their Festival Plaza profile settings. They are added into the Common Phrases category.

The player can only have their fortune told once a day, but if they return to the fortune teller, they may rehear their fortune.

Fortune-teller tents charge 10 FC for their services.

  • Kanto TentM
  • Johto TentS
  • Hoenn TentM
  • Sinnoh TentS
  • Unova TentM
  • Kalos TentS
  • Pokémon House

All tents have three levels, they are ★, ★★★, and ★★★★★.

Dye houses

At dye houses, the player can dye white fashion items they have different colors. The player can use the shop's dyes, or they can create various colors from Berries to dye their item with. The player can also redye any item they have previously dyed.

Dye houses
  • Team RedS
  • Team YellowM
  • Team GreenS
  • Team BlueM
  • Team OrangeS
  • Team Navy BlueM
  • Team PurpleS
  • Team PinkM
Team <Color>
Min. level Option Cost
Dye any dyed clothing white 10 FC
Dye any white or dyed clothing Pastel <Color> 100 FC
Using Berries: dye any white or dyed clothing any pastel color 10 FC
★★★ Dye any white or dyed clothing Dark <Color> 100 FC
★★★ Using Berries: dye any white or dyed clothing any dark color 10 FC
★★★★★ Dye any white or dyed clothing Bright <Color> 100 FC

Using Berries from the player, dye houses can dye any white or dyed clothing any color in a pastel or dark shade (depending on the house's level). The table below shows the Berries needed to dye clothes different colors.

Color Berry Berry Berry
Pastel Red Pomeg ×15 Tamato ×15 Cheri ×15
Dark Red Occa ×30 Figy ×30 Liechi ×30
Pastel Yellow Sitrus ×10 Qualot ×15 Grepa ×15
Dark Yellow Aspear ×30 Iapapa ×30 Wacan ×30
Pastel Green Hondew ×15 Rawst ×15 Lum ×15
Dark Green Aguav ×30 Salac ×30 Rindo ×30
Pastel Blue Kelpsy ×15 Oran ×13 Maranga ×15
Dark Blue Passho ×30 Yache ×30 Coba ×30
Pastel Orange Leppa ×15 Kee ×15 Sitrus ×10
Dark Orange Chople ×30 Charti ×30 Shuca ×30
Pastel Navy Blue Apicot ×15 Kelpsy ×15 Chesto ×15
Dark Navy Blue Passho ×30 Coba ×30 Payapa ×30
Pastel Purple Chesto ×15 Wiki ×15 Ganlon ×15
Dark Purple Kasib ×30 Colbur ×30 Payapa ×30
Pastel Pink Pecha ×15 Persim ×15 Mago ×15
Dark Pink Mago ×30 Petaya ×30 Roseli ×30

Introduction costs

The table below describes the costs, in Festival Coins, to have a visitor introduce a given facility to the player's Festival Plaza. If the player already has a given facility, its introduction cost will rise, costing double for the second one, triple for the third, and so on.

Level Cost
50 FC
★★ 100 FC
★★★ 400 FC
★★★★ 800 FC
★★★★★ 1500 FC


Among the visitors normally in Festival Plaza at any one time, there will be a handful who need something from the player. This may be some request or question, or they may simply wish to share some information. Initially, five visitors in Festival Plaza will have some request for the player, but upon reaching Rank 11, there will be six. All visitors in Festival Plaza show a whisper when the player is near enough to them, but for those with requests, the whisper is colored purple. These requests last for an hour from when the game created them, which is either immediately when a previous set of requests expired or when the player last loaded the game. The visitors who will have requests are selected at random each time.

Upon completing a request, the player will be rewarded with Festival Coins. Different requests may yield different amounts of coins, and VIPs will give more coins than guests will. If the same people remain in the player's Festival Plaza for an extended period of time, after a while they will give half the normal reward, and a while after that they will give a quarter of the normal reward (rounded to the nearest number). Additionally, aside from guests and VIPs, immediately after the introductory Rank is completed, there will also be a handful of default NPC visitors in Festival Plaza; these visitors only give the player rewards of 4 FC for most requests or 8 FC for requests with the whisper "Tell me! Tell me!".

The table below summarizes all of the possible requests by their whisper and the rewards earned for completing them.

