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ミナキ Minaki
HeartGold SoulSilver Eusine.png
Artwork from Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver
Gender Male
Eye color Blue
Hair color Brown
Hometown Celadon City
Region Kanto
Relatives Unseen grandfather
Trainer class Mystery Man
Generation II, IV
Games Crystal, HeartGold, SoulSilver
Anime debut For Ho-Oh the Bells Toll
English voice actor Ed Paul
Dan Green (The Legend of Thunder!)
Japanese voice actor Shinji Kawada
Crystal artwork of Eusine

Eusine (Japanese: ミナキ Minaki; Eugene in The Legend of Thunder!) is a researcher and expert in the legendary beasts. For years he has chased Suicune, the embodiment of the North Wind, but to no avail. He is one of the only characters in the games to have the Trainer class Mystery Man (Japanese: なぞのせいねん Mysterious Man), the other being Ardos when the player watches him battle Zook. In Generation II, the class was named Mysticalman and was truly unique.

In the games

Eusine first appears in Pokémon Crystal. He is first seen researching the Burned Tower, together with Morty. Later, he battles the player in Cianwood City, just north of the Pokémon Seer, after seeing Suicune escaping from the town, hoping that by battling the player he will earn Suicune's respect as a trainer. After Suicune has been caught in the Bell Tower, he returns to his hometown, Celadon City, and can be found in Celadon Pokémon Center waiting for the player to catch all three legendary beasts. After this is accomplished, Eusine will return to the Bell Tower and wait for the player to summon Ho-Oh.

Eusine also appears in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, in which his storyline is almost identical at first but differs in the end. In these games, Eusine follows Suicune to Kanto, chasing it around and ultimately to its final destination — Cerulean Cape. Before the player can catch Suicune, he/she must see it along with Eusine at Burned Tower, Cianwood City, Route 42, Vermilion City, and Route 14 in that order before being able to catch it at Cerulean Cape. It is revealed in these games that when Eusine was young, he was told stories about Suicune by his grandfather, who is very knowledgeable about Johto's folklore. Despite this, Eusine never mentions the Bell Tower or Ho-Oh in these games, nor is his hometown stated to be Celadon City.


Pokémon Crystal

Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver


"My name's Eusine. I'm on the tail of a Pokémon named Suicune. And you are...? <player>? Glad to meet you! I heard rumors that Suicune is in this Burned Tower, so I came to look. But where exactly could it be?" (Brass Tower when first met)

"I dug a hole here, too... I was shocked! Suicune raced by like a blur, right in front of my eyes! For ten years I chased Suicune, and I finally got to see it. I'm all choked up! Player, I owe this all to you! Thank you! I heard that the legendary Pokémon of Ecruteak test chosen humans by allowing them to get close. I'm going to track Suicune. <player>, let's meet again! Farewell!" (Brass Tower

"Yo, <player>. Wasn't that Suicune just now? I only caught a quick glimpse, but I thought I saw Suicune running on the waves. Suicune is beautiful and grand. And it races through towns and roads at simply awesome speeds. It's wonderful... I want to see Suicune up close... I've decided. I'll battle you as a trainer to earn Suicune's respect! Come on, <player>! Let's battle now!" (Cianwood City)

"I hate to admit it, but you win. You're amazing, <player>! No wonder Pokémon gravitate to you. I get it now. I'm going to keep searching for Suicune. I'm sure we'll see each other again. See you around!" (Cianwood City)

In Crystal only

"Awesome! Too awesome, even! I've never seen a battle that great. That was truly inspiring to see. Suicune was tough, but you were even more incredible, <player>. I heard Suicune's mystic power summons a rainbow-colored Pokémon. Maybe, just maybe, what went on today will cause that Pokémon to appear. I'm going to study the legends more. Thanks for showing me that fantastic battle. Later, <player>!!" (Tin Tower, now known as Bell Tower)

"Hi! I'm back visiting my hometown. It's been quite a while. Oh, by the way, <player>. Have the caught the legendary Pokémon Raikou and Entei............... Okay... If you catch even one, I hope that you'll inform me. I'm counting on you, <player>!" (Celadon City when first met)

"<player>, have you heard? There have been fresh rumors of a rainbow-colored Pokémon appearing at Tin Tower. I've just had my party healed, so now I'm headed to Ecruteak. I'll be seeing you, <player>!"
(Celadon City after Raikou and and Entei are caught)

