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マコモ Makomo
Black White Fennel.png
Art from Pokémon Black and White
Gender Female
Eye color Blue
Hair color Dark blue
Hometown Striaton City
Region Unova
Generation V
Games Black and White
Anime debut Dreams by the Yard Full!
English voice actor Therese Plummer
Japanese voice actor Maria Kawamura

Fennel (Japanese: マコモ Makomo) is a character in Black and White Versions. She is a friend of Professor Juniper who specializes in studying Pokémon Trainers, as well as studying Pokémon dreams.

In the games

Fennel debuted in Black and White Versions, in which she gives the player a C-Gear after completing the Dream Mist quest. She is first mentioned in the game in Accumula Town when Professor Juniper asks you to meet her in Striaton City. Fennel later reveals that the two are friends from college.

She also awards the player with HM01 (Cut).


Fennel's Munna
Fennel's Munna is seen when the player uses the demo version of the Pokémon Dream World, having no Pokémon of their own to send to the Dream World, they are instead accompanied by Munna. She has a Docile nature, was caught in a Premier Ball, and is at level 10.

None of Munna's moves are known.

Debut Pokémon Dream World


Fennel2 Dream.png Fennel3 Dream.png
Artwork from
the Dream World

In the anime

Fennel and Munna in the anime

Fennel first appeared in Dreams by the Yard Full!. She used to work as a Scientist in the Dreamyard, a once research facility, along with two unnamed scientists, researching a Musharna's Dream Mist for a cleaner energy source. However, due to people's evil thoughts and desires on the project (which were essentially dreams), Musharna got corrupted and its Dream Mist turned black, causing an energy overload and creating a giant explosion, destroying the whole facility. Fennel, Munna and the two unnamed scientists survived from the explosion, but there was no sign of Musharna.

After the incident, she now lives as an independent scientist. She noticed her Munna was sensing something (its eyes started glowing psychic-pink) and then rushed to the Pokémon Center, where she found Iris's Axew, who was put to sleep by Musharna's Dream Mist. She used her Munna to wake it up by sucking off the Dream Mist to reveal Axew's dreams. The pink mist spread all around Striaton City and they (Ash, Cilan, Iris, Officer Jenny, and Fennel) rushed to the Dreamyard.

When they got there, they discovered that Team Rocket had awakened Musharna and captured it using one of their mechas, but Munna's Psychic and Pikachu's Volt Tackle destroyed the machine and they freed Musharna. After that, Fennel, Munna, and Musharna were reunited.


Fennel's Munna
Fennel's Munna helps her with her research on the Dreamyard and Musharna. It first appeared when Team Rocket had awakened Musharna, when Fennel noticed its eyes were suddenly glowing pink. It was then seen with Fennel helping Iris's Axew wake up by sucking off the Dream Mist caused by Musharna and revealing Axew's dreams. Later Fennel, Munna, officer Jenny, Iris, and Iris's to-be travel companions rushed to the Dreamyard, where they found Team Rocket had caused all the problems. Munna helped call for Musharna which appeared.

Suddenly Team Rocket captured Musharna, however Munna used its Psychic to cripple the machine, giving Pikachu a chance to destroy it with Volt Tackle and free Musharna.

Munna's only known move is Psychic.

Debut Dreams by the Yard Full!
Voice actors
Japanese Chinami Nishimura
English Chinami Nishimura
Fennel's Musharna
Musharna was first used in the Dreamyard in research on its Dream Mist for a cleaner energy source. However, due to people's evil thoughts and desires on the project, Musharna's Dream Mist was corrupted, which caused an energy overload and destroyed the whole facility in a powerful explosion. It was finally awakened when Team Rocket used their special mecha in the site of the Dreamyard. Its Dream Mist spread far, reaching Striaton City. It was revealed that Fennel and Musharna were good friends.

Later it appeared to the group including Fennel, Team Rocket, and Officer Jenny. Fennel tried to save it but Team Rocket's machine captured it, but Munna's Psychic combined with Pikachu's Volt Tackle destroyed the machine and freed it. Fennel, Munna, and Musharna were reunited immediately afterwards.

None of Musharna's moves are known.

Debut Dreams by the Yard Full!
Voice actors
Japanese Megumi Hayashibara
English Megumi Hayashibara

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 川村万梨阿 Maria Kawamura
English Therese Plummer


  • Fennel's hair clip resembles the flowers decorating Munna's body.
  • Fennel's appearance is heavily based on the female Scientists. She also shares her over-world sprite with them.


Language Name Origin
Japanese マコモ Makomo 真菰 (マコモ) Makomo, Manchurian wild rice
English Fennel From Fennel.
French Oryse From Oryza.
German Vivian Possibly from Avena.
Italian Zania From Zizania.
Spanish Oryza From Oryza.
Korean 주리 Juri
Chinese (Mandarin) 真菰 Zhēngū From 真菰 makomo. Literally "true wild rice".

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