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Ferrum フェルム地方
Ferrum region
The Ferrum region
Introduction Pokkén Tournament
Professor None
First partner Pokémon None
Regional Villains None
Pokémon League Ferrum League
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Generation VI, VII
Games Pokkén Tournament
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Ferrum (Japanese: フェルム地方 Ferrum-chihō) is the name of the region that serves as the setting for Pokkén Tournament. It is home to cities, towns, stadiums, ruins, and other locations such as a volcano, multiple islands, and even a dragon's nest. Battles are held wherever the energy of the earth is particularly strong, so most areas in the region serve as battle arenas for Ferrum Battles.

Initial areas

The main region is split between six areas a player can initially visit: Old Ferrum Town, Techne City, Tellur Town, Ferrum Stadium, Selen Island, and Neos City, as well two additional areas in the Switch version: Haunted House and Thalia Beach. On the main menu of Pokkén Tournament, each area is labeled by its primary function, but when the area is selected, the name of the town appears in a video screen.

Area Primary function Japanese name
Old Ferrum Town My Town マイタウン
Techne City Practice チュートリアル
Tellur Town Single Battle シングルプレイ
Ferrum Stadium Ferrum League フェルムリーグ
Selen Island Local Battle 店内対戦
Neos City Online Battle 全国対戦
Haunted House Daily Challenge デイリーチャレンジ
Thalia Beach Wireless Battle ローカル通信

Old Ferrum Town

Old Ferrum Town, also called My Town, is where the player can go to adjust their game settings, Pokémon, character profile, Nia's settings, as well as view their Battle Records. It is located in the center of the Ferrum Region.

Techne City

Techne City is a place where Nia teaches the player about the aspects of Pokkén Tournament. It is located in the southeastern portion of the Ferrum Region. There are four main lessons of Practice to chose from:

  • "Tutorial" teaches the player about the basics of battle, the Attack Triangle, and several other techniques.
  • "Free Training" allows the player to set the battle rules to their liking and face off against a CPU Pokémon, which can be told what to do and how to react by a pause menu.
  • "Action Dojo" goes over the different moves for each of the Pokémon. The moves Nia talks about will be based on the Pokémon selected.
  • "Combo Dojo" goes over the different combos the player's Pokémon can perform. The moves Nia talks about will be based on the Pokémon selected.

Tellur Town

Tellur Town is where one player can initially go to face off against a CPU opponent in Single Battle. It is located in the northeastern portion of the Ferrum Region. The player sets the rules and chooses the Battle Pokémon and Support Pokémon sets for both themselves and their opponent before starting the battle. There are three types of battle rules:

  • "Basic Battle" (Japanese: ベーシックバトル) - A classic fighting-style battle in three rounds. The player that knocks out opponent's Pokémon in two rounds first is the winner.
  • "Extra Battle" (Japanese: エクストラバトル) - A three-round battle (just like Basic Battle) that includes collectible orbs that spawn on the stage that could either boost or hinder Pokémon's stats and abilities. The player that knocks out opponent's Pokémon in two rounds first is the winner.
  • "Team Battle" (Japanese: チームバトル) - A battle exclusively in Pokkén Tournament DX (Nintendo Switch), each player chooses three different Pokémon and fights to see which team will be the last one standing. Similar to the core series games, the player sends out one of their remaining Pokémon when their Pokémon is defeated in a round. At the end of the round, the HP and Synergy Gauge of the winning Pokémon carries over. The winner is the player's team that knocks out all three opponent's Pokémon first.

Ferrum Stadium

The Ferrum League is where players initially go to test their skills in battle. The league is single player only. It is located in the north of the Ferrum Region. Live broadcast for Ferrum League events are being held by the "Ferrum Sports Broadcast Company" (FSBC) TV channel.

In order to progress in the Ferrum League, the player has to battle several challengers. Upon beating a group of them, the player's Rank will increase based on how well they did. The Ferrum League is split into several smaller leagues and the player starts at the bottom. If the player manages to defeat enough challengers to make at least Rank 8, they will be able to partake in the tournament. Completing the tournament will allow the player to face against the League Master. The player can also do Free Battles in the league, which pits them against a random opponent within the league, but won't affect the player's Rank.

