Ever Grande Conference

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The setting for the competition

The Ever Grande Conference (Japanese: サイユウ大会 Saiyū Conference) is the Hoenn League's general championship competition.

The conference is held in Ever Grande City.It is the third Pokemon League Conference.


Opening Ceremonies

Like the Indigo League, the trainers have to run with a torch containing Moltres' Fire to light the torch at the top to celebrate the beginning.



During the preliminaries, Trainers are only allowed one Pokémon in battle. Only one battle is held, and the winner moves on to the next round.

Qualifying rounds

During the qualifying rounds, Trainers take part in three double battles. If at least two battles are won, they move on to the finals.

Final rounds

The final rounds are a series of full battles with the top 32 trainers participating. The winner of the Ever Grande Conference is the Trainer that wins all of the final rounds.

Trainers who have participated in the Ever Grande Conference

The following Trainers have competed in just the preliminary rounds of the Ever Grande Conference:

The following Trainers have competed in the qualifying rounds of the Ever Grande Conference:

The following Trainers have competed in the final rounds of the Ever Grande Conference:

Former participants

Ever Grande Conference winning Trainers

The following Trainers have won the Ever Grande Conference, presumably becoming League Champions:

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