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An eyecatch is a transitional feature between a commercial break and a television show that is present in most Japanese anime. In the rest of the world, the equivalents are commercial bumpers. The Pokémon anime has featured eyecatches from its very beginning. Sometimes in the Pokémon anime, the 12 seconds available is used for two 6 second eyecatches or one 12 second eyecatch.

Original series

Dare Da?

First six seconds Last six seconds
200px 200px
EP001 - EP191

Pocket Monster TV

Full twelve seconds
EP192 - EP274

Advanced Generation series

First Six Seconds

Last Six Seconds

Diamond & Pearl series

First Six Seconds

Last Six Seconds


  • The only eyecatch retained for Western audiences was Dare Da?, which became "Who's That Pokémon?". Unlike its Japanese counterpart, however, it continued well into the Advanced Generation series, ending in Watt's with Wattson? and being replaced by Pokémon Trainer's Choice until Pasta La Vista, when eyecatches disappeared in the dub.