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The Fame Checker (art by Ken Sugimori)

The Fame Checker (Japanese: ボイスチェッカー Voice Checker) is a key item that appears in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen. It records miscellaneous information about famous people (such as Gym Leaders). Its counterparts in the other regions are: the Pokegear in Johto, the Pokenav in Hoenn, the Pokétch in Sinnoh and the C-Gear in Unova.

Location and uses of the Fame Checker

Generation III

The Fame Checker is given to the player after the defeat of their rival at Cerulean City. Each time a predetermined piece of data is revealed to the player about a famous person listed within the Fame Checker (through mediums such as Pokémon Journal), it will be recorded. This information is arranged into categories, first by character, then in subcategories in an attempt to give a more or less whole perspective of the character in question (e.g. "Favorite kind of Pokémon", "Friends and Family", etc.). The player can observe these pieces of information at their will at any time. In numerous cases, these information pieces have requirements that must be fulfilled first to acquire that particular quote (ex. post-Elite Four). Once all six data pieces are obtained in a person's section, a message directly from that person will be obtained. Though interactive, the Fame Checker does not affect to the story or playability of the game, but is apparently intended to be useful to those who are interested.

The Fame Checker is similar to the "Check" option of the Match Call section in the PokéNav.

Stored Characters

The Fame Checker user interface

The characters who have information stored in the Fame Checker in Generation III are as follows:


The Fame Checker has a simple design. It is dark red and has a screen roughly the size of the Pokédex screen. It has four black circular buttons on the left side, and on the right side it has a Poké Ball-shaped button or wheel split into three different portions. The back is presumably the same color with batteries or a rechargeable port/slot.

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga, due to the unavailability of the FireRed and LeafGreen Versions over seven years after the manga's launch, the Fame Checker is instead handed out upon Red and Blue's return to Oak's lab, where a prerecorded message from the Professor tells the two Pokédex Holders to deposit their Pokédexes in an item transfer machine and head to the Sevii Islands with the Tri-Pass issued to them. This was in fact the Team Rocket member Orm forcing the old man to take the Pokédexes from them for the evil organization's benefits, which Green was able to reveal with the entire conversation between the kidnapper and his victim recorded on her own Fame Checker. They have not been seen since, likely because they served their purpose in the plot.

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png European French Memorydex
Germany Flag.png German Ruhmesdatei
Italy Flag.png Italian PokéVIP
Spain Flag.png European Spanish Memorín

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