"I knew it. I knew you'd get to see the Pokémon of rainbow colors, <player>. It happened just as I envisioned. My research isn't bad, I might say. I'm going to keep studying Pokémon to become a famous Pokémaniac!" (Tin Tower)

In HeartGold and SoulSilver only

"By the way... It was clear to me that Suicune took notice of your presence. Ecruteak's legendary Pokémon are said to come to people only when they recognize their talents. Perhaps I should be more aggressive toward Suicune..." (Brass Tower; added line to the dialogue from Crystal)

"Suicune... How brave it is! How refreshing it is! How beautiful it is! And how quickly it moves! <Player>, you seem to be around where Suicune would appear. Well, that's OK. My desire to search for SUICUNE is far beyond yours... My grandpa was...quite into myths. I've heard so many stories about Suicune from him. Suicune... I won't stop following you until I've found out what you're after... You hear me!" (Route 42)

"That was so close! I thought I could corner it by ambushing it here... But running on the water... is beyond me. Still, I am starting to see a pattern. SUICUNE prefers water! That means... Sorry, <player>, I've got to go!" (Vermilion Port)

"<player>! Not again! I'll be there first next time! Having followed it here, I'm starting to understand what Suicune is after. To be honest, I would like to keep this information to myself. But I want to be an honest Trainer in front of Suicune! That's why I am sharing a clue with you. It seems that... ...Suicune prefers a hilly place near water... ..Somewhere north. I don't know exactly where, yet. It will be just you and me! Who'll find it first? I challenge you!" (Route 14)

"Puff, puff... I match for you. ...As I predicted. .................. ...Go ahead. Since I met you in the Burned Tower at Ecruteak City, I've sort of known that Suicune would choose you." (Cerulean Cape when first met)

"Take a look at it! Suicune is waiting for you! It has been waiting for a battle with a worthy Trainer to whom it can entrust itself!" (Cerulean Cape)

"<player>... You two are truly amazing... I have never seen a battle this intense! I have no regrets... Farewell, Suicune! Farewell... <player>!" (Cerulean Cape)

In the anime

Eusine in the anime

In the anime episode For Ho-Oh the Bells Toll!, he comes off as a proud and arrogant person with a slight superiority complex and exhibits a near-religious fervor for Suicune, challenging Ash for daring to say that he'd met the legendary beast. This may just be a form of jealousy on his part, for Ash had also seen Ho-Oh as well, while he has yet to encounter any himself. In the same episode, when he finally saw Suicune, he tried to catch it partially for ego gratification, ironically making him no better than the people who he's mentioned are unworthy for it. This is somewhat interesting compared to his appearance in The Legend of Thunder! when he mentions Suicune only once, and then only in reference to the other beasts.

In The Legend of Thunder!, he assists Jimmy, Marina, and Vincent in their battle against Attila and Hun. Marina falls for him because he wears a cape.

He is apparently very close friends with Morty, who is also an expert on the Ecruteak legends. Morty acts as Eusine's voice of reason, trying to convince him to calm down and ease up, but to no avail. When Eusine leaves suddenly at the end of the episode, Morty's lack of surprise indicates that this has happened before.


This listing is of Eusine's Pokémon in the Pokémon anime:

Eusine's Alakazam
Eusine first used his Alakazam when he was about to have a battle with Ash, but the battle was called out due to the Bug Pokémon covering the town with their strings. Later Eusine attempted to use Alakazam in order to protect Ash and friends from the attacks of several wild Pokémon, but the attacks came through and stopped Alakazam. When Eusine tried to catch Suicune, he sent his Alakazam against the Aurora Pokémon. However, Alakazam was soon forced to return back into its Poké Ball by the effect of Suicune's Roar.

In The Legend of Thunder! Eusine used his Alakazam to battle against Attila and Hun's Steelix and Skarmory.

Alakazam's known moves are Reflect, Disable, Confusion and Psybeam.

Debut For Ho-Oh the Bells Toll!
Voice actors
Japanese Kenta Miyake
English Eric Stuart

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 川田紳司 Shinji Kawada
English Ed Paul (EP227)
Dan Green (TLoT)
Brazilian Portuguese Mauro Eduardo
European Spanish David Robles (EP227)
Eduardo del Hoyo (TLoT)

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

File:Eusine HGSS Special.png
Eusine in the HG/SS chapter

In Pokémon Adventures he is quite the showoff, especially towards women, performing flashy magic tricks and even giving out autographed pictures of himself. He flies around on a Jumpluff. He seems to be a close friend of Morty's, as the Gym Leader is helping him in the hunt for Suicune.

