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An evolution-inducing held item is a specific type of held item that either has no other use besides, or is mainly used in order to cause, the evolution of a Pokémon. Many of these items also require for the Pokémon to be traded with another player, however, some only require the Pokémon to be leveled up. The item disappears after the Pokémon has evolved.

List of evolution-inducing held items

File:Deepseascale.png DeepSeaScale

File:Deepseatooth.png DeepSeaTooth

File:DragonScale.png Dragon Scale

File:EeriePatch.png Dubious Disc

File:ElectroBooster.png Electirizer

File:KingsRock.png King's Rock

File:MagmaBooster.png Magmarizer

  • Pokémon affected: Causes Magmar to evolve into Magmortar when traded.
  • Found:
    • Found on some wild Magby (D/P) (50% in Pearl, 5% in Diamond)

File:MetalCoatSprite.png Metal Coat

File:RoundStone.png Oval Stone

File:Protector.png Protector

File:SharpClaw.png Razor Claw

File:SharpFang.png Razor Fang

File:SpiritWorldCloth.png Reaper Cloth

File:Up-Grade.png Up-Grade

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