Whisper Type Reward
Guests VIPs
I'm hungry! Recommendations 5 FC 8 FC
I want to shop!
I want to make my Pokémon happy!
I want to see great moves!
I want to treat myself!
I want to be excited!
I want my Pokémon to play!
Do you know how I feel? Recommendations 10 FC 15 FC
Tell me! Tell me! Questionnaires 10 FC 15 FC
Listen! Listen!
The requestor may share various things.
Sharing 5 FC 8 FC
Listen! Listen!
Request: Will you listen to the story about my Festival Plaza?
Sharing 20 FC 30 FC
Do you want to know a secret? Sharing 20 FC 30 FC
I want to meet! I want to meet! Challenge 30 FC 45 FC
Battle! Battle! Challenge 15 FC 23 FC
Do you understand? Challenge 15 FC 23 FC


This group of requests requires the player to direct the requestor to a satisfactory facility in their Festival Plaza. Seven of these requests have fixed responses. The table below describes these requests and the acceptable responses.

Whisper Request Answers
I'm hungry! We're hungry. Take us to a yummy place. Food stalls
I want to shop! I want to shop. Will you recommend a good place to shop? Goody shops
I want to make my Pokémon happy! Take me to a place that Pokémon can enjoy! Bouncy houses, food stalls, haunted houses
I want to see great moves! Take me to a place where I can see real skilled work. Dye houses, food stalls, fortune-teller tents
I want to treat myself! Take me to a place where I can treat myself! Dye houses, fortune-teller tents, goody shops, lottery shops
I want to be excited! Take me to an exciting place! Fortune-teller tents, haunted houses, lottery shops
I want my Pokémon to play! Take me to a place where my Pokémon can play! Bouncy houses, haunted houses

The last request of this type, "Do you know how I feel?", does not have a fixed answer. A person with this whisper will ask the player, "Take me to a place you think I'd like!" The answer to this question is effectively random. Sometimes, this request can have the same acceptable set of answers two or more times in a row, but other times the acceptable and unacceptable answers will flip, while still other times they may scramble entirely.

The player can back out of any recommendation request without exhausting it, meaning they can speak to the person again later to complete the request.


The whisper "Tell me! Tell me!" comprises 16 different requests, all of which are questionnaires the player must answer. Each request has a number of custom responses, as well as a standard "No comment" response. If the player answers "No comment", they will not receive Festival Coins and the request will be exhausted. Any other answer is rewarded.

These questionnaires are always asked in order. That is, if two people are whispering "Tell me! Tell me!", whichever person is asked first will ask the next question. After the player answers the last questionnaire, the next requestor will start with the first questionnaire again.

The player's responses to these questionnaires appear in their profile when they are visitors to other players' Festival Plazas.


The sharing requests simply require the player to listen to something the requestor wishes to share. The "Listen! Listen!" whisper can lead to two different kinds of requests. In one, the requestor will share one or more of their records at random. Sometimes, this request may come prefaced with a warning that it may mention things the player has not seen in their game yet; if the player backs out of the request in response to this, the request will be exhausted. For the other type of request, the person will start by asking, "Will you listen to the story about my Festival Plaza?" If the player declines at this point, the request is not exhausted. At the end of both of these types of requests, the person will solicit the player's opinion on their records, but this answer ("Great!" or "Could be better.") does not change whether the player is rewarded.

In the case of the "Do you want to know a secret?" whisper, the requestor will offer to share their secret with the player. However, if the player has not set an answer for their own secret in their profile, the person will back out until the player has set it. Whether the player has not set their own secret or they answer that they do not want to know the person's secret, this request is not exhausted.


These requests challenge the player regarding records and rankings. These are shown in the guests' and VIPs' profiles in the guest and VIP lists.

The "I want to meet! I want to meet!" whisper is followed by a request of the form, "Among the people in Festival Plaza, I’d like to meet one with awesome [some records] and high [some Rank]." The player is shown a selection of guests and VIPs to browse, check records, and eventually select from, but this selection does not comprise all people in Festival Plaza and if the player backs out and speaks to the requestor again, the selection can change. The desired response for this request appears to be for the player to select a visitor who has a ranking in the requested Rank (the value of X in "No. X" on the left side of the rankings) that is less than the value of half of the total number of people in Festival Plaza. This means that if enough visitors are tied so that no one has a ranking worse than that number, any person may satisfy this request, regardless of the values of the individual records that make up that ranking. This request is not exhausted if the player backs out of it before selecting a person.

