Factory Head Noland

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ダツラ Datsura
Emerald Factory Head Noland.png
Art from Emerald
Gender Male
Eye color Gray
Hair color Light brown
Hometown Unknown
Region Hoenn*/Kanto*
Trainer class Factory Head
(Frontier Brain)
Generation III
Games Pokémon Emerald
Brain of Battle Factory
Symbol Knowledge Symbol
Anime debut Numero Uno Articuno
English voice actor David Wills
Japanese voice actor Nobuyuki Hiyama

Factory Head Noland (Japanese: ファクトリーヘッド ダツラ Factory Head Datsura) is the Frontier Brain in charge of the Battle Frontier's Battle Factory.

In the games

His position as head of the factory allows Noland to view the Battle Swap data for any Trainers. He instructs others that just reading isn't enough to learn about Pokémon; instead, a Trainer must gain experience. He awards the Knowledge Symbol onto the Frontier Pass of Trainers who defeat him.


Like the player, he uses rental Pokémon. Therefore, all of his Pokémon are random for both the Gold and Silver Symbols, so he can use any Pokémon except for those that are not admissible in the Battle Frontier; these include Mewtwo, Mew, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Celebi, Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza, Jirachi, and Deoxys.


Initial battle

  • Before battle
"Hey, Hey! Get a move on! Hey, my name's Noland! I'm basically in charge of this place, which is why I'm the Factory Head! I had a look at your Battle Swap data. You seem to have the right idea, but you're still square in your head! Listen up, okay? Knowledge isn't only about reading books or doing desk work. Just doing that sort of thing... It may as well be useless! You have to experience things with your heart and your body, understand? I'll take you on under the same conditions as you. I'll be using rental Pokémon too! Shake out every last bit of your knowledge and bring it on!"
  • When defeated
"Good job! You know what you're doing!"
  • After being defeated
"Smart going! Let's see your Frontier Pass."
"Heh... You're a pretty bright spark... Next time, I'll come after you hard. No holds barred, understand? You keep up your studies!"


  • Before battle
"Hey, hey! Get a move on! Hey, hey! How's it going? You keeping up with your studies? ...Oh? You've taken on a harder look than the last time I saw you. Now, this should be fun! I'm getting excited, hey! All right! Bring it on!"
  • When defeated
"What happened here?"
  • After being defeated
"What the... You're getting out of my league! Sheesh! Let's see that Frontier Pass!"
"Pfft, man! That's absolutely the last time I lose to you! We have to do this again, hey!"


Spr E Noland.png
Noland's sprite from
Pokémon Emerald

In the anime

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Noland in the anime

Noland appeared in two episodes of the anime: Numero Uno Articuno and The Symbol Life.

He enjoys inventing things and riding on the airplane that he made. Rather than battling with random Pokémon, Noland allows the opponent to choose who they will battle against.



Noland's Articuno
Main article: Noland's Articuno

While on their way to the Battle Factory, Ash and his friends spotted Articuno flying through the night sky, accompanied by a biplane. After meeting up with Noland, he explains that he'd been cruising with Articuno the previous night. Max was impressed on how Noland caught such a powerful Pokémon, but Noland further explains that Articuno is wild, and a friend of his. Noland revealed that on his biplane's maiden voyage, Noland was surprised to find an Articuno flying beside him and it had trouble flying due to an injured wing. The Factory Head got the Pokémon to land on top of his plane and brought it down. Noland helped it to heal, and ever since then Articuno had been regularly visiting him.

Debut Numero Uno Articuno
Voice actors
Japanese Katsuyuki Konishi
English Katsuyuki Konishi

At the Battle Factory

This listing is of Noland's known Pokémon in the anime:

Noland Trapinch Lairon.png
Noland Camerupt.png
Noland Sandslash.png
Noland Breloom Pinsir Golduck.png
Noland Rhydon Manectric.png
Noland Trapinch Lairon.png
Noland Breloom Pinsir Golduck.png
Noland Camerupt.png
Noland Sandslash.png
Noland Breloom Pinsir Golduck.png
Noland Rhydon Manectric.png
Noland Trapinch Lairon.png

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 檜山修之 Nobuyuki Hiyama
English David Wills
Brazilian Portuguese Rodrigo Andreatto
Spanish Latin America Jorge García
Spain Iñaki Crespo

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

Noland in the Pokémon Adventures manga

Noland makes his first appearance watching Spenser and Lucy participating in the Battle Frontier's opening ceremony. Feeling that Emerald's crashing of the opening ceremony not only insulted the Battle Frontier, but insulted the Frontier Brains as well, Noland decides that he will be the first to fight the young boy and throws him out of the window stating that he cannot feel a shred of "knowledge" in him.

Later, at the Battle Factory Noland is seen explaining the rules of his facility to Todd until Emerald manages to complete all of the battle sets. Noland and Emerald begin their battle, both using rental Pokémon. Despite Noland's powerful team and type advantages, he is eventually defeated by Emerald's newest team member, Sceptile.

The next day during Emerald's Battle Pike challenge, Noland decides to check something at the Battle Factory, he later realizes that the Sceptile that Emerald had used in their battle was not a rental Pokémon. He checks the number of rental Pokémon only to find out that the number of them is off and that there is no record of the Sceptile being trained in the factory. He suspects that someone must have broken in and smuggled some Pokémon into the rental Pokémon list, but before he can confirm this, he is attacked and knocked unconscious by the mysterious Guile Hideout.

