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| Roserade
| Roserade
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| align="right" | grass-poison

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Eterna City (Japanese: ハクタイシティ Hakutai City) is a city in the region of Sinnoh. An old city that shows fading vestiges of ancient history. The Bicycle Shop, Rad Rickshaw's Cycle Shop, is here. It is an extremely old city will tall buildings and the Herb Shop. Team Galactic constructed a sinister base here, creating a dark and sinister atmosphere in the city. The Underground Man's House is also here, where the Explorer Kit can be obtained.

There is a rather large statue of Dialga or Palkia (depending on the version played) in the east side of town that was once the main center of festivals in the town, although the town's culture has started to slip away. Both Team Galactic and Cynthia become interested in the statue. After the National Dex has been obtained, Professor Oak appears in the southernmost house in the city.

The Eterna Condominiums are the home to Sinnoh's Name Rater. Another person in the building will trade a Chatot for a Buizel, and yet another will give away TM67 (Recycle).



Name Games Location Levels Rate
Psyduck D P Surf 20-30 60%
Psyduck D P Surf 20-40 30%
Golduck D P Surf 30-40 9%
Golduck D P Surf 20-40 1%
Magikarp D P Old Rod 4-6 60%
Magikarp D P Old Rod 3-7 30%
Magikarp D P Old Rod 5-10 10%
Magikarp D P Good Rod 15-20 60%
Barboach D P Good Rod 15-20 30%
Magikarp D P Good Rod 10-25 5%
Barboach D P Good Rod 10-25 5%
After getting National Dex
Gyarados D P Super Rod 30-40 60%
Whiscash D P Super Rod 30-40 30%
Gyarados D P Super Rod 40-55 5%
Whiscash D P Super Rod 20-40 5%

Gym Leader's pokemon

Cherubi Grass
Turtwig Grass
Roserade grass-poison

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