Selen Island

Local Battle is where two players initially go to face off against each other. The island is located to the east in the Ferrum Region.

In order to do so, one player (Player One) uses the Wii U's Gamepad/Switch's Joy-Con and the other player (Player Two) uses a secondary controller. Player One battles using the controls and Wii U/Switch screen, whereas the second player uses their controller and the television screen. Players are allowed to play the game in either single screen by regular perspective or Split Screen by Player One's perspective.

After setting the rules, both players chose from the available battling Pokémon, followed by a set of Support Pokémon, and then the arena. The battle will begin once both players are ready to fight.

Neos City

Neos City is where a player can initially go to fight a random opponent or a friend online via Online Battle. The city is located in the south of the Ferrum Region.

Players can partake in either a "Rank Match" or a "Friendly Match". Rank Match has two players battle to increase their online ranking, whereas Friendly Match is meant for players who only want to battle without worrying about their rank. Friends can also only be battled in Friendly Match. When searching for an opponent, the player may face off against a CPU opponent while the game is searching.

Haunted House

Daily Challenge provides a challenge on daily basis, which is only available in the Switch version. Completing it will earn the player Skill Points for a Pokémon once per day.

Thalia Beach

Thalia Beach is a Switch-exclusive location where players can apply for a battle and recruit opponents to the group via Wireless Battle. The players can search for a match or set up their own customized match for others to join.


There are various arenas that battles in the Ferrum region take place on. Some are available from the start of the game, whereas others must be unlocked by meeting certain conditions. Some arenas are in the same locations as the initial areas. In Pokkén Tournament DX, all arenas except for Snow Gift are unlocked initially.