The "Do you understand?" whisper is somewhat similar, asking, "Is my [Something] Rank higher or lower than the midpoint among your [guests/VIPs]?" This may also be using the same basic criteria as the request above, meaning that it is asking how the value of their ranking compares with the value of half of the total number of guests or VIPs (depending on which the person is). This request cannot be backed out of after speaking to the requestor.

The "Battle! Battle!" whisper is followed by, "Let's have a record battle among these three, shall we?", and the person presents the player with three different types of records. The player is also given an option to see their accomplishments for the three records in question. When the player chooses a record to battle with, if their record is higher than the requestor's, they are rewarded with Festival Coins. A tie does not earn a reward. Backing out of this request does not exhaust it.


050Diglett.png This section is incomplete.
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After achieving Festival Rank 4, players are able to create cooperative missions to complete with visitors. Mission objectives include catching Pokémon and answering specific types of questions asked by guests.

The player may play a mission alone or cooperate with other players using communication features. To host a mission, the player must use a Festival Ticket and speak to the Dancer by the castle's bridge. Once a day, she will give the player three Festival Tickets. If the player is online, they may join another player's mission in progress either by tapping the red marquee that appears on the screen or by speaking to the Dancer and selecting from the list of ongoing missions.

Mission Target Time Limit Obtainable Festival Coins
Break boulders quickly! 00050 1:30 3 to 30
Show off muscles! 00004 2:00 6 to 60
Send people to [facility]! 00004 2:30 4 to 40
[Language] lesson! 00005 3:00 3 to 30
Cross-cultural communications! 00004 3:00 4 to 40
Type matchup tests! 00005 3:00 5 to 50
Inverse type matchup tests! 00005 3:00 6 to 60
Find [Type]-type enthusiasts! Part 1 00003 3:00 3 to 30
Find [Type]-type enthusiasts! Part 2 00004 3:00 5 to 50
Big costume contest! 00006 2:00 4 to 40
Greet experienced Trainers! 00004 2:00 5 to 50
Find people in love! 00004 2:00 5 to 50
Find lonely people! 00004 2:00 5 to 50
Survey about [gender] friends! 00004 2:00 5 to 50
Find big brothers and sisters! 00004 2:00 5 to 50
Find middle children! 00004 2:00 5 to 50
Personality matters most! 00004 2:00 5 to 50
Secrets are something to keep! 00004 2:00 5 to 50
Active in my free time! 00004 2:00 5 to 50
True selves are the best! 00006 2:00 4 to 40
Research [color]! 00006 2:00 5 to 50

Global missions

Global missions are held at certain times, which all players around the world work together to complete. If the mission's goal is met, every participating player receives the reward. Players receive a consolation prize if the goal is not met. Both the reward and the consolation prize are doubled if the player has registered their Game Sync ID at the Pokémon Global Link.[1]

Active period (UTC) Mission Reward (Succeed/Fail) Results
0:00 November 29, 2016 - 23:59 December 12, 2016 Catch 100,000,000 Pokémon 1,000 FC/100 FC Failed (16,423,231)
0:00 December 27, 2016 - 23:59 January 9, 2016 Find 1,000,000 Pokémon through Island Scan 2,017 FC/217 FC Failed (661,839)

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 圓慶廣場 Yùhnhing Gwóngchèuhng
Mandarin 圓慶廣場 / 圆庆广场 Yuánqìng Guǎngchǎng
France Flag.png French Place Festival
Germany Flag.png German Festival-Plaza
Hungary Flag.png Hungarian Fesztivál Plázában
Italy Flag.png Italian Festiplaza
South Korea Flag.png Korean 페스서클 Fes Circle
Poland Flag.png Polish Plac Festiwalowy
Russia Flag.png Russian Фестивальная площадь Festival'naya ploshchad'
Spain Flag.png Spanish Festi Plaza


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Ten Carat HillPaniola RanchBrooklet HillMelemele SeaDiglett's TunnelRoyal AvenueBattle Royal DomeWela Volcano Park
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Ultra Space Wilds

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