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This article is about the the anime transitional feature. For the images seen in some games when locations are entered, see location preview.

An eyecatch (Japanese: アイキャッチ eyecatch) is a transitional feature in the Pokémon anime that appears between commercial breaks during an episode. Sometimes, the 12 seconds available are used for two 6-second eyecatches or a single 12-second eyecatch.

The only eyecatch retained for Western audiences was Dare da? (Japanese, kana: だれだ?; translation: Who is it?), which became Who's That Pokémon?. Unlike its Japanese counterpart, it continued well into the Advanced Generation series, ending with Watt's with Wattson? and being replaced by Pokémon Trainer's Choice starting with from What You Seed is What You get? ending with Pasta La Vista, when eyecatches disappeared in the dub, but then returned in In The Shadow of Zekrom!. With that, the English dub episodes of Diamond & Pearl series are the only ones with no eyecatch entirely.

List of eyecatches


Name First half Last half Episodes
Dare da?
Dare da EP001 before.png
Dare da EP001.png
EP001 - EP191
Pocket Monster TV
PMTV EP192 before.png
PMTV EP192.png
EP192 - EP210
PMTV EP199 before.png PMTV EP199.png EP211 - EP274 (EP192 - EP274 on VHS)
Advanced Generation
AG eyecatch 1.png
AG eyecatch 2.png
AG001 - AG002
AG eyecatch 3.png
AG eyecatch 4.png
AG eyecatch 5.png
AG eyecatch 6.png
AG004 - AG104
AG eyecatch 7.png
AG eyecatch 8.png
AG105, AG109, AG116, AG119, AG123, AG127, AG132, AG138, AG141, AG145, AG146, AG148, AG151, AG154, AG158, AG164, AG166, AG169, AG175, AG179, AG183, AG187, AG191
AG eyecatch 9.png
AG eyecatch 10.png
AG106, AG110, AG114, AG121, AG128, AG135, AG140, AG149, AG153, AG157, AG162, AG167, AG171, AG176, AG182, AG186, AG192
AG eyecatch 11.png
AG eyecatch 12.png
AG107, AG111, AG113, AG118, AG124, AG126, AG129, AG131, AG133, AG136, AG139, AG144, AG150, AG155, AG160, AG161, AG165, AG170, AG172, AG177, AG180, AG185, AG188, AG190
AG eyecatch 13.png
AG eyecatch 14.png
AG108, AG112, AG115, AG117, AG120, AG125, AG130, AG134, AG137, AG142, AG143, AG147, AG152, AG156, AG159, AG163, AG168, AG173, AG174, AG178, AG181, AG184, AG189
Diamond & Pearl
DP eyecatch 1.png
DP eyecatch 2.png
DP eyecatch 3.png
DP eyecatch 4.png
DP eyecatch 5.png
DP eyecatch 6.png
DP eyecatch 7.png
DP eyecatch 8.png
DP004 - DP120
DP eyecatch 9.png DP eyecatch 10.png DP121 - DP124, DP126 - DP132, DP134, DP136 - DP137, DP139 - DP141, DP143 - DP191
DP eyecatch 11.png DP eyecatch 9.png DP125, DP148, DP190
DP eyecatch 9.png DP eyecatch 11.png DP133, DP168, DP173, DP183, DP185, DP187, DP189
DP eyecatch 12.png DP eyecatch 9.png DP135, DP138, DP142, DP153, DP172
SS024 eyecatch.png SS024 eyecatch.png SS024
SS025 eyecatch.png SS025 eyecatch.png SS025
Best Wishes!
N/A BW eyecatch.png BW eyecatch 2.png BW001 - BW006
BW eyecatch 3.png BW eyecatch 4.png BW007 - BW060
Dare da? Dare da BW061 before.png Dare da BW061.png BW061 - BW142
SS027 - SS028
Pokémon Quiz Pokémon Quiz XY001 before.png Pokémon Quiz XY001.png XY001 - present

English dub

Name First half Last half Episodes
Who's That Pokémon?
WTP EP001 before.png
WTP EP001.png
EP001 - EP116
WTP EP117 before.png
WTP EP117.png
EP117 - EP157
WTP EP158 before.png
WTP EP158.png
EP158 - EP274
Who's That Pokémon?
WTP AG001 before.png
WTP AG001.png
AG001 - AG040
Pokémon Trainer's Choice
PTC AG041.png
PokémonTrainersChoice Seviper.png
AG041 - AG145
Black & White
Who's That Pokémon? WTP BW001 before.png WTP BW001.png BW001 - BW142
The Series: XY
Who's That Pokémon? WTP XY001 before.png WTP XY001.png XY001 - present

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