Noland later appears at the Battle Tower's hospital recuperating from his injuries with the other Frontier Brains watching over him. Todd is taken to them for questioning as they believe that it may have been Emerald who had attacked Noland but decide to investigate further before taking action.

Noland reappears after Greta is defeated by Emerald stating that he couldn’'t stand lying on a hospital bed and snuck out of the hospital. He reveals that when he was attacked by Guile Hideout, he managed to scrape off a part of his sword, revealing that the sword has properties of the moves Reflect and Light Screen. Noland decides to investigate Jirachi further and asks Scott for the report on Jirachi made by Professor Oak so that he can pinpoint where it will appear next.

Noland later appears during Emerald's Battle Dome challenge where he is shown to have captured three Smeargle from the Artisan Cave that managed to Sketch Jirachi's Wish technique. With the Smeargle Noland planned to use their copied skill to locate Jirachi whenever it appeared but before they can Guile Hideout arrives on the scene and captures it.

He later joins Emerald, Sapphire, and Ruby on their climb of the Battle Tower and can be seen worrying about Anabel who isn't replying to his calls. They take some calmed down rental Pokémon and go through the Battle Tower, battling virtual Trainers until they finally reach the top. After fighting a brainwashed Anabel and Guile Hideout revealing his true identity, Noland arrives to the scene only to find Guile holding an unconscious Anabel hostage. He is forced to make a trade, the Jirachi report for Anabel, he reluctantly agrees to it and Guile uses the report to make his wish to create a giant sea monster.

When Guile’s sea monster attacks the Battle Tower Noland falls unconscious from the shock, so Emerald has Latios carry him and Anabel out to safety. Noland manages to wake up sometime later only to be hit once again by Guile’s sea monster when it floods the entire Battle Frontier and is washed away by the water. After Guile’s defeat by the Pokédex holders Noland can be last seen celebrating their victory with his fellow Frontier Brains.


On hand

Although he is in charge of all the rentals it was revealed that sometime before Emerald's challenge at the Battle Dome Noland was able to catch these Pokémon:

Noland's Smeargle (×3)
Smeargle (×3)
These three Smeargle were caught by Noland in the Artisan Cave because they had copied Jirachi's Wish and he decided to use it to search for Jirachi.

Smeargle's only known move is Sketch
Smeargle have also used Wish* via Sketch.

Debut VS. Charizard II
Noland's Mawile
Mawile was the first Pokémon that Noland used in the Battle Factory. He had a wide variety of moves that could allow him to defeat his opponents, but Emerald prevented him from using them with a clever usage of the move Trick. A Mawile, probably the same one from Noland's battle with Emerald, was later calmed down by Emerald and borrowed by Noland for the battle against Guile Hideout with the other Frontier Brains.

Mawile's known moves are Focus Punch, Iron Defense, Flamethrower, and Crunch, and his Ability is Intimidate. Its initial held item was the Lum Berry.

Debut VS. Pinsir
Noland's Golem
Golem was the second Pokémon that Noland used in the Battle Factory. He managed to defeat Emerald's Pinsir and Linoone but was defeated by Emerald's Sceptile.

Golem's known moves are Rock Slide, Earthquake, Double-Edge, and Explosion, and his Ability is Rock Head.

Debut VS. Pinsir
Noland's Glalie
Glalie was the third Pokémon that Noland used in the Battle Factory. He fought Emerald's Sceptile and despite the type advantage and powerful moves, he was defeated by its Iron Tail.

Glalie's known moves are Crunch, Ice Beam, Sheer Cold, and Rest, and his Ability is Inner Focus.

Debut VS. Glalie


  • A promotional Battle Frontier t-shirt sold at the New York Pokémon Center pictured Noland with Typhlosion, Steelix, and Electabuzz in the same way other Frontier Brains were pictured with their own Pokémon.
  • Noland is the only Frontier Brain to not have the first letter in his Symbol's name match his. The syllable no, however, does.
  • In English, his title is the only Frontier Brain title held by another person, Thorton. However, both Palmer and Anabel share the same title in the Japanese version: Tower Tycoon.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ファクトリーヘッド ダツラ Factory Head Datsura The Datura plant genus.
English Factory Head Noland From "knowledge".
French Chef D'Usine Sam From savoir, "to know".
German Fabrikleiter Kevin From Kenntnis, "knowledge".
Italian Boss Azienda Savino From sapienza, "knowledge".
Spanish Jefe Fábrica Sabino From saber, "to know a fact".
Korean 팩토리헤드 다투라 Factory Head Datura From Japanese name Datura.
Chinese (Taiwan) 工廠頭目 達拉 Factory Head Dálā From 達拉 datsura.

EmeraldBFLogo.png Hoenn Battle Frontier EmeraldBFLogo.png
Ablity Symbol Battle Tower Ability Symbol
Salon Maiden
Spirits Symbol Battle Palace Spirits Symbol
Palace Maven
Knowledge Symbol Battle Factory Knowledge Symbol
Factory Head
Brave Symbol Battle Pyramid Brave Symbol
Pyramid King
Tactics Symbol Battle Dome Tactics Symbol
Dome Ace
Guts Symbol Battle Arena Guts Symbol
Arena Tycoon
Luck Symbol Battle Pike Luck Symbol
Pike Queen

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