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| [[AG127|Top 256]]
| [[AG127|Top 256]]
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| [[Gilbert]]
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| [[AG126|Preliminaries]]
| [[AG126|Preliminaries]]
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The setting for the competition

The Ever Grande Conference (Japanese: サイユウ大会 Saiyū Tournament) is the Hoenn League's general championship competition.

The conference is held in Ever Grande City. It is the third Pokémon League Conference shown in the anime.

In the anime, the Ever Grande Conference happens over seven episodes: from Like a Meowth to a Flame to At the End of the Fray.


Opening Ceremonies

Registration for the conference closes at 5 P.M. on the day before the opening ceremonies. Trainers are given a Food and Restaurant Guide for the venue upon registration.

Like at the Indigo League, the opening ceremonies consist of a torch lighting ceremony. Select trainers run with the torch containing Moltres's flame and carry it to the top of the stadium, where it is used to light a much larger torch. The lighting of the large torch marks the official opening of the Ever Grande Conference.


The scoreboard for the Full Battles


Each Trainer participates in one preliminary battle. Only one Pokémon may be used during the battle and the winner advances to the Qualifying Rounds. The loser is eliminated from the competition.

Qualifying rounds

During the qualifying rounds, the Top 256 Trainers take part in three Double Battles. If at least two of the three battles are won, the Trainer moves on to the finals.

Final rounds

The final rounds are a series of Full Battles with the Top 32 Trainers participating in the standard sudden-death tournament style. The winner of the Ever Grande Conference is the Trainer that wins all of the final rounds, meaning they must win five Full Battles in a row.

Trainers who have participated in the Ever Grande Conference

Tyson, the winner, with the Ever Grande Championship Trophy
Trainer Place
Tyson Winner
Ash Ketchum Top 8
Morrison Top 16
Katie Top 32
Johnny Top 64
Clark Top 64
Dominick Top 256
Gavin Top 256
Gilbert Preliminaries
Vivica Preliminaries
Jump Preliminaries

Other participants

Trainers here participated in the conference either before or after the conference Ash entered.

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