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An escape item is an item that can be used to distract a wild Pokémon, allowing the player to escape instantly regardless of any factors that would otherwise prevent escape. The items all resemble Pokémon native to the region the items are available in: a Clefairy, a Skitty's tail, and a Minccino's tail.

Escape items


  • A new escape item has been introduced in every odd-numbered generation.
  • In Generation III, the Poké Doll, which resembles a Pokémon native to Kanto and Johto, is unavailable in Hoenn, and is is instead replaced by the Fluffy Tail, which resembles the tail of a Pokémon native to Hoenn; the Fluffy Tail is likewise only available in Hoenn, and is again replaced by the Poké Doll in Generation IV.
    • Similarly, both are replaced in the Unova region by the Poké Toy, which resembles the tail of a Pokémon native to Unova. Furthermore, the Japanese name does not mention its name as opposed to the previous two escape items. However, as before, the previous two items are still available in Unova, but not as easily obtainable (they are much more expensive and only obtainable in the Black City, which is exclusive to Pokémon Black).

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