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transliterated=Kokoro no Fanfare |
transliterated=Kokoro no Fanfare |
translated=Fanfare of the Heart |
translated=Fanfare of the Heart |
screenshot=Fanfare of the Heart.png|
screenshot=Fanfare of the Heart.png|
artist=ja |
artist=ja |

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In Your Heart, LaLaLa
Japanese ending themes


Fanfare of the Heart.png
Kokoro no Fanfare
Fanfare of the Heart
BW ED 01
Artist 奥井亜紀
Aki Okui
Lyrics BWプロジェクト
BW Project
Composer 田代智一
Tashiro Tomokazu
Arrangement 後藤康二(ck510)
Gotou Yasuzi (ck510)
Catalog no.

Fanfare of the Heart (Japanese: 心のファンファーレ Kokoro no Fanfare) is the first ending theme of the Best Wishes series. It debuted in BW003, replacing In Your Heart, LaLaLa‎ of the Diamond & Pearl series.


The song opens up to Pikachu, Mijumaru, Tsutarja, and Pokabu playing different instruments. As they play, an image of Pikachu jumping onto Ash's shoulder appears. It then changes to an image of Iris and her Kibago smiling, and, later on, an image of Dent holding his Yanappu. It then changes to an image of Ash, Iris, and Dent running though a field, an image of the group ready for battle, and, finally, an image of Ash, Iris and Dent sitting near a campfire while their Pokémon sleep. The song ends with an image of Ash, Iris, and Dent posing with their signature Pokémon.




TV Size

Japanese English
泣かないことが 強いことなんて
思い切り泣いて ほら、顔をあげて
傷つく事から 逃げてた
まだ 風は強いけど

勝ち負けだけじゃ わからない
ホントの強さ 知るために
凹んだら 深呼吸
信じる道 進め!!

鳴らせ 鳴らせ 心のファンファーレ
響け 届け 今、高らかに
負けたから 終わるんじゃない
きっときっと 始まるさ

パラパ パラパ♪
パラパ パラパ♪
Whoever said
That it's strong not to cry??
Cry with all your might, then look, raise your head
I say goodbye to yesterday
When I ran from the things that hurt me
Though the wind is still strong

You can't know just by victory and defeat
In order to understand true strength
Attack with all you have
If you're overwhelmed, take a deep breath
And continue down the road you believe in!!

Ring it out, ring it out, the fanfare of your heart
Echo it out, send it out, loudly now
Losing isn't the end
I'm sure, I'm sure it's the beginning
In the very center of your heart

Palapa palapa♪
Palapala palala...♪
Palapa palapa♪
Palapala palala...♪

Full version


  • Pokabu and Mijumaru's instruments bounce as if they are being played, but if looked closely it can be seen that they are not.


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In Your Heart, LaLaLa
Japanese ending themes


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