Location Japanese name Description Shape Distance Field size Unlock conditions
Ferrum Stadium フェルムスタジアム
Ferrum Stadium
A stadium where the final match of the Ferrum Battle is held. Located near a sacred lake in the forest, this arena is always filled with enthusiastic spectators. Circle 9.0m 18.0m × 18.0m Initial
Neos City ネオスシティ
Neos City
The largest city in the Ferrum Region. Its infrastructure has been designed to facilitate the coexistence between Pokémon and humans. Circle 7.0m 14.0m × 14.0m Initial
Old Ferrum Town フェルム旧市街
Old Ferrum Town
A historic old town, known as the "City of Water," with a nostalgic atmosphere. It features many famous landmarks, such as a large park, an arched gate, and a clock tower. Oval 7.0m 12.0m × 20.0m Initial
Tellur Town テルルタウン
Tellur Town
A town in a lush, green valley in the mountains. Ferrum Battles have long been held in the town's plaza. Circle 9.0m 18.0m × 18.0m Initial
Phos Volcano フォス火山
Phos Volcano
An arena located in a cave inside a giant volcano. In addition to deposits of rare ores, it also contains the ruins of an ancient civilization. Circle 9.0m 18.0m × 18.0m Initial
Diggersby Land ホルードランド
Diggersby Land
A tourist facility with the Digging Pokémon Diggersby as its theme. It is made up of three areas: Futuristic, Classic, and Fantasy. Circle 11.0m 16.0m × 16.0m Initial
Tellur Town (Autumn) テルルタウン(秋)
Tellur Town (Autumn)
A quaint, nature-abundant mountain village painted in rich fall colors. Here you can find Deerling and Sawsbuck in their Autumn Form. Circle 17.0m 20.0m × 20.0m Initial
Ferrum Dojo フェルム道場
Ferrum Dojo
The venerable Ferrum Dojo, host to daily training and official tournaments alike. Holy ground to Battle Pokémon and trainers seeking to improve themselves. Circle 9.0m 18.0m × 18.0m Initial (one of three variants in random)
Training Gym トレーニングジム
Training Gym
A specialty gym for Ferrum Battles, with training programs for speed, power, and more to match your Pokémon's battle style. Circle 9.0m 18.0m × 18.0m Initial
Speed Training Gym スピードトレーニングジム
Speed Training Gym
A specialty gym for Ferrum Battles, with training programs for speed, power, and more to match your Pokémon's battle style. Circle 9.0m 18.0m × 18.0m Initial (variant of Training Gym)
Power Training Gym パワートレーニングジム
Power Training Gym
A specialty gym for Ferrum Battles, with training programs for speed, power, and more to match your Pokémon's battle style. Circle 9.0m 18.0m × 18.0m Initial (variant of Training Gym)
Old Ferrum Town (Winter) フェルム旧市街(冬)
Old Ferrum Town (Winter)
A historic old town now blanketed in soft, white snow. Its winter scenery and yearly snow-sculpture contest attract many visitors. Oval 17.0m 12.0m × 20.0m Complete the Green Ferrum League
Haunted House お化け屋敷
Haunted House
An abandoned, old mansion. Ghost-type Pokémon like this place so much that they have made it their home. Oval 9.0m 12.0m × 20.0m Complete the Green Ferrum League
Mystery Carnival ミステリーカーニバル
Mystery Carnival
A strange, long-forgotten mansion. There appears to be a festival being held even though there aren't any people. The objects here seem to be staring back... Circle 15.0m 20.0m × 20.0m Complete the Blue Ferrum League
Neos City (Night) ネオスシティ(夜)
Neos City (Night)
The largest city in the Ferrum Region. At night it gives off a more sophistocated atmosphere. The rain puddles on the road reflect the endlessly shining neon signs. Circle 13.0m 20.0m × 20.0m Complete the Blue Ferrum League
Regi Ruins レジ遺跡
Regi Ruins
Ancient ruins in a desert. Wall paintings and numerous Unown letters have been found here, making it an extremely important location for historical research. Oval 11.0m 12.0m × 20.0m Defeat Walter's Gengar in the storyline
Blue Dome ブルードーム
Blue Dome
The ruins of an ancient city said to have sunk to the bottom of the sea long ago. It is now housed in an underwater dome and serves as a battle arena. Circle 11.0m 20.0m × 20.0m Defeat Nora's Gardevoir in the storyline
Magikarp Festival コイキング祭り
Magikarp Festival
A hook-and-line Magikarp fishing boat with a great catch sailing under the cloudless skies. Hariyama stands out on the bow waving a flag to celebrate the bountiful catch. Circle 9.0m 14.0m × 14.0m Complete the Blue Ferrum League
Dragon's Nest 龍の巣
Dragon's Nest
A solemn arena marked by a statue of the legendary Pokémon of the skies, Rayquaza. Sitting at the top of a treacherous mountain peak, the arena is known to exist by few. Circle 11.0m 16.0m × 16.0m Defeat Jake's Lucario in the storyline
Dark Colosseum ダークコロッセオ
Dark Colosseum
A mysterious subspace rift created by Shadow Mewtwo's power. It is a cold, inorganic place with Shadow Synergy Stone shards visible in the background. Circle 11.0m 20.0m × 20.0m Defeat Shadow Mewtwo for the first time
Dark Colosseum (Final) ダークコロッセオ (ファイナル)
Dark Colosseum (Final)
A mysterious subspace rift created by Shadow Mewtwo's power. The ominous force of the Shadow Synergy Stone sits heavy in the air. Circle 7.0m 16.0m × 16.0m Defeat Shadow Mewtwo in the final battle
Snow Gift* スノーギフト
Snow Gift
An illumination of lights paint the snow covered town at a festival emblematic of Delibird. In the town square, a great number of Pokémon who favor snow and ice are gathering. Circle 9.0m 18.0m × 18.0m Complete the Chroma Ferrum League (Press Y when selecting Old Ferrum Town (Winter) stage)
Thalia Beach* サリアビーチ
Thalia Beach
A popular resort island, blessed with a warm sun and beautiful beaches. Numerous activities are arranged here to enjoy alongside Ferrum Battles. Circle 11.0m 18.0m × 18.0m Initial

