Feraligatr ex Epic Collection Deck (TCG)

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The Feraligatr ex Deck is a pre-constructed Theme Deck from the Pokémon Trading Card Game. It is one of the three Epic Collection theme decks. The theme deck contains a standard 60-card deck, a coin, a rulebook, a playmat, and damage counters.

It focuses on Water- and Psychic-type Pokémon. Most of its cards come from the EX Unseen Forces set.

Card List

Feraligatr ex × 1 EX Unseen Forces
Feraligatr × 1 EX Unseen Forces
Croconaw × 3 EX Unseen Forces
Totodile × 4 EX Unseen Forces
Swampert × 1 EX Emerald
Marshtomp × 2 EX Emerald
Mudkip × 4 EX Emerald
Slowbro × 1 EX Unseen Forces
Slowpoke × 4 EX Unseen Forces
Xatu × 2 EX Unseen Forces
Natu × 4 EX Unseen Forces
Professor Elm's Training Method × 2 EX Dragon Frontiers
Strength Charm × 2 EX Dragon Frontiers
Master Ball × 2 EX Power Keepers
Professor Cozmo's Discovery × 2 EX Holon Phantoms
Energy Search × 2 EX Crystal Guardians
Potion × 1 EX Crystal Guardians
Protective Orb × 1 EX Unseen Forces
Water Energy × 16
Psychic Energy × 5