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Fein (Japanese: フェイク Fake) is a Cipher Peon who appears in Pokémon Colosseum. He is encountered after Wes has snagged 47 of the 48 Shadow Pokémon in the game. A series of emails on Wes' P☆DA regarding his attacking people (most notably, the Jogger in Phenac City) with a Shadow Togetic, leads Wes to Outskirt Stand where he encounters an impostor of himself, dressed to look identical to him down to the very last feature. Wes battles him, and he is known as Shady Guy Wes during the battle.

Upon being defeated, he reveals himself to be a Cipher Peon and a master of disguise. He wanted to tarnish Wes's reputation around Orre; it nearly worked, as Wes became unpopular with some of Phenac City's citizens for a short while. But after watching the next TV broadcast, the citizens forgive Wes, realizing it was an impostor who did it and not Wes himself. Fein serves as the game's "final boss," since he has very high-leveled Pokémon.

Fein cannot be re-battled if the player loses to him. However, if the player beats him and fails to snag his Togetic, they may rebattle him until they snag it.


At Outskirt Stand


  • Excluding his Shadow Togetic, Fein's team consists of the same Pokémon with which the Cipher Admins Miror B., Dakim, Venus and Ein, as well as Snagem Head Gonzap, will replace their snagged Shadow Pokémon.
  • Before you battle him, Fein will say "I am you and you are me and we are all together," referencing a line from the Beatles song I am the Walrus.

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