Fantasy in My Pocket

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Meowth's Song
Japanese ending themes
Pokémon Ondo
Poketto ni Fantajī
Fantasy in My Pocket
ED 3
Artist さち&じゅり
Sachi & Juri
Lyrics 戸田昭吾
Akihito Toda
Composer たなか ひろかず
Hirokazu Tanaka
Arrangement 中村暢之
Nobuyuki Nakamura
Pikachu Records
Title とりかえっこプリーズ
Trade Please
Catalog no. CXDA-101
Sachi & Juri are 小林幸子 Sachiko Kobayashi and 井端珠里 Juri Ihata, respectively.

Fantasy in My Pocket (Japanese: ポケットにファンタジー Poketto ni Fantajī) is the third ending theme song of the Japanese Pokémon anime.

It debuted in EP038, replacing ニャースのうた Meowth's Song. It was replaced by ポケモン音頭 Pokémon Ondo in EP054.


The song begins with a child telling his mother he wants to be an adult faster. As his reason is that it would be more fun, his mother tells him her own wish: to be a child again.


Japanese Romaji English
はやく おとなに なりたいんだ Hayaku otona ni naritainda I want to grow up fast
え?どうして E? Dōshite Huh? Why?
はやく おとなに なりたいの Hayaku otona ni naritai no I want to grow up fast
こどもってたのしいじゃない Kodomo tte tanoshii ja nai But isn't being a kid fun?
でもね なんだか なってみたい Demo ne nanda ka natte mitai But seems I've only grown a little
じゃあ こんどは わたしのゆめ いうわね Jaa kondo wa watashi no yume iu wa ne Well, then, let me tell you a bit about my dream
もういちど こどもにもどってみたい Mō ichido kodomo ni modotte mitai I want to be a kid once more
え?なんで E? Nande? Huh? Why?
もういちど こどもにもどってみたいの Mō ichido kodomo ni modotte mitai no I want to be a kid once more
おとなでいいのに Otona de ii no ni Being an adult is good
いちにちだけども なれないかな? Ichinichi dake demo narenai ka na? Would you get used to it in one day?
なれっこないよ Narekkonai yo You wouldn't!
うん、もういじわる Un, mō ijiwaru Hey, don't be mean
むかし わたしは まだこどもだったころ Mukashi watashi ga mada kodomo datta koro Back when I was a child
ポケットにいれてた たくさんの たからもの Pokketo ni ireteta takusan no takara mono I put a lot of treasures in my pocket
いまでも ときどき かおをのぞかせるのよ Ima demo tokidoki kao o nozokaseru no yo But now sometimes I have to peek in
それって もしかして ピカチュウ? Sorette moshikashite Pikachū? Could that be, maybe, Pikachu?
さあ なんでしょうね Saa nan deshō ne Yes, that might be
むかしのこども いまのこども Mukashi no kodomo ima no kodomo The children of the past, the children of the present
ポケットのなかみはいつだって Pokketo no nakami wa itsu datte Are always filling their pockets
おとこのこでも おんなのこでも Otoko no ko demo onna no ko demo The boys and the girls
ポケットのなかみはだれだってファンタジー Pokketo no nakami wa dare datte fantajī Inside their pockets is a fantasy
ラン ラン ラン ラン ラン ラン ラン ラ ラン Ran ran ran ran ran ran ran ra ran La la la la la la la la-la
ラララ ラン ラン ラン ラ ラン Rarara ran ran ran ra ran Lalala la la la la-la



Wheel One

Wheel Two

Wheel Three

Wheel Four

Wheel Five


There is a Christmas variant of the ending animation, which is used only in the Weekly Pokémon Broadcasting Station rerun of ルージュラのクリスマス Rougela's Christmas.

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Meowth's Song
Japanese ending themes
Pokémon Ondo
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