Fallaway Edge

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Sunny Seashore
Pokémon Rumble Blast
World Axle - Underground Entry
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Fallaway Edge (Japanese: さいはて Furthest End) is the fifteenth level of Pokémon Rumble Blast as well as the last level which has an outer field. It consists of the Fallaway Battlefield and Cobalion's Stronghold.

Fallaway Battlefield

Mountain Path Battlefield
Charge Flag+
First Round
Cryogonal Cryogonal
Deino Deino
Second Round
Cryogonal Cryogonal Deino Deino
Zweilous Zweilous
Third Round
Cryogonal Cryogonal Deino Deino
Zweilous Zweilous
Escavalier Escavalier
Fourth Round
Cryogonal Cryogonal Deino Deino
Zweilous Zweilous Escavalier Escavalier
Accelgor Accelgor
Final Round
Cryogonal Cryogonal Deino Deino
Zweilous Zweilous Escavalier Escavalier
Accelgor Accelgor
Hydreigon Hydreigon

Cobalion's Stronghold

Cobalion's Stronghold
Prize: 7,000Ⓟ
First Chamber
Trapinch Trapinch Vibrava Vibrava
Venipede Venipede Phanpy Phanpy
Donphan Donphan
Second Chamber
Sandshrew Sandshrew Sandslash Sandslash
Ferroseed Ferroseed Onix Onix
Steelix Steelix
Third Chamber
Barboach Barboach Whiscash Whiscash
Stunfisk Stunfisk
Seismitoad Seismitoad
Final Chamber
Riolu Riolu Lucario Lucario
Darumaka Darumaka Fraxure Fraxure
Haxorus Haxorus

World Axle Front

After defeating the Cobalion's Stronghold, the player's Toy Pokémon who had participated in the team battle and Golett will approach the World Axle. In here, Cobalion sees the player is here to thwart it, so it challenges the player to a 1-on-3 battle. Defeating Cobalion will reward no Ⓟ.

Cobalion Cobalion

In other languages

Language Title
France Flag.png French Confins
Germany Flag.png German Weltenrand
Italy Flag.png Italian Confine Ultimo
South Korea Flag.png Korean 땅끝 Ttangkkeut
Spain Flag.png Spanish Confines

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