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An example of a Pokémon TCG fan-made image fake card

A fan-made card or fake card is a general term to denote any kind of custom, fictional or duplicate card based on cards from any particular trading card game, but are created by someone other than the original creators of that game, generally either by fans of the game or by some other company to sell to unsuspecting consumers. Since the release of the Pokémon Trading Card Game, several groups of fans have formed creating their own versions of Pokémon cards, and still continue to do so to this day.

Types of fan-made cards

There are three main categories of fan-made fake cards: fan-made text fakes, custom cards created by fans that exist only in text or written form with very little, if any, imagery used to create the card; Fan-made custom cards, custom cards created by hand by fans using tangible tools like markers and correction fluid, either using an existing card as a base or using a blank template to draw their card on; and fan-made image fakes, custom cards created by fans using computer and a system of blank cards and other elements to create a completely new card from scratch, including new text and even an image they drew themselves.

Fan-made text fakes

Probably the first kinds of fakes made by fans, text fakes are simple and easy to make. Most message boards with a sizable Pokémon TCG community have a fake card forum as well, like The PokéGym's Create-a-Card forum.

Fan-made custom cards

Another popular method of making fake cards are custom cards, where creators will make their own fakes using tangible art tools. Usually they will take an existing card, cover up many of the existing bits using correction fluid, and writing in their own text. Other methods include using blank templates provided by the staff at various Pokémon TCG tournaments, including Wizards of the Coast's own Create-a-Card templates; these templates had spaces to draw a Pokémon, write in all the text necessary for the card, and sometimes also included a sheet of energy symbols for its attack, type, weakness and resistance.

Beckett Pokémon Unofficial Collector was known to publish fan-made custom cards which had been sent to the magazine.

Fan-made image fakes

Fan-made image fakes make up the largest and most popular fake card community within the Pokémon community. This format was popularized by Nick15 when his first fake, Missingno., was posted on one of the largest Pokémon TCG websites of the day, the PokéCenter at Eventually Nick15 began posting his creations on his own website Pokémon Aaah!, as well as instructions on how people can make their own. This system began to grow in popularity and was adopted by other sites, like Pokémon Zeo!. Although image fakes are not nearly as popular as they were in the past, there are still plenty of people and sites who continue to promote them, like PokemonCardMaker.ORG. At times these kinds of cards can be found on auction sites like eBay, sold by people who don't know that they aren't real cards to begin with. Another site that helps in creating these is

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