Ferrum League

Ferrum League
Pokkén Tournament Region: Ferrum
Trainer League Pokémon
Pokkén Travis.png
League Master
トラヴィス Travis
Pokkén Green League.png
Rank D
Green League
Green League
Pokkén Garchomp.png
Pokkén Keith.png
League Master
キース Keith
Pokkén Blue League.png
Rank C
Blue League
Blue League
Pokkén Suicune.png
Pokkén Elinn.png
League Master
エリン Erin
Pokkén Red League.png
Rank B
Red League
Red League
Pokkén Braixen.png
Pokkén Glenn.png
League Champion
グレン Glen
Pokkén Chroma League.png
Rank A
Chroma League
Chroma League
Pokkén Machamp.png
Pokkén Alyssa.png
Grand Master
アリッサ Alyssa
Pokkén Iron League.png
Rank S
Iron League
Iron League
Pokkén Pikachu.png

Natural phenomena

Synergy Stones

Stones with a mysterious power that are found in the Ferrum region. Reacting to Gaia, the energy of the earth, they create Synergy Power that has the ability to vitalize living creatures. Some people can use them to communicate directly with Pokémon.

Synergy Power

A mysterious energy created by using Synergy Stones, allowing humans and Pokémon to communicate on an instinctual level. In response to a Ferrum Battle, this energy may also appear during the fighting.

Great Synergy Stone

The large stone decorating the Ferrum Stadium is a massive crystallized chunk of Synergy Power. Its vitalizing effect on life blankets the entire stadium, causing large amounts of Synergy Power to appear in the vicinity.

Synergy Burst

A Pokémon-related phenomenon that has only ever been confirmed in the Ferrum region. It occurs when the Synergy between a human and a Pokémon reaches its peak level. Many mysteries still surround this phenomenon, though it is postulated to be related to Mega Evolution, as Pokémon with Mega Evolutions will appear to Mega Evolve when in a Synergy Burst state.


The Ferrum region has developed a unique culture due to the presence of Synergy Stones. Rich in nature, people and Pokémon have coexisted here since ancient times. The one-on-one Ferrum Battle is unique to this region.

Battle Trainer

The name given to Trainers who fight Ferrum Battles. They have to be able to use a certain level of Synergy Stone power. They use a Battle AR device and fight battles in sync with their partner Battle Pokémon.


Indicates the strength of a battle trainer. Rank changes depending upon battle performance. Ranks range from E5 to S1.


A Trainer who gives advice during battle. They use the communication functions of the Battle AR to talk to the battle trainer wearing the device. Nia is one such advisor who partners with a Weavile. Though her skills in battle remain unknown, she does enjoy traveling with her Battle Pokémon.


A TV station which broadcasts the Ferrum League. Its full name is the "Ferrum Sports Broadcasting Company".


Battle AR

A special device embedded with a Synergy Stone, worn as an earpiece by a Battle Trainer. It allows the trainer to sync up with their partner Battle Pokémon, and also project battle information into their field of view.

Battle Capsule

A device that instantly creates the battle arenas in which Ferrum Battles are fought. Once activated the capsule floats in mid-air and creates the battle arena. It is also outfitted with numerous functions that support the holding of these battles.

Battle Arena

The walled-off area inside which Ferrum Battles are held. Created by a battle capsule. Changing the capsule's settings can create arenas of different sizes and shapes.

Virtual Paint

One of the functions of a battle capsule. When two Pokémon of the same species battle, virtual paint is applied to temporarily change the color of one of the combatants, making it easier for spectators to follow the action.



Ferrum has notable geographical similarities to Iriomote Island and Sardinia, with Neos City bearing a strong resemblance to Ōhara Port and Teulada, respectively.


Language Name Origin
Japanese フェルム Ferrum From ferrum, Latin for iron. May also be a reference to Tekken, which means "iron fist" in Japanese.
English, French, German,
Italian, Spanish
Ferrum Same as Japanese name
Russian Феррум Ferrum From English name

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