He is first seen being spoken of by Morty in Volume 10, who states that Eusine had him use his powers to try and find Suicune, to no avail. After Morty is defeated by Suicune he contacts Eusine, who goes off to catch it himself. During his hunt he runs into Crystal, and accidently shocks Archy with his Electrode, proclaiming them rivals, and disappears. He then visits an old couple in the MooMoo Farm and tricks them into giving him Moomoo Milk by "curing" their Miltank. However Crystal followed him and revealed that Eusine really put a berry in its mouth and tricked the nice couple, to which Eusine doesn't seem to care. They then encounter what seems to be Suicune, which turns out to really just be a Ditto sent by Team Rocket to distract them while the Rocket members in charge rushed to capture the real Suicune. The two of them were able escape the Ditto upon defeating it, and let Suicune escape. Eusine defeated the Team Rocket Elite Trio by using a decoy (acquiring the Clear Bell in the process), and shows up volumes later to save Misty and Suicune from the Masked Man's Gastly. He was hoping that, with Misty injured, Suicune may choose him as its new partner, but it chose Crystal instead, and soon left her ownership.

Much later, in the HeartGold & SoulSilver chapter, Silver meets Eusine at the Johto Safari Zone before they are ambushed by Petrel. He sold crudely drawn pictures of Suicune around the town.


Eusine Jumpluff Adventures.png

In the Pokémon Gold & Silver: The Golden Boys manga

Eusine is first seen coming to Cianwood Gym and trying to retrieve a Pikachu from Gold. It turns out that this Pikachu was actually a messenger sent from future by Eusine and Bill to guide the present Eusine to legendary Pokémon using a special learning device attached to it. Gold wanted to battle with Eusine for that Pikachu, but Chuck, the leader of Cianwood Gym told them to battle next day. Gold and his Croconaw beat Eusine's Hypno and Gold won the battle, so Pikachu could stay with him. This caused Eusine to search for legendary Pokémon alone. Later, Black unsealed the Black Tyranitar, Cianwood's legendary Pokémon who used to wreak havoc in the Johto region. Eusine was one of the people who helped Gold fighting the Black Tyranitar.



Eusine's Pikachu ended up in Gold's team after being sent to the past.


  • In The Legend of Thunder!, Eusine was mistakenly called "Eugene".
    • The retcon of his English name in The Legend of Thunder! caused some fans to believe that "Eusine" is actually a nickname or a surname, in similar fashion to Todd Snap. However, there is no confirmation for this.
  • In the Israeli dub of The Legend of Thunder! special, Eusine was correctly named, just as in the original series, because the error was caught by the director of the series dub, Maya Bar Shalom. His situation matches that of Vincent.
  • In his HeartGold and SoulSilver artwork, as well as in the anime, Eusine's clothes are colored purple, while his Crystal artwork depicts him with blue clothes.
    • His HeartGold and SoulSilver artwork also adds several diamond shaped patterns to his clothes, which resemble those seen on the body of Suicune.
    • In HeartGold and SoulSilver, Young Couple Tim & Sue sometimes call the player about a man wearing "a purple tuxedo and a red bowtie", complimenting his fashion sense.
  • All of his Pokémon increase two levels between Generation II and Generation IV.
    • However, they do retain the same movesets.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ミナキ Minaki 水晶 Suishō, crystal. 水 can be read mina, 晶 can be read aki.
English, French, Spanish Eusine Similar to Suicune.
English, Spanish (LoT-only) Eugene Corruption of "Eusine"
German Eusin Corruption of "Eusine"
Italian Eugenius Apparently a corruption of "Eugene"
Korean 수호 Suho *
미나키 Minaki *
Means guard, protection in Korean.
Hangulization of his Japanese name.
Chinese (Taiwan) 南其 Nánqí *
米那君 Mǐnàjūn *
南木 Nánmù *
May come from 南 minami and 其 ki
米那 is the transliteration of Mina in Minaki, while 君 comes from Suicune's Chinese name, 水君 (Shuǐjūn).
From 南木 minaki.
Chinese (Mainland) 米那君 Mǐnàjūn * 米那 is the transliteration of Mina in Minaki, while 君 comes from Suicune's Chinese name, 水君 (Shuǐjūn).
Chinese (Cantonese) 米拿基 Mainagei Pure phonetic transliteration of his Japanese name.

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